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    posted a message on Need a little feedback on an Overlay app I am making.

    Hey guys. I always end up binge playing and forgetting to eat.. So a few months ago I started on a project to make an overlay app. I wanted to share it here and hopefully get a little feedback before I did anything else. I'm not looking for any money, and I'm not asking for any info. Just for some people to check it out and let me know what they think.

    The overlay tracks your food delivery orders. It has some clean non-invasive UI elements/notifications that can be completely disabled if preferred. I spent some time and Korea and got inspiration for this idea from the PC방 there. I wanted to basically create an at home version of that. (If you haven't been to one you're missing out)

    Nibble screen shot

    I made a web demo so you don't have to download anything to check this out. The link is below. Really appreciate it :)

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