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    posted a message on Minecon Tickets Announced!
    Why 7500 tickets? ONLY 7500 TICKETS??

    Minecon in its own has almost as much people that go to it as PAX. If they doubled the ticket amount, per se, People could ACTUALLY GO.

    It seems my dreams of going to minecon are shattered, case in 5 hours batch 3 comes and my fortnightly paycheck doesnt come until next week, and I missed batch 1 and 2!
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    posted a message on Dummy Items And Blocks
    Viva la revolution!!!
    This would be an amazing change for both adventure maps and servers. I know a ton of server owners who wish they could add more things into the game even via a resource pack. The only thing i would want more from this is infinite dummy items . . . . .
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    posted a message on Call Of Minecraft: Mob Of The Dead[Machinima][Redstone][Map][Texture][Youtube Reviewers] [Zombie Mini Game] [v1.0]
    It the best recreation of Mob of the Dead in Ages, a damn shame its only for MCPE
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    posted a message on How to set relative x,y,z coords for minecartspawners
    Im making a special sort of starhawk-themed map that allows people to airdrop buildings, barricades and cover onto specific areas. How it works is that a Spawner-Minecart will spawn after drinking a certain potion regarding the building you want to place (e.g. fire resistance is a bunker\pillbox and resistance is a wall e.t.c)

    To allow this to happen, I need that spawner minecart to spawn a redstone block 5 blocks underneath it, yet relative to its position. Im not entirely sure how to make the spawner minecart do such a thing yet.

    If anyone knows an NBT tag or mcedit filter that allows a minecart to spawn ANYTHING relative to its position, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I am in the process of releasing really big maps that also need relative spawning from spawner minecarts. I'll credit you in the maps for the help if you give me the tag OR another solution.
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    posted a message on Better Item Data for Commands, Manipulate NBT Data through a Command
    I have a basic idea for command blocks to help SO many people with adventure mapping.

    Basically the Idea is to expand on Item Data usage in Vanilla MC Commands, don't know what I mean? Let me explain.

    In our legendary /give command, theres a small section AFTER inputting the Item ID and Amount where you can set some basic Item NBT Data, aka the Damage Value. For example, for a Iron Sword minus 100 uses, you would go /give myname 267 1 100

    I want to see this idea expanded, to allow infinitely Extra NBT Modifications on a given Item.

    For Example of what I want, they could add new Optional Arguements to the /give and /clear Commands.

    So, say I wanted a Iron sword minus 100 uses with Sharpness 2 and the custom name of 'Dragon Tooth'? Well with new arguements you could go.
    /give myname 267 1 100 (ench,1,id="16",lvl="2")(display,Name="Dragon Tooth")

    This is how simple it would work.

    In the 4th Arguement area, there you be an optional NBT Editing arguement, which Roots to the TagCompound called 'tag' that exists on every Item with custom Data. It can be added to new Items as well.

    To edit an NBT Tag or make a new one, you would bracket your Edit. '()' Like so.

    To access a TagCompound or TagList, you would type in the name of the Compound or List, if the Compound or List was in a Previous TagList (Therefore making it nameless) you would just call it 1, or 2, or 3 e.t.c, and whichever number you pick will pick that number Compound or List in Order, then comma.

    E.g to Access The Enchantments of a Weapon, I would add to the end:

    That would access the 1st tag compound in the ench Taglist, then you can edit.

    To edit a tag, type its name in and add a = sign, and type the input on the other side with inverted commas.
    If you wanted to edit more than one input in a Compound, do it like shown.
    BUT if you needed to edit a list Input, you would do it like such.(Using the Item Lore as an example.)
    (display,Lore,1='Really Strong Sword',2='Has magic Powers')

    So in the above example, I edited 2 lines of NBT String Code from a List.

    If I wanted to check 2 different compounds or tag lists, you would end off the Bracket and open another. In this example, I want to make the Name of a Sword 'Sun Sword' and give me sharpness 5. The Enchantments and Display Tags are both in different compounds/lists, so this is how I would do it.

