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    posted a message on Minecraft rabbits [rabbit fur>brewing][breeding/ambience][90% support!][Over 50+ supporters]
    Congratulations guys! Rabbits just got implemented into the snapshot, along with most of the suggestions in the thread, such as the rabbit's fondness for carrots, the ability to brew jump boost potions, variants of rabbits, and the ability to tame it!
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    posted a message on Fall damage improvements
    So... right now in Minecraft, fall damage is pretty bad. Not realistic. Not fun at all.
    Therefore, there should be variants of fall damage when you fall onto specific blocks

    Leaves--- 50% of damage received.
    Wool---40% of damage received
    Grass---90% of damage received
    Stone-100% of damage received
    Obsidian--110% of damage received

    and so on to other blocks.
    The variant fall damage is because when you fall into leaves, there are leaves and branches that can cushion the fall. Same applies for wool. Grass, however, has dirt to cushion the floor, so the damage is slightly lower. Stone and obsidian, however, are not soft at all, so when falling onto them, they are not capable of breaking your fall, and you will take the same/more damage.

    Please consider this idea, as it may add more diverse realism into Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Annoying things about Minecraft
    BOATS! They are glitched real bad! They still break upon touching obsidian pads. Er, i mean lily pads. And you randomly spawn back in the sea when leaving the boat.
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    posted a message on Minecraft rabbits [rabbit fur>brewing][breeding/ambience][90% support!][Over 50+ supporters]
    [span style="color: #8b4513"]MINECRAFT RABBITS

    [span style="color: #8b4513"]Why should we have rabbits?
    So the 1.7 update featured pufferfish that could be used to brew water breathing potions, which were previously not obtainable in the game. If now we could obtain water breathing potions, why not obtain jump boost potions? They could be obtainable from rabbits.
    Also, rabbits would add ambience into the game. I'm sure ambience plays a very important role in everyone's daily lives in Minecraft. It would definitely spice up the gameplay with rabbits teeming and nibbling on stuff.

    [span style="color: #8b4513"]About rabb[span style="color: #8b4513"]its
    brown rabbit[1]
    Rabbits would be passive animals that spawn naturally in extreme hills biome.

    The reason they are found in extreme hills' biome is mainly because of the nature of the biome. The biome features high cliffs, mountains and threcherous terrain that would threaten to kill any adventurer that passes through it. As rabbits are best known to jump , especially in folklore, placing rabbits in extreme hills would be a good place to start. However, in real life, rabbits are found in swamps, marshlands and forests. But sometimes realism needs to be overcome. Secondly, the reason why they are found in extreme hills is because the biome itself is very rare to find. As rabbits do give a high advantage, there must be a set amount of rarity for this cute creature set in the wild.

    Would games still be fun if realism was prevalent?
    [Please read forum rules under realism to find out more]

    Like horses, rabbits have different variants/species.
    There are 5 different colors ; maroon, brown, gray, white and light-brown.
    There are 2 different skin patterns ; spotted and smooth.


    -Able to jump 1 1/2 blocks, making them hard to contain with fences.
    -Attracted to carrots[]
    -Are able to breed with carrots[item]
    -Have 6 health []
    -Nibbles on carrot crops [ destroys carrot crops]

    When killed:
    -Drops 1-2 xp [ ]

    In order to get the rabbit fur, they must be sheared. When rabbits are sheared, they do not regenerate fur until there is a carrot crop for the rabbit to feed on, then the fur is regenerated. This system is similar to sheep. They must have a grass block to chew on in order to regenerate fur.
    Sheared rabbits have a different texture, having a fur-less look, similar to a sheared sheep.

    When sheared:

    -Drops 0-2 rabbit fur[]
    [span style="font-size: 12px;"]-70% chance of dropping 0 fur
    [span style="font-size: 12px;"]-25% chance of dropping 1 fur
    [span style="font-size: 12px;"]-5% chance of dropping 2 fur

    [span style="color: #8b4513"]Rabbit fur

    The brewing process
    The potion of leaping's base is awkward potion. Then, the leaping potion is brewed from awkward potions and rabbit fur.

