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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Aether Collaboration Mod - V1.02 - NEW MOBS, FIXES, ITEMS AND FEATURES!

    Wow, and you guys claim the spawn rate was bad before the patch.... there's 3 more behind me, and that's immediately after exiting a portal for the first time!

    Dunno how many bugs have been reported and how many are intentional, but he's the stuff I've run into:

    Aechor Plants and Flying Pigs are rare sights.

    Bronze Dungeon spawn seems a bit funny. I found one embedded in the rock with no entrance, and one that had an entry tunnel with no floor, as it had spawned on the underneath of an island.

    Zanite Pick didn't harvest Netherrack. Didn't try for other Aether tools or the overworld.

    Silver Dungeons lock you out of the boss room if you die battling the boss.

    Bonemeal doesn't work on Skyroot Saplings.
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    posted a message on The Nether Update: The Nether Expansion Topics
    Very keen to see the revamp.

    And I agree Infernium sounds better. Also makes its purpose more obvious.
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    Quote from Awolfers »
    it's night and going to kill pigs will get you killed?

    It's challengin' work... outta doors...
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    posted a message on New update 1.3 Ruined Saves?
    If you have any mods they can mess with the conversion process.
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    You maintain the direction you face when going through portals, so you can use that to help you figure out which direction to dig in.

    Judging from the fact you said "131 spaces away", it sounds like you stood on the opposite side of the portal during the warp that caused the duplicate portal, and that being on the other square caused your Overworld portal to be outside the search radius (128 blocks). Thus the game created a new portal on the Overworld instead. Do you always visit this second portal now? That would support this theory.

    I have a thread for Portal Problems that may help you out: viewtopic.php?f=1020&t=132422
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    posted a message on The Nether Update: The Nether Expansion Topics
    Gonna give my opinions and critiscim starting from the table of contents. I haven't read the entire thread yet, so I'll probably update once I get around to that.

    Though before I get stuck into it, I just want to compliment your originality with the ideas in your suggestions. This thread (mostly) avoids the common trap of "A Nether version of *Insert Overworld thing here*", and that's played a really big part in drawing my attention. The Nether is an entirely different dimension, and in my opinion should have more weird and out there stuff, as opposed to "a creeper with a slightly larger explosion radius". So well done on that.

    Here we go:

    Nethershrooms: Honestly? I absolutely love this idea. Amazingly simple, and a nice practical use, while still giving the Nether a nice otherworldly aspect. Applying a poison system to the Nether also seems like a great idea, as gaining an advantage in combat seems like a perfectly good reason to brave the perils of the Nether, especially in PVP SMP. It would also probably need a bit of practical playtesting to be balanced, but there's not much you can do on your end about that.

    The only part I could disagree with is the glowing dyes, mainly because I'm pretty sure they already used up all the data values with the current coloured dyes, but also because it kinda seems pointless. Why not just use the mushroom instead of making a piece of wool glow?

    Overall this is a fantasatic idea and I'd love to see this included in the game.

    Grimwood: In my opinion, I see the Nether as a kind of barren and lifeless world, with the current mobs kind of being random mutations that have survived somehow. Giving the Nether trees.... kind of goes against that in my view. The concept of reducing heat is interesting, and could maybe be applied to a different material in the Nether if trees weren't included. However, I also think that it could end up being resource intensive, with every block checking to see if there were any forbidden flames around and extinguishing them. Also, the idea of heat-resistant trees evolving in a world predominately covered by lava seems kinda... nonsensical. Also, we can grow regular trees in the Nether anyway.

    In summary: like the concept, am kinda concerned with how easily it could be implemented, but am personally against the ideas of trees in the Nether.

    Sapropype: A generic plant with no other established use. However, in and of itself I think that's a good idea. Then Nether could do with some random foliage (despite what I said earlier about it being lifeless), and even if it has no other use, you can bring it back to your home in the Overworld and display it proudly as proof of your dominance of the Nether. =D

    Hellbulbs: Interesting concept, but Ghasts probably make the Nether dangerous enough as is without the need for more explosives. Though like I said, generic plants aren't necessarily a bad thing.

    Durodium: Another idea that I really love. The multi-tiered smelting aspect is great, and provides a good rationale for creating an "indestructible" tool while still allowing you to mine the ore in the first place. Plus since you're using 2 hard Durodium ore to make one stick for the hilt, it has more ore cost then the other tools, thus making it seem balanced. It would then require 7 Hard ore to make a pickaxe. Assuming the rarity is balanced properly, you'll know that a person wielding a Durodium pickaxe has goddamn earned that pickaxe. And the face that it only mines at stone level provides a good reason to keep gathering oher ores and use them in mining. All round, I think this is an absolutely great idea.

