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    New version available with new items!

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    Introducing my first texturepack, Voidpath! I've been working on it for quite a while now, using a colour palette made by Neoncube123. I first started it months ago as a personal project to learn pixel art. The more blocks I did the more I thought maybe others might enjoy it. I think I have enough blocks done to make a WIP release. If you have any comments or criticisms, feel free to say them, I would love to hear feedback and suggestions on my work and how to make it better! I also won't stop with just blocks, my goal is to do items and mobs as well.



    -Added more items and a few mobs

    Some items added
    GUI changes added
    Rain more transparent

    Chest texture fixed

    All blocks completed.

    : First public release.


    Feedback means a lot to me and I make sure to tend to everyone's needs. Feedback is logged here, and includes such things as changes and suggestions on what needs adjusting as stated by others. Please remember that I can't please everyone when it comes to different art preferences.

    - Lava, Glowstone, Grass and Netherrack seem flat and needs adjusting.
    - Dirt contrast is high (?)
    - Stronger variations of wooden doors

    - Change Glowstone


    Wish to support the artist?

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    Hi there, you know that odd effect when two 3D models overlap on each other on the exact same ordinates? My chest texture is doing that and I don't know how to fix it, it's not even a custom chest model. You can faintly see is the glitch in his photo, but when you move around it becomes more noticeable and annoying. I'm running Minecraft 1.8.7 with MC patcher 5.0.3. Anyone know how to fix this? Thank you in advance.

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