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    >.> totes sorry I didn't look earlier... I made my own post, and I guess like... Here's my version, you tell me what you think, yes?

    While prancing about my single player world, crafting mines and such, an idea of a story formulated within my mind, in which I send my map to friends, for them to play as a lost soul who finds himself within a community. As they travel, they go through the mines discovering more and more of what happened to the people, untill a final dramatic conclusion, in which the horrors that the last resident had gone through is revealed.

    The problem is, I want to be able for them to find out the story on their own, and I had gone through a few idea's, thinking of maybe sending them text files with passwords on it, and signs throughout the mine with the password written on them, so that they can be opened, or having just signs with the last heroes message scrawled on them.

    Finally I decided the best possible idea would be if bookshelves held books, which could be read by right clicking.

    Probably a silly idea, but you've already implemted ink sacks into the game, so why not have writing? As a general idea this was how it would work. [at least in my head]

    You build the bookshelf, it hold an inventory of 3 blocks, which can only be filled with books, and they can stack, and be joined together like chests [they have an "no access" side, but other then that, the top, bottom, front and sides are joinable. If another bookshelf if placed on one of these area's it shares an inventory with the shelf next to it]
    You can create books, which begin as "Book" when moused over, and when right clicked while holding in a hand will open for editing on the first time. You can edit book's Titles [for example, if you wanted to take the book with you for later study, but didn't want it confused with other books, call it "Book A" ]
    Editing a book require a feather [quill] and an ink sack. One Ink sack offers you 100 [More possibly] characters of writing [Not including spaces] and books can have a maximum of 5000 characters. Since that's an awful lot, a page system would also be nice, where pages can only hold 500 characters.

    1) Books are editable
    a) Books are edited only once
    :cool.gif: They are "readable" after the first edit.
    c) Book's can have titles given by the player.
    d) Book's have 10 pages
    e) A page can hold 500 characters of text

    2)Book shelves can hold books
    a)They can hold up to three [More if you think it's needed]
    b)stacking/building near each other increases the size of the bookcase [much like double chests]

    3) Writing
    a)You can, as a player, write within books [Referring to 1]
    b)Writing require a Feather and at least one (1) Ink Sack
    c) An ink sack can write 100 characters worth of text, not including spaces
    d) If you erase/delete a character, and have not expired your ink sack, it is returned to the sack

    That's my idea =X
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    In-Game Name: Same; Recklessone
    Past Servers: Same as SerafimJones
    Why do you want to join?: More up time, chance to roleplay... general coolness!
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: a few months!
    What's your age?: 19 and counting!
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    >.>; I uh... don't know if this is the place for it or what...

    but my friend and I are JUST starting Minecraft and we really wanna get into a private/friendly/easy to experince world.

    We played minecraft way earlier [maybe a year or so ago] and loved it, but the person hosting the server we were on vanished.

    would it be possible to get a zone/area on your server/world to build and create in mayhaps by chance my good man?

    thanks if possible!
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