    Charoite: Seems like a perfectly sound idea. It's an ore, but unlike the overworld ores, it's not just another "Makes tools and armour" type ore. It has its purpose as a power source instead (avoiding the duality thing I mentioned at the start". Seems fairly balanced with the Gold pickax requirement, and the Sanctuary block is definitely something worth going to the Nether for.

    Kitrinite: Seems like a pretty stock-standard common ore to populate the Nether with. Though I wouldn't suggest making it diamond-strong if it's supposed to be the "common" Nether ore. Then again, it is a place of intense heat, and if you've made it to the Nether to find it it is probably deserved. Hm, I'm unsure.

    Thermosetite: Love it. The uses of an extreme heat ore just has many obvious uses. And even the basic ore block dealing damage would have applications in mob traps and stuff. While still being balanced by the danger of collecting the ore itself. Fantastic and needs to be implemented.

    Magma tools: Just a personal thing, but since I'm against the idea of Nether trees I would suggest the Hard Durodium sticks be used for the hilts instead. Also seems like that would balance it more as skipping the smelting step really is a pretty huge benefit.

    Freezer: Seems like a nice use of a special Nether material property. And hey I'm all for the ability to create ice. Not quite entirely sure how Shadeglass would work though.

    (On another note the Charoite section says it lasts 3 times as long as Kitrinite but the Freezer section says it's 4 times as long).

    Portal Block: Not quite sure I like this. Seems like it would be game breaking, plus it takes away from the idea of the Nether being used for fast travel.

    Mobs: Most of the hostile mob ideas seem good, with the exception of Charred Skeleton. Falls into the trap of being a "Nether Variant". Ditto for the flaming slimes. Regardling the Hellshrew, perhaps it should only excavate a certain amount of block spaces, to make it's "home". Also would it be able to mine ores? You would wouldn't want it taking away some rare Durodium or Charorite.

    Glowsand: Definitely a good idea as I'm one of the many that believe that Glowstone is currently just not worth it. One question though, what would the brightness of the Glowsand be? And would that be the specific advantage of smelting the sand into Glowstone? (minus the gravity thing obviously).

    Soulplasm: Don't really understand it nor do I see a point to it.

    Music: An obvious no-brainer for inclusion.

    Biomes: Not in the first post but I'm seeing it discussed so I thought I'd weigh in with my two cents. On the one hand, it seems like biomes would be a bit of an overkill for the Nether, but on the other side, it would encourage exploration of the obviously dangerous place that is the Nether. There's probably no need to go out with full-blown distinctions like the Overworld biomes, especially since once again the Nether is a very barren place, but spreading the ore distributions around the layers and adding some proper caves where things are more common as opposed to out in the open should really cover it. No need to go overkill.

    Great work on the thread guys.
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    Probably a zombie nearby.
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    posted a message on (POLL)Will you regen a world when terrain margins are fixed?
    Yes, for both reasons 3 and 4. I have several old seeds from random worldgens that I'm waiting to use the fix on.
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    posted a message on Creepers' Spawn Points
    Quote from sashko138 »
    No,i was outside,durning the sunrise,and then a creeper fell right ABOVE ME!
    I think it was from a flying bomber

    Mobs can spawn on leaves at the moment.

    Sounds like he was on top of a tree and ninja'd you while you went past.
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    posted a message on Notch might work on social integration
    Selling Minecraft on Steam won't suddenly start making the game require Steam.
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    posted a message on The new block!
    http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/02/09/minec ... c-fiddles/

    Not only is there Wooden Halfsteps, but cobblestone ones too.
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    posted a message on need help with strange redstone bug.
    If they're stacked vertically make sure a torch on a lower level isn't inadvertantly powering a wire at a higher level.


    Where the stick is the wiring.
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    posted a message on I Need Dispenser Wiring Help
    A dispenser powered by a redstone wire also powers other dispensers adjacent to it in a cross pattern. I'm finidng it hard to follow the diagrams, but from the front one it looks like you'd need:

    [] :Bench: :Red:
    :Bench: :Red: :Bench: :Bench:
    :Red: :Bench: :Bench: :Red:

    (Where red = powered)
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    posted a message on Question about nether portals...
    I'm going to post my portal explanation hread here before we get into any more misunderstandings and misconceptions like the above post (No singling out just you, it is everyone).

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