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    This server is all about Naruto. If you don't know what that is, maybe you should stay away. This server is not nearly done, and so far, only konoha has been built. A few plugins don't work, and I am recruiting people to help build this.

    How you can help:


    Builder( I really need builders right now: requirements: must know at least 2 of the hidden villages)

    Lead Builder (Must keep builders in check. Requirements: must know a lot about Naruto)

    The server ip and port is a57580.leet.cc:57580

    List your building experience, what job u want, your age(so I know the average age group), your server experience, and what arc you are in in Naruto right now.

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    I am starting a Naruto role play server. I haven't done much, but I would like to recruit staff to build the hidden villages. The ip is a57580.leet.cc, I will list the jobs you can take on. I already have some plugins and will change the ip to a cooler more Naruto-like one later. List your mcpe username and what job you would like, then why you like Naruto.

    the jobs are

    -donate(not really a job, but really helpful)

    -builder (must know the geography of the hidden villages)

    -building commander (must be a Naruo freak, and know every last bit about it)

    -guards (makes sure no one is griefing during the building session, must earn my trust)

    So yeah!

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