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    Quote from Plutarch»
    Anything with headphones or a hoodie. I use multiple different skins since I annually change them almost every week but mostly my Green Lantern skin or my "tougher-looking" Steve skin.

    >Annually change them every week
    >Every week

    Take a second look there buddy.
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    posted a message on I laid out some of the questions and concerns from the Microsoft deal. Worried about the deal? Check this thread out.
    Quote from Moshakra»
    Bad post is bad, just sounds like some teenager's opinion based on little knowledge of the industry.

    Then contribute to it through the replies. I might change some things around.
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    posted a message on I laid out some of the questions and concerns from the Microsoft deal. Worried about the deal? Check this thread out.
    Actually I read that YouTubeing and moding will still be allowed, and that Minecraft will pretty much run the same way it has always been :)

    Just because you read it doesn't mean it's true. In the goodbye message from Mojang, NOTHING is a promise. It's like a pep speech at the beginning of a sports game, your coach may tell you you are going to do great, but that doesn't mean it's true. Plus this is Microsoft. Why wouldn't they lie to get the community to stay with them?
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    posted a message on I laid out some of the questions and concerns from the Microsoft deal. Worried about the deal? Check this thread out.
    Yes, it's a long read but there is a TL;DR at the bottom for those who are a bit tired of reading.

    Ever since I heard about the Microsoft deal I've been looking at all the news sources I know of that would report this kind of thing, and the comments along with it. With all this knowledge, I wish to approach this rather logically. I'll try to give an explanation for each worry, why some worries are going to be true and why some are not.

    1st Worry: Paid updates and paid skin, etc,. - Yes. sadly this one is possibly true. Let's think about this. Microsoft bought a COMPANY solely for one of their game, which is of course Minecraft. Microsoft paid Mojang a solid 2.5 BILLION DOLLARS, for a game that has collectively made around 100 million dollars on it's own in 2012, and later on with console additions up to about 240 million. 2,500,000,000 - 240,000,000 = 2,260,000,000. So, what does this mean? This means that Microsoft has to make $2,260,000,000 AND THEN SOME for this deal to work out for them. And if Microsoft bought Mojang, then they must have some sort of plan up ahead. A money making plan. Which isn't good. While legally, because of a contract between Mojang and the players, Microsoft can't make money off of Minecraft through paid updates, they can still loophole this. Microsoft has all rights to make a "Minecraft 2" and charge for updates, skins, and other things of the sort. This is probably how they THINK they will make a profit, but in my opinion there is no way that is happening.

    2nd Worry: Popular YouTubers having to quit. - Here's one I don't hear many people talking about despite it's importance to the community. Somewhere in some Microsoft agreement about something, it states very clearly that people who buy Microsoft games cannot profit from it. Red vs Blue, one of the most profiting YouTube series, was given a deal by Microsoft to give some funds to keep the series going. That was an exception so let's ignore that one. Some small channels that DON'T profit from making Minecraft videos may be able to stay, but I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft called BS copyright claims. Due to the popularity of certain channels like "CaptainSparklez" or "SkyDoesMinecraft", Microsoft might be willing to cut a deal with them or even just leave them alone. However, channels in the middle between small profit and huge profit will probably be called off the YouTube lime light by Microsoft.

    3rd Worry: The modding community will cease to exist - Based on Microsoft's history, this one might be true. Although it would be a HUGELY idiotic move on Microsoft's part to cut the modding community entirely, I wouldn't be shocked to see if Microsoft takes Minecraft from Java and moves it onto a code OTHER than Java. I also could see the possibility of Microsoft cutting source code from the community. The main basis for this is one statement I read in the comments section from r/minecraft: "Since when has Microsoft EVER supported open modding?". And that's true. WHEN have they ever really, truly SUPPORTED mods (e.g. releasing source code)? But it might be worse than that. Remember how I said Microsoft needs a lot to profit from this? Ohohoho here we go! Microsoft's best move with the modding community would probably be to hire modders from the community, and pay them to make mods and release them as "PAID DLCCC!!!!!". This isn't even much of a stretch either.

    4th Worry: Support on Linux computers will cease to exist - It's Microsoft and you expect them to keep a game on Linux?

    5th Worry: Everyone from Mojang will leave - This is not true. While Notch and the 2 other founders are certainly leaving Mojang to work on something else, something smaller, some of the Mojang employees will be staying. Jeb has agreed to stay lead dev for a little bit while he thinks on this.

