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    I am here to be unbanned, one of your admins killed me with a bow that kills in about one shot, and sets people onf fire. he banned me for 10000000000000000000000 whatever that means, and everytime i tried to talk to the other players he wouldn, shut his goddamn mouth. and before i knew it, the dumbass said "well now" and i was banned for absoluteley no reason. my name is TristanGlivar, and some of your admins are dumb****s. :)

    I'm no admin, and I don't know all the details but insulting the admins and the admin team for something one of them may or may not have done the right way will probably get you nowhere. Especially nowhere close to getting unbanned. Again it is only my opinion. Furthermore, providing the name of the admin that banned you, might help the admin team know what happened and thus making the descision considering your ban.

    Good day,

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