    (ench,1,id='16',lvl='5')(display,Name='Sun Sword')

    And thats about it. It this gets added, Command Blocks will FINALLY be able to give us unique Custom NBT Tagged Items and replace Dispensers e.t.c


    This addition will allow us really big Mapmakers make Item Dispersion and Obtaining MUCH Easier, and give you the opportunity to make an Uber Diamond Sword with Sharpness lvl 127 or something.


    If this helps, Upvote and Recommend as many people as you can to this Idea, It will REALLY Help MapMakers.
    Thanks for Reading!
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    posted a message on [April Fools] Minecraft 2.0 is Finally Coming!
    Quote from XavierHorovitz

    Shame that half of those features would actually be good for the game.

    If this update WAS real, I would have left this game already.
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    posted a message on Need ideas for an Easter Egg on a Minigame Map
    Quote from qwertyuiopthepie

    Ohboy, I was just dealing with this one. Though, you seem more concerned with how to activate the egg than what the egg actually is.

    Ultimately, it depends on a few things.

    1. How hard you want it to be to find. You could totally make it press-three-unrelated-buttons-across-the-map-simultaneously, but that's not exactly fun.
    2. The specifics of your gameplay. What functionality will be there, and how will it tie together?
    3. What you want the easter egg to lead to. Do you want it to be some kind of silly extra room? Perhaps a bunch of bonus content, like an extra level? Or maybe a hidden weapons cache of some sort? You could work it into the story of the map pretty easily if it's some form of weapon cache or hidden level or building.

    No, as in I need an Idea FOR an Easter Egg for me to create and Activate. With Steps towards completing it.

    Like Consider the Call of the Dead Easter Egg in Black Ops as an Example.

    The Idea is the Original Characters are trapped in a Room, and you gotta get them out.

    You gotta turn the Power on First.
    Then Power THEIR room
    Disable their Security System thingy
    Give the Russian some Vodka
    Do some random Steps to get the Vril Generator (Golden Rod)

    As in the End of the Easter Egg will get you a Secret Weapon, of course, but Yeah, thats the sort of Help I need.

    I need an Idea, Some Ideas towards Accomplishing the Egg, e.t.c
    I can come up with a plentiful amount of Awards, but yeah,

    If you know what you want it to lead to, but don't want to use buttons/obvious redstone stuff, then you can always use block update detectors? So that it activates once you have moved a block, opened a door, opened a chest, placed a block etc.
    Might not be the answer you're looking for but it could help.

    I have Plenty of ways to do Unobvious Redstone and Shiz, I just need the Idea.

    Remember, Its a Giant Moonbase and Some of the Structures are Either Affected or Run by a Safety Protocol System that can be toggled between Disabled and Enabled. E.g The Airlock cannot be accessed from the Inside if activate or the Outside if Sealed e.t.c Theres Gotta be a billion ideas, but I have none :P
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    posted a message on Need ideas for an Easter Egg on a Minigame Map
    Im making a Minigame Survival-ish map where you have to fight off zombies (not Waves of Zombies, just zombies in General) and get Money and try to outlive the opposing team. (Like the Grief Gamemode in BO2 Zombies.)

    The Minigame Itself is made, but the actual Maps to go with it are under construction.

    My Largest Map to date is a Moonbase. Its inspired by Moon in COD Black Ops Zombies but it isnt based off of it. (E.t.c Different Map and Layout, Same sort of Concept.

    Its a large map, and I wanted to Incorperate an Easter Egg to Really get people to stay Determined and work as a team.

    And I dont mean Break the 3 Ender Eggs and a Secret Noteblock Song Plays. I mean like turn on the Power (Power is on the Map), Disable Safety Protocol, Reboot 3 Shield Generator thingies and then do this and that e.t.c

    I'm lost for Ideas, so Im hoping you guys can give me some Opinions.

    I'll tell you If I use your Idea.
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    posted a message on Worlds End 12 Player Team vs Team Survival of the Fittest
    Me Bumpa
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    posted a message on Worlds End 12 Player Team vs Team Survival of the Fittest

    This is Worlds end, my Imaginary view of things if the Mayan Predictions were true. A bit far-off you say, Its Minecraft, what is logic?

