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    To everyone asking about an update;

    If I ever pickup the resource pack again it won't be for some time. Since I started this project I've become a full time game developer, all of my time is currently invested in working on my flagship game Retro-Pixel Castles (It's currently in Early Access on Steam) and it would be a huge disservice to them if I reallocated that time to working on the resource pack. After all, they're all paying gamers/fans and deserve to have a completed game! :)

    I have always kept this pack in the back of my mind though, I just simply don't have time to update it anymore. But who knows what the future holds after RPC's development is complete. :)

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    Miss me? I've released my new game on Steam! Come check it out.



    Visit the Official Website

    Want to see my Live Stream while I work and play?

    If you love my pack (or hate it?) Please leave a comment! I love hearing your feedback! Also don't forget to give some and love! ;)

    - My goal is to bring the feel of the vanilla texture pack to life in a more cartoony high resolution artwork. Why do I call it semi-faithful? It's not a true faithful texture pack. It won't be *exactly* like vanilla pixel:pixel like most faithful packs would be, it's still going to be completely my original work hand drawn from scratch. But it will be based on the vanilla texture pack. If you pay close attention to my textures, you'll notice I almost always use the same base colors and shapes of the original vanilla textures, only deviating where allowed without breaking the ultimate feel of Minecraft. A good example would be textures with very distinctive shapes like planks, chests, doors and bricks will retain their original shape/form, just redrawn into my art style.

    The purpose of being faithful to the original vanilla blocks is simple, a lot of texture packs go wrong (in my opinion) by totally changing the basic design of the blocks, shaping them into another block style entirely. For example, the planks in Sphax's famous BDCraft, while beautiful, look more like box crates than MC style planks. While that is perfectly fine in a single player environment, I feel it's not good in a multiplayer environment. You want to know your builds look good with vanilla so everyone can enjoy your masterwork, not just you with your texture pack! With my pack, you won't have to switch back and forth!

    EVEN IN 1.7: MCPatcher is required to take advantage of this packs full capabilities!

    Here's a link to MCPatcher, install it

    LATEST BUILD 1-14-2014
    Download MC1.7.x (PMC)

    Download MC1.7.x (Curse)

    Download MC1.7.x (Mirror)
    Download SixtyGig Light (Non-MCPatcher users ONLY - Not recommended!!)

    SixtyGig light is a special version of SixtyGig with all the bells and whistles stripped from it, it is the only version that will properly work without MCPatcher! It is NOT recommended. Any computer can install MCPatcher unless you have some sort of odd mods that conflict with it, you should make every effort to install MCPatcher and AVOID using this version.

    But, if you have no other options, this version will allow you to use SixtyGig.

    Patch Packs!
    Patch Packs are small resource packs you can load on top of SixtyGig, offering a more customized experience that may suit your personal tastes!

    Patch Pack: Connected Ore Blocks (Primary)

    Full CTM For Coal, Lapis, Iron, Gold, Redstone, Emerald and Diamond blocks!

    Patch Pack: Seamless Glass (Primary)

    This pack removes the alpha layer's grid pattern in the blocks, taking it away from faithful but making it more seamless in appearance.

    (Required for SixtyGig, not needed for most other packs unless specified)
    1. Download MCPatcher here: http://www.minecraft.../topic/1496369-
    2. Close minecraft, if it's open.
    3. Doubleclick on the MCPatcher file you downloaded in step 1.
    4. Hit Patch.
    5. Done! Go do next set of steps below.
    (Standard for all packs)
    1. Download the pack (Kinda no brainer there!)
    2. Open up minecraft
    3. Go to Options -> Resource Packs -> Open Resource Pack Folder. A folder should open.
    4. Put the file you downloaded in step 1, inside the folder that opened in step 3.
    5. Go back into MC, select the pack.
    6. Enjoy

    PATCH PACKS 1.7:
    1. Download the patch pack you want, place it in /resourcepacks/ with SixtyGig.
    2. In 1.7, simply load the patch pack on top of SixtyGig within Minecraft.

    PATCH PACKS 1.6:
    1. Unzip the patch pack and drag+drop all the contents into the SixtyGig pack.

