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    posted a message on Expected Update at 12?
    You can only hope. Otherwise
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    posted a message on Max's Flatmaps
    Nope. XxiNightXx did it first.
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    posted a message on [Tutorial][iOS] How to download maps on MC:PE
    Step one: Download and install iExplorer.( Download here )
    Step two: Plug in your iOS device into the computer and start up iExplorer.(You will need iTunes 10 for iExplorer to run.)
    Step three: Navigate to com.mojang.minecraftpe>Documents>games>com.mojang>minecraftWorlds
    Step four: Unzip the world you want to download and drag it into the minecraftWorlds folder (Only maps made for MC:PE will work. PC maps will not work...)
    Step five: Close iExplorer,restart your iPod and play on your new world!
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    posted a message on Pocket edition MODS
    Maybe eventually... So far I'm pretty sure there are no mods for MC:PE.
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