    6th Worry: Why did Mojang sell out? - Here's the thing. 2.5 billion dollars. Oh and here's another reason why they would probably sell out... 2.5 BILLION MOTHER TRUCKIN DOLLARS. Split among 200k people thats like $6000 a person! But still you think: Why would Notch want to sell his beautiful little game? Well, first of all, Notch never meant for Minecraft to get so big. In fact, the reason he is leaving is because he doesn't like the big corporate and prefers to stay a small indie dev for less popular game. Also, because of some people sending him death threats over updates not coming out fast enough. Whoever did that is a terrible person.

    Anything that I missed? Any other worries you have? Post a reply and maybe I or someone better suited to answer will help you out with that.

    Also, TL;DR for the weary:

    1. Paid updates - probably

    2. Say goodbye to youtubers - probably

    3. Mods will disappear - Sadly probably.

    4. No more Linux support - It's Microsoft so probably.

    5. Everyone from Mojang will leave - No.

    6. Why did Mojang sell out? - 2.5 BILLION DOLLARS! THATS WHY! Also death threats.

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    posted a message on Who else thinks you should be able to use banners as flags?
    Quote from ivanovic

    I don't think it's a good idea. A banner placed sideways would look a bit unrealistic. Flags only wave when there's a good amount of wind, and the rest of the time they simply hang down.

    It's Minecraft. When has there EVER been proper physics? Did you know that in real life when chopping the base of a tree the tree would simply fall down and not hang there?
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    So I was bored a little bit ago, so I wrote this up real quick in like 10 minutes. I wanted to see what anyone thought of it. It's just a bit of a dramatized Wither battle in a more (poetic?) form.

    Welp, here it is:

    Word came in from the kingdom
    Of a new bristling enemy
    Filled with dark wisdom

    The spies they detailed with horror
    A large black skeleton
    With not just one head but two more.

    It hovered over dead bodies
    With an empty, cold stare
    Thinking it could not be defeated
    But I thought to dare

    So I swooped up my bow
    My sword and my sling
    And off for adventure
    This trip was bound to bring.

    So I sprinted on off from the castle
    For this great new darkness, a great new hassle
    Hopefully becoming the greatest hero along the way
    Not stopping. Not for night, not for day.

    As I approached a dark cathedral
    I found with a fright
    I had reached my destination
    Just at the start of the night.
    As dark clouds swirled
    And so did my mind
    I picked up my bow
    And headed inside

    The darkness stung in a tingly way
    Like it had a self conscious, that only occurred where it was never day
    But something sticks out, that I never have seen
    Six eyes darker than darkness, but they still seemed to gleam.
    As a large twisted creature emerged from the shadows, clearing the fog
    I pick up my bow and prepare for the might of a feral, one-hundred pound dog

    I launch an arrow while explosions go on
    Volleys of projectiles, how long till he's down?
    When I hear footsteps creak down the stairs
    I see he has goons full of hate and no care.
    They walk quickly down and begin slicing and bodging
    But they cannot hit, because I am still dodging
    And as the creature starts to look weak
    I pull back an arrow, to the bow's peak
    The minions are charging, I am taking my aim
    And I think to myself an empowering thing:

    "I did not, come this far, to die now"

    And as I feel a sharp pain in my back
    My arrow releases and I hear a sharp crack
    The creature is gone, forever defeated
    But in the long process, I have been beaten
    I look down to see an iron tip
    Dark crimson blood continues to drip
    And as I fall to my knees I can only just think
    I killed the creature, and scattered it's forces to Earth's brink
    And I feel my life leaving, I am going to die.

    But my only regret is:

    I never said goodbye.

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    posted a message on [1.6.X] Portal Gun - Reconstructed [v1] - Rewritten... again.
    Quote from picklerok

    Are there any blocks that you CAN'T place portals on?

    Glass. I'm currently making a map with this mod, and to make surfaces that people can't shoot portals on, I put down glass and then a dark block behind it. You can't shoot portals on the glass, but you can't see outside of the map either. I think making the map is more of a puzzle than the actual map will be sadly...

    Looks horrible, but serves the purpose.
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    posted a message on The minecraft community is braindead and will do anything to maintain their pride.
    Quote from GateFox

    I've seen a lot of this happen before, but I guess there's just so much of it lately I'm mostly tuned out to all of what happens in chat. I do remember, on a creative building server I was on before, a lot of attention-fishing "say hai to teh youtoobs" spam, or kids saying how depressed they are after arguing with another player with a religious battle that they started, or the constant, "tp for a strip club and a party".

