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    Hello, first of all, good morning, I'm Ranzor, my idea is that since minecraft is implementing the warden, the frogs, the allay and all those mobs, they have something in common with animations, since minecraft is implementing updates with it and always new mobs and They all have new animations, my idea is that the classic mobs are the zombies, creeper, skeletons, endermans, etc. not only the classic hostiles but the neutral ones, also the sheep, the pigs, the bacas etc. What do I mean about new animations because walking when they are still that they have an animation like they are breathing or when they are afraid etc, that would give minecraft a more real and alive touch for only those animations that I mentioned before only have them the new mobs and other mobs fall short in terms of animations. I go back and repeat it is just an idea for the next update with it I retire bye. _ Ranzor_1
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