About Me

Hello everybody, I am ReallyHailey! I am a major PopularMMOS fan and you may notice

some of my maps are inspired by some of their series!

I am a pretty nice person and I like making maps!

Though, I am not very active on here, it does take me a while to release a map due to school and such!

Hopefully you can play some of my maps and enjoy!

:D Have fun!


I really like PopularMMOS! If you are a fellow PopularMMOS fan, then please message me! I love talking with other fans and it's fun interacting with the

Pat and Jen community!

I also like making maps from time to time, I usually don't make them sometimes due to the effort it takes to make one!

I do have like 14 maps so hopefully you can enjoy them! I have another EJM

For easter (Easter in Wonderland EJM) for you guys!

Expected to release starting April 2022!

Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Profile Information

Minecraft RadioJHStudio Steam Doggo's World Twitch nexhs Discord we2fab#5308