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    posted a message on -+-+-Need staff for EyronRealms-+-+-

    Desired Rank: Admin/Head-Mod[/b]

    Name: Spencer[/b]



    Can you donate? no but i can vote for the server[/b]

    Skype: (Necessary) I Dont but i do have OOvOO[/b]

    Why Should We Pick You: I am the best minecrafter in my town and i love to help[/b]

    Have you ever been banned on a server? no[/b]

    Experience with being staff: Yes[/b]

    Current ranks on any servers:Head-Admin Co-Owner Owner[/b]

    What are you best at? Redstone/Commands/Building/Combat[/b]

    What are you worst at? Lieing[/b]

    Maturity /10: 8 most of the time but i am silly sometimes (Rarely) and it goes to 4[/b]

    How well you work in a group:Very good[/b]

    How well you work alone: Very Good[/b]

    Are you a good Builder: Yes[/b]

    Familiarity with WorldEdit:Yes[/b]

    Familiarity with Permissions-EX No[/b]

    Do you prefer working alone or in a group? It Doesn't matter to me [/b]

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