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    posted a message on Monsterfarm in Spawn chunks not working

    Ok so the view distance of the server was set below 10 after changing it the farm works fine now

    thanks everybody :)

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    posted a message on Monsterfarm in Spawn chunks not working

    ground level is around y=80 the farms starts at around y=180 then i got several layers of the spawn platforms and on top of that i built an afk platform 24 blocks away from my topmost spawn platform(so i should be far more than 128 above ground level). i also tried building the afk platform 24 blocks in y axis as well as z/x axis but it didn't change anything. the killing hoppers are 35 or 40 blocks (can't remember) away from my farm so the items despawning after 128 blocks also can't be the issue i think

    Edit: i have no permission to see the servers properties but i asked my friend who rented it if he can to see what the servers render distance is (or is there a way to see this from my client?)

    Editedit: so i just went to this . the server is hosted by them and in their wiki the standard view distance is set to 8 so this might be it.

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    posted a message on Monsterfarm in Spawn chunks not working

    Hey there,

    I built mumbo jumbos ( )mob farm on a server i play on with my friends.

    Its high up in the air and i made sure every condition required for mobs to spawn is given, but there are still almost no mobs spawning.

    I now read about spawn chunks and that things within these are always loaded to some extend. Could this mess with my farm as its quite close to the point

    i spawned at? If so should i try lighting all caves within the spawn chunks ( its like 17x17 chunks or smthn? this would be quite some work to do) or just rebuild the farm far away from the spawn?

    If the spawn chunks got nothing to do with my farm not working what else can it be?

    things i checked:

    -light level is low enough

    -im within 128 blocks of the farm but 24+ blocks away from it

    -spawn rooms are 2 blocks high

    -my render distance is >10 chunks

    -2 stacks of items in hopper clock so they should have time to spawn (also had less in them and mobs spawned rarely)

    -nobody else is currently online so that shouldn't mess with anything

    thanks for any help provided :)

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