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    -IGN (In Game Name): RallyBlock

    -Age (Be Honest): 16

    -Skype (Not Required, but usefull): RallCast

    -Youtube Channel: RallCast

    -Why YOU would like to join the server (The more thought and time you put into this, the more likely you will be accepted, but no promises): Because I would like to expirence what it would be like to be on a server with a community like Mindcrack, (Well simular) and I like to be part of a community of players that actually enjoy the game and not be their just to grief and/or raid. I also would like to start up a Minecraft SMP series just for the enjoyment of youtube and just would like to have fun with the community.

    -How would YOU describe yourself as a minecraft player? (Resourceful,Independent,etc.)(CAN BE MULTIPLE): Most of the time I can be resourceful but sometimes I'm on the independent side of things, I can basically work well with others.

    -What do YOU enjoy doing while playing Minecraft? (Building,Redstone,Caving,etc): I'm a decent builder, I guess you could find me most of the time finding something to build. Redstone on the other hand, I'm not really that good at, but I can make somethings with it. I always seem to prefer caving over strip or branch mining because it adds a little bit of fun into the game, in my opinion branch and strip mining gets pretty boring.
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    posted a message on Savage RPG - [1.7] [Custom Bosses with over 250 Unique Abilities!] [Diablo Style Loot] [Dungeons] [Quests] [Classes] [Towns] [Pv
    • Your "IGN" (In Game Name): RallyBlock
    • Age: 15
    • Have you voted for Savage Realms at all 3 sites mentioned below? Yes
    • Any questions/concerns/comments? If not, that's ok. Nope
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