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    Quote from loothed

    I asked Mojang, they spent more then seven days in reply. I can conclude that they are fine with it.

    I can see that you believe that "more than seven days" means seven days of fevered debate within Mojang occured without resolution, so fnally on the eighth day, Notch the Mine-Father himself was called down in glory from MineHalla to render judgement.

    Sadly Loki, the Lord of Creepers, intercepted the recording of the Mine-Father laughing his posterior off for twenty minutes, and replaced it with some crayon drawing of a big thumbs up.
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    Hey boys and girls, if you listen carefully you can hear the clueless train barrelling down the track towards the oncoming reality train.

    That other sound is a hazard of intellectual property lawyers running towards the incipient copyright wreck. It's good that you're trying to collect money, they'll all want to be paid.
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    You might want to provide a bit more information for potential users. After reading your post I had to Google like mad to answer some questions I had. Perusing their website I was able with some difficulty to answer the following questions:

    Q: What's Cinema 4D?
    A: "It's animation software."

    Q: Is is free?
    A: "Hell no. This is high end professional s**t."

    Q: What does it cost?
    A: "We won't tell you unless you call one of our salespeople."

    Q: Aw, come on, call you guys? can't you give me a hint?
    A: "Nope"

    Q: If I call, what am I likely to hear from the nice salesperson?
    A: "Pick a number... It's too low. That's a joke. For real, what kind of Mercedes do you drive? <click> Hello?"
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