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    Quote from funkdefied

    When you say 1 million Kilometers, I think you mean 1 million meters. The difference is 1,000,000 blocks as opposed to 1,000,000,000. Thats 1 million to 1 billion. You can't even travel 1 billion blocks. 12 million blacks=far lands.

    Actually, if one were to travel in a multi-layered spiral track (making use of almost every block), it would be easy (well, achievable) to travel 1,000,000,000 blocks without reaching the far lands.
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    Great, just needs some graphical difference to help you tell the difference between it and normal TNT.
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    Set it on fire!
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    It's just a glass dome...
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    posted a message on Mystical Islands - V2 Now Up! (1.3 compatible, no crashes)
    Quote from Seibai »
    It seems long ago some sea elves decided they liked trees and built some magical lamps to hold the water away from their secret underwater groves. Or something like that. The photos below should give you a better idea.

    Looking out from an underwater island.

    Looks great, for some reason the above reminded me of Atlantis- as in SGA.
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    If only this were a high res skin...
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    IN GAME NAME: Randy_Tjang


    WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN: It seems like an awesome server. I believe that as a builder, I can build some risky, but magnificent structures.

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS(OPTIONAL): Just a warning, I tend to build with lava and flammable materials (why I said "risky, but magnificent structures." Here's one room of my singleplayer, lava filled fortress (built into a huge mountain): http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/9835/roomb.png
    If accepted, I will build grand structures capable of having bright, happy interiors without the need for ugly torches but strong exteriors, capable of withstanding huge attacks (To accomplish this, I'll need an army of workers and some redstone engineers as I plan on positioning huge amounts of sand in such a way that with a flick of a lever, the layer of TNT that's keeping the sand up (and a layer of glass underneath that- to prevent and level of destruction to the castle/fortress- to keep the TNT from dropping out of place) blows up and a huge barrage of sand falls onto the outsides of the castle, essentially preventing/slowing down any advancing army. I have many, many plans to offer you if I am accepted into this clan. If my planned defences fail and the enemy breaches the perimeter, I am also available to help defend.
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