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    Sometimes, a man draws something amazing, and I must share it.
    Sometimes, that man is not me, sadly.
    This is one of those times. Both of them, in fact!

    Good buddy of mine drew this comic which I found HIIIILAAAARIOUS! LOOK AT IT.
    And click some ads. He says he's poor. But at least he's rich with talent.
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    posted a message on Clients get overflow with 512x512x256 server
    No server can host any map whose file is much more than 1 megabyte. I don't know why, exactly, but that's just how it works. More complex maps = bigger filesize, so a complicated map of that size will almost certainly fail.
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    Same problem on Vista here. For some bizarre reason the little pop-up load/save box... doesn't pop up. Making it impossible to load or save to or from a file. I'm worried Java might've updated and done something weird; the frightening amounts of CPU power it was using yesterday give me the sneaking suspicion that tomfoolery is afoot.

    EDIT: I'm not sure if I should double-post to bump this, but I figured out the problem. I was running Firefox in compatibility mode for XP (in Vista,) specifically so that Quicktime would display properly. That made Java think I was running XP, and that confused the heck out of Minecraft. Switching compatibility off again allows me to load and save just fine. I am so awesome.
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