    Direct Downloads: 58,230!
    June: 2,704
    July: 26,668
    August: 6,298
    September: 1,344
    October: 1,974
    November: 11,894
    December: 740

    14 Jan 2014 - Quartz added!
    10 Jan 2014 - Flower Pots (Item and Block) added!
    5 Dec 2013 - Removed placeholder textures (To make pack easier to load with other packs)
    6 Oct 2013 - Wheat Crops added!
    19 Sep 2013 - CIT-Supported Spawn Eggs added!
    18 Sep 2013 - Charcoal, maps and paper added! Empty Bottle fixed.
    14 Sep 2013 - Rain Splash, enchantment table glyphs and Splash potion (star) and damage particles added.
    12 Sep 2013 - Splash Potions added!
    9 Sep 2013 - 250,000 downloads!!!!!
    9 Sep 2013 - All regular potions added!
    31 Aug 2013 - Bows added!
    28 Aug 2013 - All Music Discs added!
    27 Aug 2013 - Potatoes, Poisoned Potatoes and Baked Potatoes added.
    26 Aug 2013 - All Hardened Clay Added, Stone, All Ores and Bedrock Improved.
    22 Aug 2013 - Full BetterSkies support.
    20 Aug 2013 - Double and Single Chests added! (Trapped and regular)
    18 Aug 2013 - Sticks, Blaze Rods, Coal, Gold Nuggets, Ghast Tears added, pack and mojang.png changed!
    17 Aug 2013 - All Paintings added!
    17 Aug 2013 - 200,000 Downloads!!
    13 Aug 2013 - Birch Leaves fixed.
    10 Aug 2013 - Command Block added!
    10 Aug 2013 - Lapis Block Improved!
    8 Aug 2013 - Coal Block Improved!
    2 Aug 2013 - Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold and Diamond Pickaxes added!
    31 Jul 2013 - 150,000 downloads!!
    30 Jul 2013 - Anvil GUI added!
    20 Jul 2013 - Furnace and Container GUIs added!
    18 Jul 2013 - Dispenser and Crafting Menu GUI added.
    17 Jul 2013 - Inventory GUI added.
    13 Jul 2013 - Armor icons, Air Bubble icons, and action bar added.
    10 Jul 2013 - 100,000 DOWNLOADS!!!!
    9 Jul 2013 - Options Background changed, XP Orbs, Boss healthbar and horse stamina bar added.
    7 Jul 2013 - Color coded GUI/Interface/Menu text added!
    6 Jul 2013 - Raw and Cooked Porkchops and Beef added! Also custom splash page messages!
    5 Jul 2013 - 90,000 Downloads!
    2 Jul 2013 - Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold and Diamond Shovels added, plus 1.6 fixes for horse bar GUI and logs.
    30 Jun 2013 - 1.6.x Resource Pack Released!
    29 Jun 2013 - 80,000 Downloads!
    29 Jun 2013 - Apple, Golden Apple and Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold and Diamond Axes added!
    27 Jun 2013 - Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold and Diamond Swords added!
    23 Jun 2013 - Flint and Eggs added!
    22 Jun 2013 - Gunpowder, Glowstone Dust, Redstone Dust and Sugar added!
    21 Jun 2013 - Cake added!
    18 Jun 2013 - Writing Book, Written Book, Book, Enchanted Book and Feather added.
    17 Jun 2013 - Melon, Glistering Melon, Firework Charge, Magma Cream, Slimeball and Snowball added!
    16 Jun 2013 - Cauldron and Hopper Added!
    14 Jun 2013 - Anvil Added!
    11 Jun 2013 - Waterlily Added!
    08 Jun 2013 - Mossy Cobble Added, New redrawn Cobble and improved Mossy Stone Bricks!
    08 Jun 2013 - 60,000 downloads!
    06 Jun 2013 - Enchantment Table and Book Added!
    03 Jun 2013 - Beds Added!
    01 Jun 2013 - Soulsand added, Brewing stands fixed!
    31 May 2013 - Lava and Flowing Lava added!
    30 May 2013 - Water and Flowing Water added!
    29 May 2013 - 50,000 Downloads!
    28 May 2013 - Enderpearl and Carved Stone added.

    If you're interest in making unofficial mod texture support for SixtyGig, please contact me. I have a lot of resources at my disposal to help you out, including free web hosting and FTP access for your files. ;)

    Official Mod Support (Packs by me!):
    None Yet!

    Unofficial Mod Support (Packs by other people!):
    None Yet!

