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    Well, I roleplay Prince Hans from Frozen on Tumblr, and the AU version I do is fire!Hans. Of course, he's not gonna have fire on the server if I do choose him, but he's more manipulative, a-holish, and just...more down-right devilish than the movie portrays him.
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    I'd like a slow-paced roleplay, if anything. I leave for a night to sleep and in the morning I find 5 pages worth of rping from the same 2-3 people who apparently don't sleep. Ever.
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    posted a message on A near death experience
    Not a doctor, but that doesn't sound normal. You should be resting if you're sick. It could be more than a cold. Again, not a doc, but you should see one.
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    posted a message on Good-bye from a veteran player
    Why defend your position? Everyone has differing opinions. No one's going to up and agree with you out of the blue. Maybe they will understand, but not whole-heartily agree. You are just wasting time trying to explain yourself. Just go out and enjoy another game.

    And imo, posting this is just asking for a world of never-ending arguments.
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Dudes, it's the holidays. Let the developer chill with family for a while. It's not like it is never going to get updated. Besides, 1.4.6 JUST came out. It's too soon.
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    posted a message on Give a random fact about yourself!
    I'm so afraid of thunder storms I try to hide as far away from windows as possible. Luckily the bathroom has none >=D.
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    posted a message on When you say something...
    I don't understand. Can you try explaining yourself?

    Seewhatididthere? But seriously, I don't get it.
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    posted a message on -Delete-
    Cmon guys! This is a very great server with friendly staff and amazing players!
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    posted a message on NorviaDoK Server! [Lots of plugins][24/7][RPG style][Towns][Classes]
    This server has a great, friendly community with very helpful and fun loving staff! I've already made many friends and we've had a great time building towns. Come join the fun!
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    posted a message on Reviving Server... need admins, mods, and builders.
    Quote from creeperhunter11

    What I am applying for:Admin or mod prefure admin
    Location(US/Europe/Austrialia, etc): US
    How long have you played minecraft (i.e. 1.7.3): since alfo
    Do you work (yes/no) *only answer if you are applying for admin:no i will be on most of the time
    What buildings do you enjoy making (ships, castles, etc): well a verity
    What is your style (creative, survival, rpg):any which ever you prefure except rpg
    Have you been banned for griefing: NO
    What is your ONE requirement for joining a server: good signal and good staff and good plugins (good mods/admins, no lag, big player base, etc)
    Anything else you want to note:yes i have co owned a server once been admin 5 times and been mod 3
    and people like me cause im fair and im never above the law or rules

    Sorry but I have to.

    Can't tell if fake or just didn't read. Or desperate. I think desperate.
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