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    Quote from Igor09

    First I watched YouTube video and I was excited about it, but I had a big dissapointment when I found out that this ain't a mod...

    So? It's better than a mod :D
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    Epic landscapes.... *bookmarked*
    Looks real epic. It'd be awesome for my server. Can't wait to try it out.
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    Quote from krisser143

    How do i switch between two (or more) skins for a mob? Does the effect block work? Like, replace the textures with pig2.png
    I need to switch between water mobs, fire mobs, lava mobs and default mobs

    I had the same question above. Just go to the AdventureCraft wiki and search the Predator Script. That uses pretty much the same concept as what you want (you'll need some tweaking to make it work how you want). But sorry, the effect block doesn't affect mobs.
    Glad to help :)

    *************************NEWS FLASH**********************

    I feel so cool... I released a demo version of my first map on the AC wiki. It's called Island of Secrets.
    Note that it's Beta right now. The dialogue is weird and forced since text blocks have very little space and a short time on screen to read it. Later on I'll be adding voice recordings to the characters so you don't have to read so fast.

    Also, I kinda do a LOZ-type way of maps where you are "funneled" in a valley and can't get out. But my sister playtested and... she found a billion holes in the areas and escaped like, 500 times. -_-
    So if it's a bit weird, it gets better!

    I still feel so kewl.
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    To all of you dudes like Captain Rob and Fotophantom, hi. I'm back. I has been a loooong while (moving and all)
    It seems my talent is required again.

    Notes for those who have questions for AC (FAQ basically):

    Dude it says "AC launcher will now exit!"
    Answer: https://www.google.com/#hl=en&gs_nf=1&tok=AzIE9neZtHeaRkXe0sLX_w&cp=18&gs_id=j0&xhr=t&q=Adventurecraft problems&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&oq=Adventurecraft pro&gs_l=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=f02dca5de27feb08&biw=1920&bih=922 (tiny to help not fill the page with text)

    Dude! It says a java exception happened!
    Answer: https://www.google.com/#hl=en&gs_nf=1&tok=AzIE9neZtHeaRkXe0sLX_w&cp=18&gs_id=j0&xhr=t&q=Adventurecraft problems&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&oq=Adventurecraft pro&gs_l=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=f02dca5de27feb08&biw=1920&bih=922

    Dude! Is this a mod for minecraft?
    Will this get updated for Minecraft (insert MC update past 1.7.3)

    Answer: http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/000/578/1234931504682.jpg

    I have some nice suggestions for the next update that I think many people would like and use. *snip kewl ideas*

    Sad news, brosky. Da boss around here (Crycet) is pretty much only going to update AC to fit with the latest MC (more or less). So when 1.3 gets out, he'll patch it and disappear for Notch knows how long. He said it himself, he has lost interest in MC and AC. Any additions to the game will be far and few between. It's nice ideas, but except for the Debug block, most ideas will not happen. The Debug block might be added, but on his own accord. He doesn't do requests, for he also said that he wishes for people to learn how to script to get what they want.

    Not to be a party pooper or anything... ^_^

    Also, I wish to announce something terribly Epic (in a good way)!

    I'm working my butt off to make a sooper-dooper-awesomesauce-happy-happy-fun-time-coolness-abound game! It's about halfway done and it seems very good so far (to me).

    Later I'll post a demo version for y'all to play.
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    Quote from Drainal

    Is this ever gonna see the Adventure Update's features? (Beta 1.8+) If it's not it's pretty pointless, no offense. I would be interest to help adding the updates from the Adventure Updates so this only doesn't have 1.7.3 and back features.

    Sorry. 1.8 Additions would (honestly) ruin AC. Sprinting and faster bow speed would frick up some maps, and the End would too. Endermen would cause havok, as would silverfish. Crycet stopped making AC more updated for 2 reasons:

    1) read above line about sprinting/bow/mobs. Plus Hunger would be a bad addition.
    2) He wanted some time off (He has a life, y'know) because Minecraft was being updated so fast it was killer on him. He also wanted people to use scripting and creativity to make their maps.

    Use creativity bro! It's what this was made for!
    Quote from Jackson0330066

    Maybe I'm not looking in the right place or whatever, but I'm guessing you can't install other mods like LB Photo Realistic textures or anything? Because when I try to start AC up, it just says install instead of start. I'm guessing it has to be mod free to work or something?

    This is not just for you. This is for all you ppl out there.

    You were born with eyes. Use them. You were born with fingers. Click back 2 pages with them. You were born with brains. I know you can be kewl enough people to use them.