    - You may only use your own textures, or remixes/edits of SixtyGig's.
    - They must be 64x64, and of course, cartoony!
    - The textures must be faithful to the mod's textures. Just like SixtyGig's is faithful to default.
    - If it's a CTM-supportable texture (most blocks/in-game objects), it must have a minimum of 9 textures.
    - You can't put the download link behind Adfly (or anything like it) anywhere on the internet.
    - You must host the files on the SixtyGig webserver. (You'll be given an FTP account)
    - You must layout the .zip file with the textures in such a way players only need to drag+drop the mod textures out of your pack and directly into the SixtyGig pack.
    - "dead" mod packs will be removed. (Either incomplete and no progress has been made in several months, or extremely out of date)

    - You are free and modify my texture pack for your own personal use however you deem fit. But you MAY NOT DISTRIBUTE THOSE CHANGES WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.
    - You are free to use this pack in any screenshots or videos you like, including monetized youtube videos.
    - You are free to make this pack your official server texture pack, but your users must go to an authorized download location to obtain the pack.
    - You may never put a link to my pack behind adf.ly or any other for-profit service. If you want someone to download my pack, please direct them to one of my official download locations only.


    Also; If you want me to link to your any of your work via your screen name in the list below, leave a link as well!


    (Some have been sped up for viewing purposes!)

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    I thought I might clue you guys into where I've been for the last few months. I've temporarily put SixtyGig on hold while my time has been spent working on my first retail PC/Mac/Linux video game, Retro-Pixel Castles. Don't fear! SixtyGig IS NOT CANCELED. I just don't have time to work on both projects side-by-side. I will be returning once development on RPC has been completed or has slowed down enough to give me time for both!

    You can check it out at it's official website:

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    posted a message on New to texturing. - Where to begin?
    (Disclaimer: If you already know how to draw textures most of this post won't be too handy)

    My advice would be to start off by ripping off someone else work. I know, it sounds crazy. But if you're completely new to drawing textures your best starting point is to find someone else work that's similar to a style you're interested in, and rip it to shreds. Try to figure out how they made it and then try to make textures that would blend right into that person's work like it belongs there. Once you've mastered the art of replicating someone else (Completely from scratch, no texture edits!) Do it again! Find another pack you like, and try to duplicate their style as well.

    Once you've done this to a bunch of packs, then take all that you've learned and try to make up your own unique style. ;) It's how I learned to draw textures many many years ago, long before MC. There's a lot of subtle things you pickup. Drawing textures isn't really the same as say, web graphics design.

    Just keep in mind, you absolutely should not try to distribute these ripoff textures, people will probably notice pretty quick. Just use them for learning purposes only. Another obvious route is to find tutorials based on the styles you like (Cartoony, pixel art, realistic, etc) and try to duplicate their work as well.

    Somewhere along the line in the learning process your inspiration will some naturally! Then, once you really get going and have your own style, post some examples in this forum and let us nitpick them apart, and we can all help you figure out out to shade and color your pack correctly. ;)
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    posted a message on Good Resource Packs?
    Quote from Moozipan

    Apparently some mods tend to delete posts silently if the conversation goes mad but they still don´t lock and exile threads like this one that had no right to exist from the outset. Really, it would be the least to just leave a short message that something was deleted and why to avoid any confusion, suspicion and anger that might happen in consequence of such practice.

    There's really nothing wrong with this thread, although we do get these "recommend a pack" threads often they do seem to feel kind of spammy to those of us who are here regularly. But, there's actually no rules preventing them from existing.

    ..but, having said that; The mods have a "Moderate in the background, silently" policy, basically we can't discuss the reasoning behind removing posts, although we can explain ourselves if we lock a post. I assume the reasoning behind this is to allow the removed content to "die" without people asking additional questions about it.

    So really about all I can is some posts were removed, I can't tell you why, and that I was not the one who removed them.
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    Quote from LenMe

    I am using MCpatcher, By without I meant with MCpatcher.
    Anyway, This is a great texture and I hope youll get more items and block out!

    Oh, if you do have MCPatcher and Optifine working together you should just get a FPS boost from optifine. ;)

    I'm hoping to finish /blocks/ somewhat soon because there isnt all that much left in there, then I'll be focusing on /items/ (and possibly start mobs too at that time). :D
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    Build 1-3-2014 Released!

    - All minecart items!

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    Build 12-28-2013 Released!

    - Hopper and Cake!

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    Build 12-27-2013 Released!

    - Clock, Name Tag and Bread added!

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    Build 12-21-2013 Released!

    - Acacia Saplings added! (With 9 random textures)

    .. Next up: who knows?!
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