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    posted a message on Nimbus Survival!
    Server IP: s31.hosthorde.com:25917
    Nimbus Survival is a brand new survival server that caters towards those looking to get back to Minecraft's origins.
    With no game breaking or OP plugins our server offers up a more layed back experience for players who are looking for a friendly community and a good time.
    Why Nimbus?
    Well Nimbus Survival isn't your normal SMP experience, take a break from factions and minigames and come enjoy what Minecraft has to offer. With 50 slots you can bring your neighborhood and then some, and with that many slots we expect a communicative and productive community. Anyone not following the set rules of the server, or those the community & staf deems counter productive will be dealt with swiftly. Our staff team has a 0 approach to those certain members who decide it's fun to try and ruin a good thing, you have one chance and then it's a ban. Hopefully it won't come to that though. Our server is also running 24 hours a day 7 days a week (With the odd restart) so there shouldn't be any reason for the fun to stop! We also have ranks for those looking for a greater edge in the PvP arena or just in general, it also help out keeping the server out, you can find more info at our designated spawn area. We hope to see you on the server with us, until then ciao!
    ~Ratkus, Owner
    Here's a pic of spawn towers so my thread looks nice ;)
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    posted a message on The Grid SMP [Mindcrack Inspired] 24/7 No lag!
    Minecraft IGN: Ratkus

    Skype Username: ratkus0xide

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    YouTube channel: Find below

    Will you record on the server: Depends on how reliable the server can be

    How often can you play: 2 - 3 hours a day

    Can you talk on Skype: Yes

    How often can you talk on Skype: Afternoon hours are good

    Building Skills (1-10): 8

    Redstone Skills (1-10): 7

    Pictures of builds/contraptions/etc: Find on my imgur http://ratkus.imgur.com/all/
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    posted a message on Frigid SMP [YouTube] [MindCrack Like]
    We are still looking for members to fill our slots!
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    posted a message on Frigid SMP [YouTube] [MindCrack Like]
    Welcome to Frigid SMP, First I want to tell you a little about my goal with the server I want to build a friendly social environment for small YouTubers to play on have fun interact and make some videos, like for example (Mindcrack, Hermitcraft, Cube SMP) We will be doing UHC’s and other group events in the future, We are looking for dedicated members who will record regularly but we do understand if you aren't able to make a video due to IRL issues, I am a person I understand :P.

    HLGsoftron is the Owner and will be accepting applications

    Information on the Server

    This is all possible thanks to SwServer hosting with giving me an amazing sponsorshiphttps://www.facebook.com/pages/SwServer/1455040518084104

    The server has 1gb of Ram that’s all we need for now I’m able to upgrade.

    It is hosted out of Germany, We have 15 slots available to fill.


    No racism, or sexism we are all friends, Be respectful, Keep swearing to a minimum, pranks are allowed (No Tnt,lava,greifing ), Stealing/greifing is punishable with ban and is strictly not allowed.


    Video applications are encouraged but can also fill out this instead.



    Age (must be older than 14):


    Country you are from:


    Mic *Good audio is key*:

    Can you upload in 720p or higher *Required*:

    Youtube channel:

    Can you record a Frigid SMP episode at least once a week:

    How often will you be on out of 10:

    Why do you want to join:

    What can you bring to the server:

    Imba or ba? :

    Good luck server will be opening on Skype if accepted. Server is opening this Sunday time to be determined.
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    posted a message on MinceRaft Vanilla : SMP, PvE, PvP : Small Community : Active Members : Snapshots : Mindcrack Like : 24/7 : Youtubers
    -InGameName: Ratkus
    -Age: 15
    -Gender: Male
    -Country(Don't be specific!): Canada
    -Current and Active Youtube Channel (Must have more then 1 video!): htttp://www.youtube.com/ratkusgaming
    -LiveStream(Not needed but Encouraged): Mrratkus *Tinite is Cool*
    How long have you been playing Minecraft/Year started: Started Beta 1.6
    Career/Student: Student, I work as a soccer referee
    What can you bring to the MinecRaft Server?:
    How much hours can you go onto the Server in one week?: I love doing community builds such as minigames & community buildings like cake shops
    Have you ever been banned from a Minecraft Server before? If so, why?: Nope
    Have you ever played/ran a whitelisted SMP server? Why aren't you playing on it? Why do you want to join ours?: I previously ran a couple private servers, lack of interest from players and myself lead to them shutting down.
    Have you ever watched episodes of Mindcrack/Hermitcraft? Who? (For basic SMP understanding): I watch Mindcrack alot, mostly EthosLab, Vintagebeef & Docm77
    Will you be making MinceRaft LetsPlays (Very Important!): For sure
    How many videos will you be making in one week (Not as important): I'll try and dish out 1 or two depending on my schedule and what's going on with the server
    Are you interested in recording MinceRaft and other Games w/ other Mincerafters?: Definetley, exclusively minecraft channels are dull
    Will you attend community events such as Reveals, wither kills, roleplay, etc?: Definitely
    Ways of Contacting you(Feel free to send me it in MY links below): Skype: ratkus0xide
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    posted a message on Friendly Miners SMP [24/7] [Hard] [Dedicated] [YouTube]
    We are still looking for more members! Please submit your video applications to HLGsoftron via inbox or twitter @HLGsoftron
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    posted a message on Friendly Miners SMP [24/7] [Hard] [Dedicated] [YouTube]
    We have just opened up applications for our whitelisted survival server, Friendly Miners SMP. We are looking exclusively for YouTubers and only accepting the best. Subs & view counts will not hinder your chances of being accepted. If you are interested in applying, please submit a video application with the following format & details found below.