    Sorry for yelling... :P

    How do you bring up the hotkey the bar at the bottom of the screen? It suddenly went away and I can't figure out how to restore it..

    EDIT: oh yeah and is it possible to save maps then exit our of minecraft? because I played the legend of zelda and when I saved and quit and later came back on, it deleted all my progress D: (finished 5 dungeons :( )

    oh and google didn't help.

    Press F1 to bring it back.

    And dude, google does help. I looked up "Adventurecraft ***** problems" (insert problem in *****) and I found a lot of fixes. Just 2 pages ago there was one.
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    Quote from kamild1996

    This mod is dead I say!
    Quote from Russell19906

    dose it need modloader
    Dear god....Are there really people like this out there?

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    Quote from freedict

    I'm loving AC and have been thinking about trying out some mapmaking. There is a major BUT in the way, though... It's the updates.. C'mon 1.7.3???? It's ridiculous... well, IMHO it is at least. :ph34r:

    With this rate Vanilla MC will catch up and run beyond AC.

    The plus with AC is that it's all-in-one.. you don't need 36 different mods within Vanilla to do what you want, but still, 1.7.3?? The latest snapshot has editable books.. that alone would be totally amazing with this mod, then we can add everything else that has been added since the pre-releases. Not sure where I'm going with this rant but hey, at least I'm not acting like a retarded, spoiled, mind-of-a-three-year-old who can't do a simple google-search, let alone check the post before them.

    If you feel insulted by the last commen, think one more time and read the last couple of pages. It's people like you guys who destroy forums, kudos to all you other guys who try again, and again, and again, and again, and again......etc. to answer these f*cknuts feeble questions.

    So.. yeah.. random rant is random.. Thanks to Cryect for makin the mod, but please.. release the source to someone with the interest to update it and see your child grow up or just leave it as it is and see it die without reaching its full potencial.

    Thing is, Crycet stopped here because he was sick of having to update constantly with MC (he has a personal life, you know). He wanted people to be more creative and use more scripts, and plus he wanted AC to be a different approach. Sprinting and slower bow speed can actually break some maps and make them too easy/hard.

    But, one thing Crycet does need to fix are these danged AC launcher problems and stuff. Once (believe it or not) this forum was filled with talk about maps, scripts, tex packs, and mob ideas. Now.... urgh. Savages.


    Sorry, needed to get that outta mah system.I think it's kinda sad that so many people are flocking to Snow's gun script. There are numerous ideas for it actually. Make some spells or a rapid fire crossbow. That's the beauty of AC. I constantly take scripts and make them special. I have 4 maps going on right now (focusing on my Craft-Life map) but one of them is using the gun mod for sorcery! TAKE THAT MODERNISM!!!
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] AdventureCraft - NPC Pathing Blocks [R1095]
    This is horrendous. People have been posting what was answered one or two pages back...
    The internet was supposed to help, not hinder.

    I remember a while back when I asked a question to a problem about scripting. That was when the people began to ask about the AC jar probs and things like that. It took (I am serious here) 20 pages to have someone finally say they could help. I ended up PM'ing them the problem because it was lost in a sea of whiny people.

    When I got the AC jar problem and swt thing going on, I went on here. I did not post a single thing. I went back a couple pages and found the fix. When it did not work I found someone with the same problem. I saw what someone had posted to fix that. I used it and my AC is working wonderfully because of my lovely forum karma. I did not post anything at all.

    Maybe everyone can learn a lesson from this. Maybe we can go back to constructive talk about scripts, mobs, maps, and ideas... those were the days....
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] AdventureCraft - NPC Pathing Blocks [R1095]
    Seems every time we calmly explain all this, a bunch of "outta the water" peeps pile in and seem to have a phobia of scrolling up and pressing the Previous button. Mehbeh they need doctors.
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    Quote from Gankachi

    Ok... Am I the only one having some javascript errors each time I try to install? I have a vanilla 1.1 version of the .minecraft but Java seems like he doesn't want to let me use this... Any ideas?

    Sounds like you are installing AC into your minecraft.jar. *facepalm*

    Just make a new folder on your desktop (or whereever) and drag all the files you downloaded into it. Then run AClauncher.exe. If it says there is a java exception, look back about 50 pages for a link to a website. Should have swt files.

    So there.

    Seems a lot of people think this is a mod. It is not. Your current minecraft (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.999999+) does not matter. This is standalone.

    Plus, dude. 1.2 came out last week or so (maybe 2). You still have 1.1? Sad.
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