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    Okay so I have been having a weird problem with Minecraft and iTunes recently. While playing on Minecraft, iTunes seems to randomly open. I have no idea why. It only happens when I'm on SMP, I don't recall it happening on Single Player. It's not too big of a problem but it's just kind of odd and it makes my computer lag. Anyone else experiencing this? :S
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    Fix for Mods on a 10.5.X Mac:

    NOTE: Make a back up of any files that will be used just as a precaution.

    First off make sure you have Java 6 downloaded. (Do a software update if you haven't done one in a while)
    Go to your Minecraft app, right click and choose "Show Package Contents".
    Next open the contents folder and open "Info.Plist".
    Once it's open look for the line that says

    Once you have found it change the 5 in 1.5 to a 6 and then save and exit.
    Once done with that open a new finder window and go to Mac > System > Library > Frameworks > JavaVM.framework > Resources > Mac OS and then copy the file named "JavaApplicationStub".
    Now go back to the contents folder and go into the "MacOS" folder there and paste "JavaApplicationStub".
    Next search "Java Preferences" in finder.
    Open Java Preferences.
    In the "General" tab there should be a list of the Java versions you have. If "Java SE 6" isn't on the top of the list then drag it to the top.
    Install mod(s) of choice.
    Run Minecraft.
    Mods should now work.
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