    Worlds End is a Team vs Team Game designed for Multiplayer Minecraft Servers that have PvP Off.

    There are 2 teams, team 1 and team 2. The goal is to have your team survive the longest, and outlive the other Team.

    You CANNOT PvP (Me and the Other Map Maker thought it be more fun without PvP), it would be better if you turned pvp off in the server settings or such.

    There is a Shop in the game called the Apocalypse Shop. In the Apocalypse shop you can buy items for XP, and the only source of XP is the Swarms of Zombies.

    WORLDS END - Preferred Server Settings

    Any other plugin that overrides the default /xp, /tp or /give commands

    (No Adfly links, I Promise!)

    Post back videos if you make them and I'll add them to the OP
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    posted a message on Login Failed?
    I tried my Alt and everything seems fine. Maybe mojangs migrated account server is down?
    Hope this gets fixed soon, i was in the middle of a game =P
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    posted a message on Offline Mode, Player with spacebars in name not bannable
    Use BlockThatName, it prevents characters in the config from being in playernames.
    I recommend also removing the / and \ from the names as well, i found a, uhh, glitch, that im not going to explain, but can be fixed by what i just said.

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    posted a message on Minecraft "Run Out of Memory" and lags on my laptop
    Theres your problem.
    If you can support 64bit java. Get it.

    Minecraft will play up on you until you do so.
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    posted a message on Don't Drop the Soap! | Prison Server | 1.5 | 155 Slots | No lag | 24/7 |
    I've been on this server for about 6 months now. Might as well give this Guard app a shot.

    Guard Application

    In game name: raymanic13

    Age: 15

    What is your timezone?: 10+

    What times can you guard?:3-7pm AEST on weekdays. 10am-4pm AEST on Sunday (I work on Saturdays)

    Do you have experience with prison themed servers?: I have been here for about 6 months, and Killion for 4 months. I own a fun little Hamachi Prison Server :P

    Do you have any experience guarding?: Some, I can't boast though. I'm not a frequent PvPer so i don't apply for guard on servers Much.

    What makes you the best selection for guard?: I know the Runthrough of the prison, how everything works, and have never been banned from your server. I try to have as much fun as possible (although free guys come and ruin my fun very often ;P). I own a Chestshop and i hang around Block 3 supporting my friends such as angusoverlord and _Zephyrr_ (Who i invited to the server). I believe that i can help make the prisoners feel safe and i will not abuse my powers (being an owner of both a public Anarchy server {which i shall not name} and a private Hamachi Prison server{which i also shall not name}) I will never use my powers for revenge, and i will listen to my fellow guards and my superiors.

    Have you read ALL the rules, guard and prisoner?:
    Yes. I learnt the Prisoner rules the hard way. (Imprisoned for having splash potions)

    What is your current rank? 2
    Do you understand that we will need screenshot proof of it if you decide to resign?: Yes, i will give link on request.

    Any additional info:
    I have been a loyal member of your server for 6 months, and i really enjoy the server. I have only been imprisoned once for using a poison splash and Harming II splash potion on all of block 3 (effectively killing nearly all of Block 3). I can PvP pretty well, although i do better with Bows, I am very efficent with a sword if i have to use one. I want to help control the PvP attacks from Free Players PvPing new Block 3 players, effectively keeping those members playing.
    I am able to be online at times when most others in Non-australian players will not be on.
    In short, i want to help control the prison and prevent prisoners ruining fun for others.

    I have high hopes for this.
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    posted a message on 1001 minecraft related Chuck Norris jokes
    Chuck norris can open Locked Chests
    When Chuck norris needs diamond, diamond blocks use xray texture packs.
    Herobrine has no eyes because he lost a staring comp with Chuck norris.
    When chuck norris griefs someones on a server, the server never starts back up
    When chuck norris plays spleef, the snow digs itself for him
    Chuck norris once roundhouse kick a creeper, minutes later the first charged creeper ever appeared
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