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    posted a message on [1.6/1.5.2] [Adv/Puzzle] [300+ Downloads!] Mine - new update released!
    Just recorded myself going through this map, I had a few audio issues but hopefully they will be fixed and I'll post here when I upload the video, great work, was fun!
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    Almost at 50 downloads, going sweet :D
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    posted a message on [Puzzle] Narmdo's Pit
    Ohhh sorry! I really should have double checked the link worked. One second...

    EDIT: Link fixed!
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    Can you escape the pit?

    The Rules are simple:
    • Play on Easy/Normal/Hard. NOT PEACEFUL. This requires some pre-spawned mobs to be there
    • Don't destroy any stone block, without a wooden (or better) pickaxe.
    • Don't destroy the gold block, without using a gold pickaxe
    • Don't destroy the iron block, without using an iron pickaxe
    • You are not allowed to generate any cobblestone using water and lava
    And my advice before you start:
    • This is designed to a fine detail. One mistake can stuff you up, i advise you think ahead.
    • Up just MIGHT not be the way out!
    • Getting into the Nether doesn't count as escaping, you must be out of the pit AND in the normal world.

    Did you enjoy it? Try out some other maps:
    Nether Escape
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    posted a message on [Surv] Nether Apocalypse - Escape (Survival or Hardcore)
    Quote from Benomatic00

    Wow, way better than the other Nether survival maps. Though there are so many traps. I used the bed...

    Make sure you read the objectives, you have to think about it :) It is a survival after all!

    Objective number 2 : DON'T USE THE BED

    Beds do explode in the Nether guys :D They may not kill you but there's quite a chance...
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    posted a message on [Surv] Nether Apocalypse - Escape (Survival or Hardcore)
    *Added "More Images / Videos" section*

    Make sure you guys take some cool screenies or video's and i'll add them to the first post!
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    posted a message on I will do a let's play of your Map!
    Map: Nether Apocalypse - Escape

    Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1138927-surv-nether-apocalypse-escape-survival-or-hardcore/

    Type: Survival

    Creator: Randomman159
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    posted a message on The next poster is ...
    correct (if brony is what i think it is :P)

    The next poster is someone who will not afirm this statement
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    posted a message on [Surv] Nether Apocalypse - Escape (Survival or Hardcore)

    The shaking of the ground and ear-splitting "CRACK" woke you up. The house was falling apart around you and a wave of heat hit you as you saw lava seeping through the cracks in the ground...

    You must get out, take a portal to another world! Who says you can't have a bit of fun first though?

    Thus ends the corny introduction... Let's jump straight in!

    Nether Escape is a survival map with a list of objectives. You must complete all other objects before completing the last one (Leaving the nether). It is based in a nether world, on small islands with the remainder of your house.

    The rules are simple:
    - Don't hack, spawn, fly, etc.
    - When you die, you redownload/extract/whatever. Just start again.

    - Bonus marks for posting pictures / comments to show off what you have done.
    - Read all the objects before you do stuff. More of a tip than a rule.

    The Objectives:

    - Build a Cobble Stone generator
    - Connect and expand the islands.
    - Make a melon farm.
    - Make a pumpkin farm.
    - Make a reed/sugarcane farm.
    - Make a wheat farm.
    - Make 64 stone bricks.
    - Make 20 torches.
    - Make an infinite water source.
    - Craft a furnace.

    - Create some sort of Zombie pigman farming thing... Eh? I dunno
    - Make an enchantment table.
    - Get a full set of gold armour.
    - Craft 10 Jack 'o' lanterns.
    - Craft some bookcases.
    - Use the bookcases to make the enchantment table stronger.
    - Enchant a golden sword with an enchantment of over 20.
    - Make 10 bread.

    - And once you've done all them.... Take a portal out of the nether!

    - Kill a Ghast - good luck, you don't have a bow or arrows
    - Try to rebuild the house (Note this will require demolision of some parts that already exist as the little bits of land "floated" around). You are allowed to do this with materials brough back after you leave the nether. Post pictures!

