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    posted a message on My Personal Top 10 Most Overrated Minecraft YouTubers: Part 1 of 2

    1.) I got temp-banned by his fans who begged the admin to ban me for racism, because I said "Budder is stupid"

    2.) "Budder" is a stolen idea.
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    posted a message on Funny Death Messages
    Randomdude818 shoulda had a V8

    (Oh hey that rhymes)
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    posted a message on Looking For Staff
    Pro Tip: First of all, Make sure people can actually connect to your server before you start hiring staff/advertising it. Second of all, tell people what your server is about, instead of saying "I have a server, its a server that does server stuff so join it"
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    posted a message on Minecraft Rust?
    Quote from andrewgrubb

    If the rust game is too laggy for your pc then NEVERMIND. lol

    minecraft is relieable on 2 gb pc's (even though your gonna need alot of optifine for dat)

    This makes no sense to me except for "2 gb pc's" and "minecraft"

    I can run Rust, but I need to seriously dumb down some stuff to run it smoothly.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Rust?
    And before anyone says anything YES, Rust is another survival game. But the way you survive is quite different to Minecraft, so for a lot of players such a server would be fresh and new, and we all know that Minecraft was more fun when we had absolutely no idea what we were doing.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Rust?
    Well I knew it could be done. :D

    Just the problem is, is a server owner/ person about to start a server going to try such a thing?

    I think a lot of people would enjoy it. But thats my opinion.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Rust?
    Well I just bought Rust for 20 dollars and found out my computer isn't strong enough to run it well.

    And then I thought, I can run Minecraft just fine, and Minecraft could easily have a replicated version of Rust (Even though Rust is in alpha its pretty in-depth). A server could have it set so that you can only break things such as trees and randomly spawning rocks with a piece of stone in your hand (you would spawn with it) and that you can only heal with bandages (perhaps a piece of paper like MineZ?). Let the player spawn with a scoreboard indicating their hunger and Rad count. give them an item which when right-clicked in your hand opens up a shop GUI in which you spend mined resources for special items. Perhaps theres a plugin where you can place or click with these special items and the block you put/click the item onto will spawn a small house or campfire. Zombies, angry wolves, pigs, can all be randomly spawned around the world for food.

    I just thought it wood be a good idea. If we have "MineZ", why not Rust? Or "Mine" or something... I don't really know.

    I hope some people good with plugins can make this happen.
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    posted a message on Minecraft is pretty much the most depressing game. Ever.

    I think he means if you LIVED in minecraft. If you did, I think most people would last a week or less.

    Thank you this is kinda more what I meant.

    if you dont like minecraft friend just dont play minecraft but dont talk bad things about minecraft or try to find new things that you can do to have fun
    Didn't mean to talk bad about the game. I just realized how depressing certain aspects of the game can be.

    And to all the people who said "Just play multiplayer", if you read the end of the first paragraph, you would know I was referring to SINGLEPLAYER (Which I don't actually play anymore except for Creative). I play on servers everyday and find it perfectly "happy".
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    posted a message on Minecraft is pretty much the most depressing game. Ever.
    Crafting, running around force-breeding animals, and chopping trees with your fists sounds cheery right? Well, it is but all of us who have played Minecraft for a while know that that's not all there is to it. There is a so much darker side, and the more you think about it, the more depressing it gets. Please note, that I am referring more towards singerplayer on PC for this post. Here's what i've got:

    1. You spawn in a world spanning almost infinitely. Endless possibilities! At least that's probably the first thing you think. You have to remember, that no matter how far you trek across the world, you are always alone. All by yourself to survive in a world of hostility. And don't even say Villagers are intelligent, we all know that they lack the simplest ability: Making good prices.

    2. Inevitably, the day will end and then the evil will roam the lands. Monsters come out to destroy all those happy memories from during the day. Creepers to destroy your creations, Enderman to stalk you, Skeletons and zombies to pop up from nowhere and take your life. What's the point of even trying during the day?

    3. Dying. "Oh wow, that's not depressing, you die in almost every game!". This is true, and a perfectly fine counter-argument, but think about it. Really start to rustle your jimmies about it. A lone miner, in a world with no friends is mining (the only thing keeping him/her occupied and from thinking about loneliness), and suddenly a dark creature erupts from the earth and violently kills him/her, leaving his/her dead body to rot in a cave without anyone ever even caring that s/he ever existed. But ya know, it happens in every game.