    Then, the potion can be modified normally.

    [span style="font-size: 12px;"]NO SECONDARY INGREDIENTS
    [span style="font-size: 12px;"]

    [span style="color: #ff0000"][span style="font-size: 12px;"]Extended
    [span style="color: #ff0000"][span style="font-size: 12px;"]

    [span style="color: #daa520"][span style="font-size: 12px;"]Potency
    [span style="color: #daa520"][span style="font-size: 12px;"]

    [span style="color: #808080"][span style="font-size: 12px;"]Splash
    [span style="color: #808080"][span style="font-size: 12px;"]

    [span style="color: #ff0000"][span style="font-size: 12px;"]Extended [span style="color: #808080"]Splash

    [span style="color: #daa520"][span style="font-size: 12px;"]Potency [span style="font-size: 12px;"][span style="color: #808080"]Splash
    [span style="font-size: 12px;"][span style="color: #808080"]

    [span style="color: #8b4513"]Why should you support?
    We've got a couple of good reasons why you should support. Supporting this post means you love animals. It means you love wildlife. Wildlife to Minecraft is currently pigs,cows and chickens. Throw in a couple of horses and bats. Interesting?

    Now, we add a couple of surprises outside. Rabbits that could be somewhere, that could allow you to make some potions that were previously unobtainable. You are hungry for that potion which you can use to avoid traps, evade monsters, something that will help you in the gameplay. You go out and search. Then, you spot a couple of hopping brown furry animals. You go and take a closer look. Amidst the tall grass you can spot the furry animals, some people call them Rabbits.

    And if you fully support the idea, why not spread the news to other people?

    Share the love. Copy and paste it to your Signature !


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    posted a message on Minecraft rabbits [rabbit fur>brewing][breeding/ambience][90% support!][Over 50+ supporters]
    Quote from Mineblox304

    This is a REALLY creative and though-out idea! But on the other hand, i'm not willing to kill a cute, innocent animal just so I can make a potion that lets me jump higher. But hey, all animals in Minecraft are cute and innocent. So I don't think it really matters. :D
    Anyway, I'm more than willing to support your idea. I'll start using that signature right away!

    Thanks very much, Mineblox304 ! I'm really honored to hear such good comment. Thank you for supporting!
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    posted a message on Improvement to the ambience of Minecraft[With videos]
    So, my previous thread got locked because the sectional moderator didn't allow multiple ideas.

    This thread is one single idea. Alright? And the idea is very simple.

    Improvement to the ambience of Minecraft.

    There, its printed in big,bold letters so everyone can see.

    Why an improvement to the ambience of Minecraft?
    Watch the video below.

    Current ambience of minecraft.

    Isn't the ambience of minecraft currently bad?
    You can step into a forest and it would be devoid of life. At most, there would be only a handful of sheeps and cows trying to irritate you. So what would be a true forest?
    A true forest would be one that is teeming with life, one that has bird calls and animals.
    A true forest would be one that is hard to navigate, one that has rough terrain.
    A true forest would have its trees with variation to its density.
    A true forest would have puddles of water all over the place, as rainfall is likely to be very high.

    So, i've compiled what would make minecraft a perfect one, into a series of short videos.[More coming up soon!]

    If the ambience of Minecraft was better #1-Forests

    Also, the ambience isn't missing for just forests only. In my opinion, everything needs ambience.

    If the ambience of Minecraft was better #2-Shores

    So, i hope this short presentation would give everyone an idea, just how empty Minecraft really is.
    However, if you are supportive of the idea of Improvement to the ambience of Minecraft, do complete the poll above. If not, complete the poll and tell us why you are not supportive.

    And also, admin, if you do see this, please don't lock this post as it is one single idea. And above are just suggestions for the idea.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Ambience update[Collation of multiple ideas][Thick variants,better forests,improved aquatic wildlife][No regrets to support]
    This is not really a single suggestion, but a thread of suggestions put together.

    thick variant trees!
    Thick variant trees is a 2x2 version of trees that currently don't have this variant. If jungle trees, spruce trees and dark oak trees have this variant, why not oak,birch and acacia trees?

    acacia tree

    The image is just to give you an idea, and the tree is not the actual one.

    birch tree

    The image is just to give you an idea, and the tree is not the actual one.

    oak tree

    The image is just to give you an idea, and the tree is not the actual one.

