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    posted a message on MineSauce Community [Vanilla Whitelist SMP] Recruiting! Anyone can apply!

    I might have applied twice by accident! xD Sorry about that, Bitterthread!

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    posted a message on Porkbelly Server [Vanilla] {Whitelist} {SMP} {North America}

    Your In-game Name: Razor_Raven - Mitchell

    Your Age: 19

    A Short Bit About Yourself: I am currently a college student majoring in mathematics! I enjoy sports, mostly hockey and I love playing minecraft. Ive been playing for many years but took time off to get into the college groove. I am coming back and looking for a new server to play on!

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    posted a message on Hermitpack SMP (Whitelisted) (Active Players)

    Ign: Razor_Raven

    Age: 19

    Location/Timezone: USA - EST

    Will you be active?: yes, i am on in the afternoons and evenings

    Have you played modded before?: actually no but im learning new mods!

    Do you speak fluent english: yes, i am a native english speaker

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    posted a message on OrionSMP [1.10] [Map Reset] [Semi-Vanilla] [Hardcore Survival] [McMMO SMP] [Looking for Mature Members]

    Youtube channel (If you have one) and if you plan to record: I might cosider it

    Minecraft username: Razor_Raven

    Your age: 19

    How often do you get on Minecraft?: 3-6 hrs per day, 2-5 days a week

    Why do you want to join this server?: Im looking for a server to play vanilla minecraft on and meet new people. I am just starting off again and I am

    looking to have fun!

    Tell me a little bit about yourself: I am currently a college student studying mathematics! I play hockey for my college and I currently work at a 3D-printing / tech job facility!

    Do you have any problem hearing swearing/profanity? not really... I dont swear in chat at all

    Have you read the rules and do you agree to them?: I agree with all of the rules!

    Do you have discord and are you willing to use it?: I do not know what that is, but i am willing to use it

    What is your Skype?: mfranko13

    Were you referred by an existing Orion player?: I was not!

    What would you do for a Klondike Bar?: dun duh da dun xD.... walk to the freezer and get one, or go get one if I currently dont have any in the freezer!

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    posted a message on Vanilla SMP, come apply

    IGN: Razor_Raven

    Age: 19

    How many hours a daywill you be on: 3-6

    Location: USA - EST

    Skype: mfranko13

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    posted a message on NEW* Whitelisted Minecraft SMP Server! Dedicated Server! No lag, MindCrack/HermitCraft Alike! 18+ APPLY NOW!

    IGN (In Game Name) Razor _ Raven

    Age REQUIRED (Don't lie): 19 years old

    Country, for time zones, languages etc REQUIRED: USA EST

    Skype, if only applicable. You SHOULD get this: mfranko13

    Reason For Joining: I am starting up minecraft again and im looking for a new server to meet new people on!

    Is there anyone you can bring to the server?: I have a couple friends, but Im really the only person who is interested in playing

    Strongest Aspect?: I like helping others so that might be my "strongest aspect". I like building alot so thats a string part too!

    Good builder?: Im decent, im getting better, but i for sure dont build box buildings.

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    posted a message on New Vanilla SMP (Whitelist) {Youtuber Friendly}

    IGN: Razor_Raven

    Age: 19

    How many hours a daywill you be on: 2-6

    Location: USA - East Coast

    Skype: mfranko13

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    posted a message on Private Survival server! apply now, professionally hosted minecraft server NOT YOUR TYPICAL SURVIVAL SERVER FRESH MAP
    IGN (In-Game-Name): Razor_Raven
    Age: 19
    Youtube: None (May start one)
    How long have you played Minecraft? - 5 years
    Why would you like to join the server? - looking for a fun community to start playing minecraft with
    Why should we accept you? - I am a fun person to talk with, i loved building with others, and im active
    What would you bring to the server? - happiness, kindness, activity, and a reliable person
    Who is your favorite Minecraft youtuber and why? etho because he seems to always find something to do and makes awesome creations
    what is your favorite block? - quartz[/b]
    does everything i have said seem fair? of course it does[/b]
    Additional information (optional): Im in college and I play hockey[/b]
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    posted a message on 100% Vanilla Survival, small Community, HermitCraft Style



    Country you live:USA - East Coast

    What do you like to do on minecraft survival? - ability to sea others build and have fun together

    How active are you? college started a bit ago so i can be active almost every day since i got my schedule going

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    posted a message on NEW SMP SERVER - FRESH MAP - WHITELIST - VANILLA - 24/7

    IGN: Razor_Raven
    How active are you?I can be active alot at various times, but Im also in college right at the moment
    Where are you located? US - east coast
    What kind of projects do you usually take on? Im new to BIGGER stuff but im looking to play with others and gain experience when I see what they build!
    Anything else you want to include: I play hockey and thats pretty cool :D

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    posted a message on Vanilla 1.10 Survival server. Creative world open to all members. Friendly, mature group.

    IGN - Razor_Raven

    Age - 19

    What type of player are you? (Redstoner, builder, etc) Builder and Miner and friendly person lol

    Why do you think you'd be a good fit with us? I like to build and make friends and id like to be in a community with a lot of ppl!

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    posted a message on [WetardCraft] Looking for fun mature players, currently sitting at 5 out of 36 people

    Name(IGN)- Razor_Raven

    Age- 19

    Sex- Male

    Why WetardCraft- Looking for a fun mature server to build a community with

    Why Minecraft- its fun and there are mutliple ways to play and make friends through!

    Location(not specific)- USA

    About you(optional but greatly appreciated)- Hockey player, college soon! Im a friendly person!

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    posted a message on -- Wystern -- [Mature 15+ members] -- Community Oriented ~ [New]
    IGN: Razor_Raven

    Age: 19

    Skype:(private message if you don't want to put on the app) mfranko13

    TimeZone: EST, USA

    Why would you like to join: I want to find a fun community server to build and make friends on

    Why do you think you'd make a good addition to the server: ill be learning how to build better, so i can help others if needed!

    Greatest strength: help, minecraft iQ, building

    Greatest Weakness: hard redstone, super big builds
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    posted a message on .:. Sanctus SMP .:. Minecraft 1.9 .:. Hermitcraft influenced server .:. Survival community .:.

    1.) Nickname (what you want to be called): Mitchell or Razor

    2.)*Minecraft IGN: Razor_Raven

    3.)*Skype: mfranko13

    4.)*Age: 19

    5.) Country (or time zone): USA, EST

    6.) How long have you been playing minecraft? about 5 years

    7.) On a scale from 1-10, what is your minecraft knowledge? like knowledge? a 9

    8.) What do you want us to know about you? i play hockey, about to go to college and im friendly

    9.) Is there a particular field in minecraft that you feel are good at? im good at everything, but building massive structures and super hard redstone but im learning!
    10.) What is are your basic computer specs? i5, geforce ce 610 graphics card

    11.) How much do you on average play? 4 -5 hours, almost everyday!

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    posted a message on Newish 1.9 survival vanilla server Whitelisted

    Ingame Name: Razor_Raven
    Age: 19

    What are your plans to do on the server?: make awesome stuff, make friends and maybe youtube

    How often will you be able to be on the server?: almost everyday
    How long have you played Minecraft?: around 5 years
    Why do you feel I should choose you to be whitelisted?: I want to join an awesome community, build awesome stuff and make friends
    Skype?: mfranko13
    Youtube Channel?: might make one soon

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