    Application (Must be In video form)
    First Name:
    Age (14+):
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?:
    What you can bring to our SMP?:
    Why do you want to join?:
    Location (Country):
    ​What microphone you use:
    ​What recording program?:
    YouTube Channel:
    ​Subs (Irrelevant):
    Views (Irrelevant):

    Server Screenshots for those interested:

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    posted a message on The Minecraftian Server [Vanilla, Whitelisted, 24/7, Mindcrack Style Community] Now Accepting Applications. [Fresh Map!]
    Age: 14

    What Time Zone are you in: EST

    What do you consider your MC Strengths: Redstone, Aesthetics

    What do you consider your MC Weaknesses: Coming up with new ideas. I feel once I've gotten diamond tools &
    armour. There's very little to do.

    Do you watch the Mindcrack videos: Yes I do

    If so who is your favourite Mindcracker: I'd have to say Docm77

    What would you Suggest for a Community Project: I'd say something along the lines of a prestigious PvP arena would be amazing.

    Why do you want to join The Minecraftian: Recently left a YouTuber server due to internal issues with the community, and I have been looking to get back into Minecraft SMP. I've been looking for about a week and this is the best server I've seen so far, and judging by the application it looks like the server is going to have a successful community when applications are closed.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 the highest) rate your self for minecraft expertise: 9

    What areas of Minecraft do you excel in? I feel my most polished area of minecraft is aesthetics, I tend to build for looks, not functionality.

    Tell us about yourself: I am a 14 year old Canadian boy, who loves his video games. I enjoy playing baseball, football & hockey whenever I can but also love my sleep. my top games to play are: Battlefield 3, DayZ & Minecraft. I love making YouTube tutorials when I can and almost always listen to music when I'm on my PC or just getting places. I play multiple instruments such as the trombone, guitar & piano. I'm very good with computers and have built my own that I use to play all my games on.

    Any Special considerations we should take into account prior to making a decision: I've been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.4 and have had many administrative positions on a vast amount of servers (This includes running my own). I also do YouTube on the side, you can find me @ http://www.youtube.com/RatkusGaming. This has the potential of bringing popularity to the server. As for Minecraft itself, I still love the game after years of playing it, and there's not much I don't know about it. I also play FTB on occasion.
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    posted a message on Looking for a YouTube server.
    Recently left a pretty big YouTube server due to personal reasons and have been missing the feel of a tight knit, friendly, recording community. I'm willing to fill out any applications, all I ask for is a chance of getting onto an active YouTube server. If you own a server or know of one that is accepting, please let me know via inbox or reply.
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    posted a message on [Vanilla 1.7.4 Server] MindCrack-like server [Whitelisted]
    IGN: Ratkus
    IRL Name(NickName): Zach
    YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/RatkusGaming
    When you started playing Minecraft: Beta 1.4
    Age(13+): 14
    Maturity(0/10): 7
    Special Skills: Redstone, mob spawners, Victorian buildings
    Biggest Prank you havepulled: Once covered spawn in snow and decorated everything in christmas colours (For X-mas of course)
    Skype Name: ratkus0xide
    Recent Bans: (Wasn't banned) Recently left a server due to corrupt owner & two ­ members.
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    posted a message on ThunderCrack ll Join Now ll New Server ll



    4.Do you agree to the rules:Indeed

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    posted a message on Looking for Direwolf20 (1.6.4) FTB server
    Hey, I am currently looking for a FTB server running Direwolf20 (1.6.4), whitelisted would be nice, if it had some youtubers would make it that more appealing. I'm willing to fill out any applications you need me to, and could potentially start up a series. If you have a server, please leave a reply!
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    posted a message on Looking for an exclusively YouTuber survival server.
    Hey, recently the YouTubers only server I was whitelisted on fell apart and I've been looking to get back into SMP but haven't been able to find a good vanilla survival server to play & record on. If there are any out there that would accept me, I'd be glad to submit an application.
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    posted a message on New Network Servers Need Builders/Admin
    Minecraft username Ratkus
    • How can we contact you? Skype @ ratkus0xide
    • Are you able to use WorldEdit and/or VoxelSniper 5? I am familiar with WorldEdit
    • Image of previous builds Find on my imgur, here:
    • Any other information you would like to provide (optional) Not much else to say except I've had lots of experience with Minecraft, I've been playing since Beta 1.4 and still love the game.
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    posted a message on New Server Needs [Players][Builders][Developers][Staff]
    I'm applying for Head Builder

    IGN: Ratkus

    Age: 14

    Do you have skype or TS3: I have both

    What can you bring to the team: I can bring my knowledge from years of experience with minecraft as well as a friendly atmosphere

    Why do you want this position: I've been missing utilizing the creative aspect of minecraft and would love for other people to see what I can bring to the server and a build team if there is one.

    Previous builds (Link builds): http://imgur.com/a/YKtvL http://imgur.com/a/mdi7b http://imgur.com/a/wtpE8 http://imgur.com/a/lLDtb

    How can we trust you: I have a good rep with the Minecraft forums community as well as other servers such as sProject of Panem, Kingdom OF Etalen, etc.

    What builds/styles do you specify in: I specify in rustic and victorian build styles.

    Are you any good with world edit: I've used World Edit for my builds for the past three years.

    Extra: I don't feel there is much else I can add.
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