    Better aquatic wildlife system!

    Again, another step towards improving the ambience of minecraft.

    Currently, fishes can be found in any water bodies, regardless of river, or ocean. This suggestion suggests that now, fishes can only be found in specific biomes. E.G. salmon in rivers, pufferfish in oceans, fish in both rivers and oceans.
    This handles the way fishes work, as nobody expects salmon to be in the ocean. Since the fishing system was improved in 1.7.2, why not improve aquatic wildlife?

    A visual of the system

    Take note: The water color is not different. In the image, the color is added to easily differentiate between river and ocean.

    More wildlife!

    More wildlife! When bats were implemented, its purpose was to create ambience. However, seeing bats everywhere at night isn't helping very much.
    When you step into a forest, all you can see is trees. Only a few wild pigs, cows and sheep. However, you feel that something is missing. Shouldn't a forest be teeming with lively birds?
    Imagine having built a house in the middle of a forest. You wake up everyday to the same old sound of pigs and cows. Now add the lively bird calls. Now, THAT'S a forest.

    About birds-
    Birds drop feather when killed. They also give xp. However, they are not tamable, which makes bird capturing much more challenging.
    Birds must also be killed by a player to drop feathers. This prevents yet another farmable mob.

    Photo courtesy of Dr. Zhark.

    Now, imagine you step into a savanna. Definitely, you would see some horses to your left. To your right is just a large patch of savanna that stretches endlessly. The area seems pretty devoid of life. This dampens your mood.

    Then, now you can see several lions in the horizon. They spawn in packs. You can hear their majestic growl in the distance. However, they have yet to spot you. Beware, not to attack them, as they may attack you back.

    About lions-
    Are 1.5blocks tall. They are not tamable, and only drop some xp when killed. They spawn in packs under trees. They also have manes to differentiate betwee male and female. Sometimes the males[lions with manes] hunt pigs, cows and horses.

    Photo courtesy of Mavans.[Minecraftforums username]

    Now, you are feeling adventurous. You spot a swamp in the distance. Seeing several slimes hopping around isn't going to convince you that the swamp is teeming with wildlife.
    Then, several crocodile heads emerge from underneath the water. They spot some animals and slowly make the kill. You can already look forward to swamps.

    About crocodiles-
    Have a crocodile shape[duh] and a dark torquoise-green color. They do not spawn in groups and are scattered all over swamps. They try to aviod other biomes. They spawn in 1-block deep shores and are aggressive to players when attacked. They drop 1-3 leather and some xp when killed.

    Photo courtesy of Crackedegg[minecraftforum usename].

    Better audio ambience!

    When you step into a forest, all you hear is pigs, cows and sheep sounds. They seem very irritating to your ears. The sound of water flowing indicates that there is a river nearby. However, the vegetation seems completely silent.
    Then, you hear bush sounds and bird calls. The sounds are filled with hope that you are not alone in your world.

    You then discover a jungle. The jungle is full of ocelots. Other than meows, the jungle seems pretty devoid of life.
    Then, animal calls emerge. You can also hear some animals beating the bushes. The jungle suddenly seems very lively.

    Also, some sounds can be used for deserts. When you are in the middle of no where, some dull music can play for you, giving you the experience of actually being in a desert.

    Better terrain!
    Compare the two pictures.

    Photo courtesy of minecraftgallery.com

    Do you see any work that needs to be done?

    1. Forests needs to have unexpected terrain. Having a few large cliffs isn't going to help. However, the bumps and dips in the ground may help alot. Also, thick variant trees may also help in the ambience.

    2. More water bodies. No. Not those huge ones out there. I'm talking about small, puddles of water lying around.

    3. Variant of densities of trees and vegetation. It is pretty plain for a forest to have equal density throughout, with trees equally spaced from each other. Try to have variating densities! Some spots, the trees are very spaced out. In others, the trees are very packed together.