    4. The music. Everyone has those moments, when they the stop the planting, building, killing, and look up to see a beautiful sunrise. Then that god damn C4-18 music starts up. Really makes you reflect on life. And reflect on why this game is so depressing.

    5. The Nether. Yay! Minecraft Hell! The reason I think this is so depressing, is for a reason you probably wouldn't even think of. Zombie Pig-men. Pig-men, (not zombie pig-men), were a scrapped idea for the game. They were originally meant to be a rival to villagers, spawning in their own randomly generated villages accepting rubies instead of emeralds as currency. But of course they don't show up in the Overworld. But where do they show up? As mutilated, dead, rotted bodies in Minecraft hell. And they don't even want to hurt you... Maybe they just want to be loved like they never were?

    6. The End. A lot of people now associate this name with the Minecraft dimension instead of it's true meaning. The End. The End of your player's story, where the oddly beautiful words between space and time show up and once again make you reflect on life. Then there's that quote thing at the end that's from like Tom Sawyer or something and Adventure and "set sail" and bwah... So depressingly amazing.

    7. Disc 11. If you've played this game for over 3 months, you probably know what I mean, and a description is not needed. If you don't know what I mean, pop into creative, grab yourself a jukebox, pop that B down and find the broken disc 11 and pop that baby in there. There's your explanation.

    8. Abandoned Mine-shafts and Strongholds. These are the signs that there was intelligent life, butttt they are all dead now. Whoever they were.

    9. The whole thing is a dream. More like nightmare. But really, if you paid any attention to the ending conversation with the Universe, space and time, whatever, you kinda pick up that your whole adventure is a dream. And that the higher the level you are, the closer you are to escaping the dream. (Sword Art Online). Your whole adventure is you trying to escape a dream, and not being able to achieve that after all your hard work.

    10. Minecraft is depressing.
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    posted a message on Can't get an animated avatar
    Hello, I've been having trouble with getting gifs to stay animated. The first gif was 256 x 256, and 365 kb. The second one is 150 x 150 and 11.6 kb. I couldn't even upload the second one ("Failed to load image"), and when I uploaded the first one it wasn't animated, stuck at the first frame. I'm not really sure on how to get this to work, and since I almost never do anything with gifs, I could use some help.

    ~The Gif Noob
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    posted a message on Unused sounds?
    I was seriously thinking that you just made a high pitched squealing sound into a microphone and put it onto a video of you pvping.

    Until I read what it was, of course.
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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft 🌟 Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer 🌟 THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010) Heroes RPG!
    1. In-game name: Randomdude818
    2. Location and Age: Wisconsin, 16
    3. Previous Bans from other servers (explain): 1, Advertisement maybe a year ago
    4. Referral(s): http://www.gamefront.com/top-10-best-minecraft-servers/
    5. Have you voted for Herocraft (No? do so here! http://hc.to/vote): Nope.
    6. Have you subscribed to our Youtube channel? (optional!) No.
    7. Are you following us on Twitter @Herocraftonline ? (optional!) No.
    8. Do you agree to the Herocraft EULA and ToS? Yes.
    9. Special Key: Do NOT leave blank. HCR13
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    posted a message on Would you play this kind of server?
    Quote from Johnnykilroy2000

    I would love to play on this type of server, but don't just limit it to one plot. People should be able to buy a kingdom (for a good amount of units) where inside people would join and work for them, giving them more money. So the server would have many kingdoms, in which you could have kingdom challenges for money (and even some wars). Also, you should be able to have multiple people to a plot, if you would like to play with friends :)
    Full agreement ^^
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    posted a message on How testforblock heads?
    So i'm making an adventure map and the first puzzle is to place a player head onto a block next to some flowers. I set up my command block thingy for the /testforblock command, so that when you placed the head it would detect it, and open the door. However, it's a player head, and the id is 397:3, which doesn't appear to be a valid number. So I tried 397 1 3 which didn't work either, and instead tested for air. What id do I have to use to test for the head?

    P.S. It is a custom player head, so it's not the Steve head. It's my player head.
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