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    The Nazi symbol is that way because its a sign of war.

    It's an ethnic symbol. It was the symbol of a nomadic tribe of people known as the Aryans who lived in central asia (today referred to as the Caucuses) They worshiped the sun, believing it to be the creator of their people, and the Swastika is a hieroglyphic representation of the sun.

    The Aryans eventually migrated North into Russia, North-West and West into Europe, and East into India. They stopped being nomads, picked up on agriculture and settled down and split into separate distinct tribes that we know today as the Greeks, Persians, Italians, Germans (and all other northern Europeans), Slavs, and Indians.

    Basically the whole idea of the Nazis was that they were going to re-unite all of the descendants of the Aryan tribes under one government, with the exception of the Russians who they felt had somehow become polluted by the heavy amounts of Asian genes (present in Russians due to the Mongol invasion and occupation of Russia.)

    Anyway they killed a few million people and eventually failed, and now today as a result we use the term "Caucasian" instead of the word "Aryan" because the term has become politically incorrect in the wake of WW2, even though both words mean essentially the same thing.

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