    Why an ambience update?
    I believe that everyone should be entitled to an ultimate experience of minecraft. Playing minecraft should not be an experience where you sit infront of your computer and stare at the screen for ages. It should be an out-of-body experience , adventuring in the jungle, the dry desert, that swamp you last thought it was devoid of life, that savanna you discovered that seemed pretty plain.

    This video demonstrates how "exciting" and "lively" minecraft is.

    If minecraft's ambience remains the same, dull old way, then no one will ever look forward to forests. I believe people will prefer a forest with unexpected surprises, clearings and puddles of water that are hard to navigate.

    However, the ultimate choice is, i believe, in everyone's hands. If you support, do leave a post below and tell us why do you support. However, if you do not agree, feel free to comment and disagree. Ultimately, minecraft isn't MY game. It is everyone's game. Everyone should have an opinion, not someone else's opinion.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.4.5++[SUPPORTS MC 1.6.4] Skywalk Adventure parkour map[Gamerbomb LP+][10K+ Downloads][Supports SP & MP][Unexpected s
    [UPDATE NOTES]Hey guys! Pretty inactive for a while now! A major change to skywalk 1 & 2 is on the way. Stay tuned!Hello guys!
    I'm rdivine and i'm bringing you the first of its kind parkour!SUSPENSION PARKOUR!yes yes. Skywalk is officially released!Skywalk is the worlds first suspension parkour. Suspension parkour is a a parkour map with suspended blocks, suspended checkpoints, and suspended adventures! Hold the suspension!I'm sure you must be wanting to play it already. Hang on!
    The wooden run is just for starters. The basic of the basics.
    This stage is all about balance!
    The ruins of a suspended temple. Pretty short stage, but takes alot of time and concentration.
    The sensei's training ground for ninja beginners only. You can find lots of loot in hidden places!
    This stage had some players tangled in vines. Need lots of patience!
    Chunks of nether loaded in the overworld. Careful of lava!(you only see the lava inside the fortress)
    This stage marks the beginning of true parkour! This stage is the longest of all, so we reccommend patience .
    Dedicated to the dead, the lord wants tribute to pass the stage...(hard to see the heads staring at you.)
    Careful out there! The blizzard threatens to blow you away with a gush of snow!
    You have gone so far and high that you have reached the aether.Guranteed square roots!
    This ???????? ???????? is an awesome place to explore! Eat your mushrooms!????????
    The ?????? threatens to curse you forever... This temple awaits you to explore it.......????????
    Trailer for skywalk......Ryouseiken's LP!Ryouseiken's channel!Gamerbomb's channel!As always , I look forward to your 2nd part!v1.1 2018 Downloads so far. [ 145 downloads in the past day ]V1.0 279 Downloads so far . [ 53 downloads in the past day ]Beta 210 Downloads so far. [ 1 downloads in the past day ]Pre-Beta 4 Downloads so far. [ 0 downloads in the past day ]Total downloads : 2511Oh yeah!!Goal : 1000 downloads [x] 1500 downloads [x] 2000 downloads [x] 3000 downloads [x] 5000 downloads [x] 10000 downloads [x] 20000 downloads [ ] 50000 downloads [ ] 100000 downloads [ ]
    V1.1Fixed unable to teleport to lounge at EndGame.Fixed spawning at the aether in creative mode.New totem at every checkpoint to set time to night.V1.0Added skywalk
    Bugs in v1.1-Door still opens in stage 7 when you blow the redstone up.-"Your bed was missing or obstructed" message appears when you sleep on a floating bed, and your spawn point will be reset.-Piston will hurt you when they push you in sphynx wraith-Puzzle at the aether will have a 100% chance of passing-Pig dumpinator will leak water.-Unable to pass when TNT explodes in aether & mycelium fortress.-Useless blocks on the aether-Pistons buggy in stage 12, and must flick the lever twice.-Unable to die completely after falling off the fence on stage 2.-No visible vines on the jungle temple at stage 5 , making people not attempt to cross the temple.
    Have you downloaded the file? If so, extract it to the desktop. You can do it in the easier way by dragging the folder to the desktop.Then,go to the home button and type %appdata% .here's what it looks like in windows xp.Then click roaming. You will get to this page.Select minecraft.You will get into this page.Select saves.Lastly, drag the folder into the "saves" folder. Then start up minecraft and play the map!
    Hey guys! alot of people might be wondering whats up for skywalk 2. Well, i asked gamerbomb if he was willing to do and LP for my skywalk 2 and he said yes! YES!!![yesiamhappy]Anyway, here's some videos i made with my temporary computer that does weird sounds....That was a no-voice review with my very laggy computer.I took that recently. 2 more stages for the rest of the day!Yes, as always, the release date will be on 19 dec 2012, 6 days before christmas for you to gear up in the christmas season!Having the holiday mood?The epic logo for skywalk 2The epic wallpaper for skywalk 2
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    posted a message on Skywalk 1.4.2; a mixture of parkour and adventure !
    Hey guys! I've got good news and bad news!. Open those that you like!
    For those who do not know what is skywalk, please refer to my previous post!

