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    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    What role are you applying for?: Event Team

    Years of Minecraft Exp: 4

    Have you played on a RP server? If so which? (Not req)
    How good are you with this role?

    I'm decent i may not be the best but I have a rather large imagination. I enjoy making up dungeons on this game i play it's a player made game

    i didn't make it but you have to use two websites to make your own game one site is a dice site the other is the game board. I was GM most of the time and i always made them go through dungeons. I never received negativity towards any of the dungeons or the quests. It may not be much but maybe put me on a test run and see how i go?

    Skype & Email?


    [email protected]

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    Name - Sean

    Age - 15

    Maturity - 9/10

    IGN - ReadThisNamePlz

    Position Admin or Plugin manager.

    Why do you want this position? Because i really like to see new server grow and expand. I logged on to the server and saw that you are trying to make it a beta release all ready but no perms are done i can fix this easily.

    Experience? I have ran 6 successful servers

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    posted a message on GizmoNetwork §|||§ HUGE NETWORK! §|||§ 30+ GB §|||§ NEED Positions Filled §|||§ Need YOUTUBER, builders, mod, and helpers!

    Name: Sean Smith

    Age: 14

    Ign: ReadThisNamePlz

    Country of Residence: United States Of America

    Skype (Must Have): I'd prefer to give this to you privately

    How Often on MC: All day

    Experience On Factions: I have played factions for 2 1/2 years now. I know the plugin very well i have ran 2 faction servers both successful just i had to stop paying for them.

    What Position Applying for: Helper

    Experience As <Helper/Mod> (Be Detailed, Proof): I have been in all sorts of positions for minecraft servers. Not only am i experienced i am a decent staff member or so i have been told :). I don't do anything without approval from a superior authority (unless in my jurisdiction). I have said that i have ran 2 faction servers. One was called Cub3dCraft the other was called LegoNetwork. Both were greifed by a few of my staff members so i decided to stop paying them. I wish i had some sort of evidence of this i am sorry i cannot supply the sufficient amount of evidence.

    Why Would You Like to be <Helper/Mod>: I like to work with the community and be helpful in general, I have always enjoyed being a helpful member of a community. Now i'm not saying that i'm some sort of saint but i do have several little brothers and sisters that i play with and help alot so the big brother affect carrys into the game for me and i think of all players as little brothers and sisters that are just in need of a big brother to help them. Even though some may be older than me Hehehe.


    Anything Else About Yourself: I'm 14 years old in all AP classes i do enjoy other types of minecraft servers but factions is my main favorite. I'm hoping to work with you guys, seems like a fun community already.

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