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I don't mean to brag, but I first played Minecraft back in I think 2011. That was between 9-10 years ago since I know I was in 7th grade. At the time of writing this I am on my fourth year in college in winter 2020.

It was a Jewish classmate that mentioned it to me since I was his only friend at the time. No regrets there. I remember that the price was in pounds on their website. I had to play the free Alpha version until my Mom would buy the Beta for me.

I do remember them adding beds when I first started playing. Also remember them adding "Locked-Chests" or something, which was some April-fools thing. Ah.. Good times. Back then the mobs weren't very smart, as I remember building a moat around my house and they would walk right in. The zombie's gurgles in caves were always scary back then...

Minecraft still hasn't gotten old. Of course, that's because I never touch vanilla Minecraft anymore. Mods only.

I almost can't play Minecraft at all without CustomSteve either. Of course, I've made exceptions.

Outside of Minecraft, I like a myriad of games and anime. Specifically, I have had a lot of fun with SCP stuff recently. I remember when Mark first streamed the spooky game. So fun. SCP: Secret Lab is a blast.

I've made my own VRChat models before... Surprised? Probably not. (._.)

Location North-East USA...Somewhere

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