    Bad news
    Remember what i said in my last post?
    -Skywalk is a parkour map which consists of 12stages of increasing difficulty and trill.
    The full version will be out sometime on 4november, so guys, look out for any updates!

    Sorry guys... :Skeleton: I got a bit of problem with my laptop. The display card could not support minecraft. I sent it for repair. I will talk about it later.

    Good news
    Well, during the time i improved the stuff. It now has a taste of ADVENTURE in it!
    Whats adventure? Well, you get to explore stuff at every checkpoint ! This is only avaliable from level 8 onwards.
    Oh yes, i fixed some careless stuff.
    -Jungle run has an ender chest now.
    -On level 7, The ender chest has not enough space to store all the items. It is fixed with a minecart with chest transporting the items to the next stage.Although there is no minecart with chest from level 8 onwards, you will need to sacrifice ** items to open the door. Alot of items will be needed to sacrifice. Alot.
    -The "stairway to heaven" with the intersection of soul sand has been fixed. Now you can cross over without falling.
    -As minecraft introduced a "random spawning" system, the world will be created with the character having slept on the starting bed.
    -You start in survival instead of creative now.
    And, i have completed all 12 stages!I'm working on the finishing mansion. A place to explore!

    Now.....For the stage reviews...
    [Sorry there is no screenshot]

    Stage 1
    The wooden jump :D

    This wooden jump is for the utt. most beginners.For blockheads only.

    Stage 2
    Balance yourself

    Most people lose their footing at this stage. Watch out , there's a dispenser filled with arrows!

    Stage 3
    Temple ruins

    Many people simply hate the cobwebs. Watch out! There's lava behind you!

    Stage 4
    Ninja training

    Many people like ninjas. When there is an idea copied from the popular japanese parkour show "Ninja warrior"...

    Stage 5
    Jungle run

    A regular floating jungle chunk. I wonder how it got there...Watch out! There's a vine!

    Stage 6
    Nether oscilate

    Mixture of satisfaction and fear! There's a huge mix of lava!

    Stage 7
    The true skywalk

    The first haven where you get your canine companions! Ahhh, watching the cloulds move under your feet is a better feeling than jumping around!

    Stage 8

    There are heads watching you...And atop of that, the lord needs you to sacrifice some items for him.

    Stage 9
    Snow blizzard

    Two floating islands with a small brewery house! Perfect!

    Stage 10
    The aether

    A place of fairytales,square trees, cluster of floating islands, and a hidden diamond block!

    Stage 11
    Mycelium fortress

    This place is mushrooms, period. Any questions? No, john, we do not provide vomit bags.

    Stage 12
    Sphynx curse

    You will be filled with curse, literally! An awesome place to explore!

    Watch out for updates, and expect skywalk to be released on 7th november!
    Follow this post!


    Thats that for now. Until then,
    happy minecrafting!
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