    I've also noticed how many people are just absolute hypocrites. There was a serverwide argument against some people who wanted swearing to be a mute-able offense, but they sprouted off several "bad words" themselves. Their great excuse? They could "swear if they wanted to to enforce their point". I like to think they're just trolling though. People can't be that dumb, right?

    Yes they can be that dumb, sadly. I know people who do the same things in real life. I've seen you around the forums a lot, and you seem like a more educated person compared to some, and It's nice to have your opinion.

    I should have touched more on hypocrites, because man are there a lot of them.

    Edit: I guess you could say I'm a bit of a hypocrite haha. I made this post yet my name is "LulzMaster".
    In my defense I signed up in early 2012 when I still had some Roblox stuck in me that I couldn't shake off for a little bit.
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    posted a message on The minecraft community is braindead and will do anything to maintain their pride.
    Quote from Silverbit

    I must say, you have some very strong opinions regarding the vast majority of players out there. I also have to agree that the things you talk about are quite annoying, aggravating, and in some cases just plain obnoxious. However, I'm not sure how a post on the forums is going to help you out; if anything, it's going to create even more hate towards you and cause even more arguments. All of these can be considered controversial issues, as we all have our opinions about what we like and dislike about people.

    Your first section does annoy me, however. Being staff on many servers, I greatly dislike those who make "excuses" (if you can even call them that) for their actions. They did what they did, and can deal with the consequences.

    Also, just general "Immaturity" could have been one of your sections. In it, you could have ranted about how teenage boys (and girls) often make perverted comments or rude jokes towards others without regards to their feelings (not everyone does this, but a lot of people). They also do basically everything else that would fall under the category of being "immature" (which, actually, is everything on this list).

    One thing I will say, though: If this is all on one server, you could just find a new server. :) Not trying to be a smart-aleck here or anything. Sometimes it's nice to have a complete change of faces when playing Minecraft. Sure, you'll find some more annoying people, but you also might find some more friends who will take your side in arguments and make them less painful.

    Hopefully it doesn't seem like I'm attempting to start an argument, because I'm not trying to. I'm simply, as you put it, "responding on how I feel about this issue". I'm not hating or anything of the like.

    And with that, I will lay this issue to rest. Blargh.

    It certainly did not look like you were trying to start an argument. I do see a lot of the insults (constantly). This doesn't all take place on one server in particular, but spread vast across the community of servers. Popular ones, not so popular ones, and every single person I meet is the same and quite cliche. I didn't really expect posting this to HELP it at all, sometimes it's just good to know you still have people on your side.

    Side-Note: Thank you to everyone who actually read this whole thing; I commend you.
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    posted a message on The minecraft community is braindead and will do anything to maintain their pride.
    Before I even type one sentence about this, I'm just going to go out there and say, no this isn't a troll post, and I am very sad I had to write this to release my anger. Also, LONG POST ALERT. (but please read anyways if you can!)


    So I playing on a survival server and I see someone say "Say hi to youtube everyone!" and the chat just blows up with "Hi youtube" on every single line of chat for the next minute or so. A few people ask him his channel name and such, and he gave it to them, saying he would upload the footage later. I then called him out for causing spam, and he decided it was use-excuses-to-save-my-pride time. He then responded "Lol dude chill out I wasn't even recording are you stupid or something". I tell him, why cause spam for no reason, and it eventually spirals into a whole server arguement, with every single person against me. A little later he says "If ur soooo matur than just end the argument now!!". SO you know what I did? I ended it. Just said "Alright then, back to mining". (ANOTHER PRIDE SAVING MOMENT ALERT) to which he responds, "Lol Randomdude backed out just because he knows he lost".

    I wish you people were trolls, but sadly you aren't and that's what makes me so sad.

    Here's another one: Guy is using a lot of text lingo trying to talk to me that I don't understand. He's using pretty proper grammar, I just can't understand the "lingo" so I ask him to spell the words out. Now note, without the lingo, he would be using English PERFECTLY fine in every way, but instead... *sigh* ... He claims he's from another country, and it spirals into another server-wide argument, about how I am a racist and can't accept that people from other countries can't speak fluent English.

    it was obvious that his natural language is English, so why did he lie instead of just telling me what the lingo is? Because he couldn't bother to lose his pride, and instead had to turn 60 other brain-deads against me.


    My in-game name has been "Randomdude818" since as long as I can remember, and I don't remember being this horribly stupid.