    More Images / Video's (Cool images or videos in replies will be added):


    Hardcore mode: From DropBox - http://adf.ly/72jO6

    Survival mode: From DropBox - http://adf.ly/72jXu

    Remember: Both modes you must completely restart if you die... Hardcore is merely... harder than survival (starvation, more mob damage, etc.)

    Good luck to you all!
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    posted a message on Iriliath - The cradle of life | Tribal/Jungle RP | Events | Plug-in's | Gods/Spirits | Now open!
    Yeah, my current skin is a guy in a tux with a dice as a head... Sad to see ma skin go, but definitely will be worth it :D I love RP
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    posted a message on Iriliath - The cradle of life | Tribal/Jungle RP | Events | Plug-in's | Gods/Spirits | Now open!
    Working on the profile mod, currently text based. Profile layout and default information can be configured by people with file access currently. In game modification of details being added soon!

    For those not in the development loop... I'm working on a nice profile plugin for the server to improve the role play experience ;D
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    posted a message on Iriliath - The cradle of life | Tribal/Jungle RP | Events | Plug-in's | Gods/Spirits | Now open!
    ~ Whitelist Application ~

    IGN: Randomman159
    Age: 16
    Why do you want to be involved in this server?: I love a good RP, talked to Pat about it a while ago, sounded great so i was hooked!

    IC Name: Narmdo
    Characters age: 92
    Characters appearance: Grey hair, angular face and hunched over.
    Goals and ambitions for your character: Narmdo's aim of settling down, and letting the next generation do all the work doesn't seem like something that will happen soon. With the approaching darkness, his wisdom and old skill with his bow seem like they will have to come out again soon.

    The following section involves "Open-answers" as to how your character would react in the following situations:

    1. A fellow tribe member has been pushed to the ground by a larger tribe member, the two are having an argument over who has rights to the freshly caught deer.

    Approaching the two tribe members, I would prepare some carefully thought out words of wisdom. After stating I would throw it off a cliff or bury it, I would give it to the one who says "Let the other take it", rather than "fine, throw it away".

    2. Your character is in the jungle in the depth of night, suddenly a loud growling sound can be heard as two wolves emerge from the trees. What do you do?

    I draw my short swords and spins around with his staff. A good knock over the head and slitting of throats would solve the problem.... Hopefully

    3. A spirit comes to you in your dreams, promising great treasure and power if you kill your tribal leader. What do you tell it?

    "What power or treasure could save me from my near and oncoming death? I would much rather the peace of the tribe to be held together, to fight the oncoming darkness."
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    posted a message on [ ShadeCrest - Towny | McMMO | LWC | Dynmap | Dungeons | Teamspeak ]
    What is your Minecraft IGN?: Randomman159
    How old are you: 16
    Have you ever been banned: Nup
    If so, from what server, why:
    Name a couple of things you learned from the rules: No mob grinders
    Name a couple of things you learned from the guide: How to get around spawn (thank goodness)
    Tell us a bit about yourself, and what you can add to our community:
    Secret code:129
    Did you vote for us: Yep
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    posted a message on [HARDCORE][FLAT] - Randomman159 plays!
    Quote from TheZorpGaming

    Good, but you need to talk a bit more. And theres no need for a pickaxe. You're only 4 blocks above Bedrock. :/

    The pickaxe was for collecting stone around the village. And yeah i agree, i need to talk more, i'm just new to the whole Let's Play thing :tongue.gif: With tutorials i have a set thing planned to be said, with this it's all basically trying to keep a one way convo going :wink.gif: Given this is my first episode, it definitely will pick up soon in the series :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [HARDCORE][FLAT] - Randomman159 plays!

    Hey guys, I've been working on a Let's Play series based on Hardcore on a Flat mode world. I've done a few episodes (the first few i have to split in two because i realized they were too long for youtube). Chances are there is one uploading while you read this.

    Currently showing : 1 episode (2 videos)! More are on their way

    Episode 1 (Starting Up) - Part 1

    Episode 1 (Starting Up) - Part 2

    Please subscribe / like! More episodes are coming, so if you want to stay updated, make sure you do subscribe! Also, if you have any feedback/ideas etc. I am all ears. Also, any requests for tutorials/etc. do tell (i am good at buildcraft, industrial craft, redstoning, etc.)

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