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    Quote from Alvoria»

    Congrats on the correct use of the Creative Commons license. It's wonderful to see a pack being continued, and even nicer for me to see a pack using someone else's work and NOT having to remove it for theft or breaking forum rules! :P

    But seriously, this is a really great pack and I'm happy to see that it's going to be continued. Best wishes to all who work on this thing. :D

    Thanks. I've seen versions of this which just filled in the unfinished content with JoliCraft... not OK! Thanks for the good wishes.

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    Backstory and Explanation

    Hi! My name is LogicalBrick, and today I would like to present to you a story.

    A long time ago, an amazing texture pack was created. It was the best thing I had

    laid my eyes on in a long time.

    It included medieval castles and adventures, and all types of unique immersive experiences.

    It was great.

    Then one day, the great amazing texture pack that brought all of those great memories

    was no longer being worked on. It was the authors time, and with that, the pack's as well.

    Many were saddened, and few attempted to revive this great piece of an even greater adventure.

    They did well, and now it is my time to show you what I have done!

    Obligatory Legal Disclaimer

    Disclaimer: I am within all legal bounds to post and transmit this work without direct permission as is

    described in the "Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported Legal License" that this pack is

    titled under in the original thread found at this location. Any explanation and/or discussion should be

    dealt with in a personal message to my inbox. Thank you.

    Moving on!


    My intention for this pack is to gain interest in it again as I think it really is great.

    As other people have other opinions, if this need is not met I shall dissolve the project and prune the thread at

    that decided date.

    I have been working on an overall update to the latest version of Minecraft, 1.8.3.

    Lithiumsound did come back to show interest in continuing the pack

    as of January 2015 but since then has not had any discussion on any existing threads.

    My current changelog includes (but is not limited to):

    Water Temple Blocks



    Armor Stands

    Several Door Types





    ...And Many More!

    Don't see your name in credits?

    All credit is due to those authors who have contributed to the pack. If you know you

    already created something here and do not have credit please personal message me

    and I will correct the error.


    Vanilla Block Randomization:

    lithiumsound & luna_panshiel (you are awesome luna!)

    Past updating and general contribution:

    huntingdog and Xornop

    If you wish to help in the updating of this amazing pack, please provide your texture as a .zip download in a thread response.

    I do not make any sort of revenue off of this and neither should you!


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    everyone please, refrain from leaving UPDATE PLZ and WHERE DL FOER 1.4 LOL??!, because he just stated, he is working hard on updating to 1.3.2, then to 1.4. leave him alone.
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