    People saying things like "Ime suh randdum huh guyzz?? xD!". No. Just... Ugh...This doesn't make you look "random" in the slightest... it just makes you look stupid... so so horribly dumb that I can't take you seriously.... The reason for my name is because for some reason, I have this thing where I'll just be sitting there talking to someone and be like "You know what, I wonder what dragonfruit tastes like". Totally off-topic, which makes me somewhat random, not becuase "Aye talke liek dizzz le randumb xD". In fact, that brings me to another thing..


    "Lol guys my dog just died of cancer! xD"
    "My sister was brutally beaten xDD!!"
    "Lol guyz I just fell in lava and lost months of hard work xDDDDD!!!!!!"

    I think enough is said here to explain my point.


    I can't go anywhere multiplayer on this game without seeing one of these annoying little... (Words too horrible to comprehend)... They just are annoying in every single way, and they take things to such extremes that it's like they are some sort of evil cult of internet 9 year olds. I really shouldn't get mad about them, but due to recent events, I really do.

    Long story short, I got banned for 3 days from one of my favorite servers for RACISM (YES RACISM) because I stated "I don't like budder". So much hate for such a small opinion.


    Just... Everyone I see on creative servers... All the chat messages... "Sex rooms", "Dating centers", "Adoption centers"? Really? I almost wouldn't care if they were BUILT well but they are mostly just a few pistons and blocks of wool. Even the staff on creative servers are just whiny little babies... I tried to introduce one onto survival, help him out a bit. The second I told him he had to chop his own trees and build (You think creative staff would ENJOY building, no?) he literally typed "Waaahhh, Randomdude is a big meany not doing things for me!"

    2 words. Brain. Dead.


    Play the game, instead of sitting there whining about how your parents are vacuuming next to you, or how your chair is uncomfortable.

    Get a clue buddy, because nobody cares about your personal life on the internet. OH WAIT! That's right, for some reason, people actually say "Sorry about that D:" to these people instead of ignoring their EPIC CRIES FOR UN-NEEDED ATTENTION.


    Not going to get into this one because of controversy issues, but if were to say one little tiny word directed in ANYWAY towards depression, the entire server would get butthurt about how "They are depressed and that I shouldn't joke about stuff like that"

    1. Wasn't joking about it in the slightest.

    2. I doubt that 10 mil+ players all have severe depression issues.


    Every time I type something into that chat, someone get's butthurt over it, and I'm always the bad guy. If I so much as type "Melons" into the chat someone will tell me it's offensive.

    Enough said.


    Every game has em', you can't do anything about them, and they are annoying as hell, so nothing much to say here.


    How could SO many of you be so... Ugh... I've seen plenty of intelligent people on the forums, but never once do I see them in-game. At least it's nice to hold onto the thought that there are still SOME slightly mature players out there.

    No, this wasn't meant as a troll post, and I am certainly expecting hate. And if your response is going to be/ close to one of the following listed, leave now and don't bother saying a thing.

    "Don't play multiplayer" Ever thought that I like meeting new people no matter how brain-dead they are?

    "Just let people do what they want and shut up" If you saw the Earth start to crumble because people were doing what they want, and you had an entire army to stop them and save it, would you standby and watch your home be destroyed?

    "Just turn off your chat" I still have a few Skype friends that I like to play with, but Skype doesn't always work. The minecraft chat is an ok way to communicate, except when it's being spammed by randumbs.

    "Lol I'm smart u can talk to me!" Sorry but, can you read? At all?

    "Shut up ur just a troll" No, I am not a troll. I'm just sad that the Minecraft community is so stupid now-a-days.

    "Stop hating on little kids u idiot!" Back when I was little, I didn't go around screwing with everyone I saw, and my friends didn't either. I understand the game is for kids, and it's not like I want kid's to be totally eradicated from Minecraft. Back when I got this game I knew plenty of "little kids" who were smart enough not to run around being idiots (But they have mysteriously disappeared off the face of the internet). All I'm saying is that they don't have to be so idiotic.

    "Just join a whitelisted server" Whitelist servers have these kinds of people too. They are generally nicer and less heavy on stupidity, but I still have yet to join a server and not see one of the above things done. Not just done once, but over and over again.

    A reply on how you feel about this issue, would be nice... If you even read it of course. It is quite a long post.

    Side-Note: Disregard my name. In all honesty, this was originally meant to be a troll account, but I got over it and decided to use it instead of being an annoyance to everyone around me.
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