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    Quote from Flaming Ice

    OK, sorry, I just wanted to make it known, also, will I get some credit, or will you keep it as yours...

    Also, can I test...

    Quote from colin552

    can i test too
    i love mods i dont play minecraft without a mod
    so if u allowi i will let u know all the bugs

    it's fine I just wanted it known that I will not tolerate being bossed around lol and yes you both can test it out and yes flame you will get credit for the model i do not intend to with hold it from you lol as you are the one that made it lol
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    - Have Packs of Werewolves throughout the world of Minecraft(6 Packs to start
    with will lower if needed)

    - Start and raise a Family like MCA but you can cheat and have
    affairs with your spouse and have more then one wife as you want

    - Work your way through the pack and earn titles and positions as you
    work towards becoming Alpha of the pack

    - Change from Werewolf to human when lvl.100[may lower] or become Alpha

    - Have an Awsome and Cool but still wolf like look to the Werewolves

    - Figure out the ID's for stuff and extra things

    - Figure out how to Change the Players into Werewolves

    - Have jobs like Smith, Banker, Hunter, Miner, Farmer, Wood-Cutter, fisherman, Guards,

    - Make Diamond, Gold, and Silver Coins


    - Lone Wolf

    - Pup

    - Omega

    - Young Subordinate
    *Young Adult

    - Subordinate

    - Beta
    *Leader's BackUp (May change later)

    - Alpha

    - Elder
    *High Wolf


    *Gather items, Deliever messages and items to people,
    Build buildings for people to reside in,

    Special Quests:
    Build a Town for a Pack, Make a Cave for the Alpha's,
    Make A cave System from the Alpha's Cave


    Coins = make bars then blocks then press "E" and put a block of
    Iron, Gold, or Diamond into each square and that should give you
    coins 12 each :D

    Please give me your feedback and I would appreciate it if I had help with this mod as it is my first mod so i am very green to this sooo yeah lol anyways just leave your comment's and feedback and let's see ho this thing goes ^_^ and currently I am working on making the Werewolf model so if anyone wants to help out in doing this then please contact me here or on my skype account well hope to see this mod take off ^_^
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