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Im just a typical no-body who is never going to make a difference on this world.


I like sandbox games, some MMOs, as well as Nintendo products. I play Pokemon to battle against players, and I breed Pokemon too. If you'd wish for a bred Pokemon, message me about the details and add my Nintendo Friend code. The MMOs I play are Twin Saga and Eden Eternal by Aeria Games. Both are anime-styled and I love them both. If you play any of those, feel free to add me. RazzleberryJam (Eden Eternal) and RazzberryJam (Twin Saga).

Location Hoenn fallarbor town

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Minecraft RazzleberryJam Xbox Xbox MC sucks PSN TBA Steam _razzleberryjam Twitch _RazzorWind_ Nintendo 0061 - 5144 - 1723

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Skype razzor_wind