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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)

    Tried searching but the results weren't exactly useful unfortunately.

    I am using the latest version, OptiFine HD D3 Ultra for Minecraft 1.5.2. Everything is great but I find that both the Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering settings are not saving. I can set them to any value other than off, restart the client as the Antialiasing setting specifies, and returning to the menu shows them both as off.

    Has anyone experienced this and know what is wrong?

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    posted a message on is 1.5 worth it?
    Quote from sosladms

    It is worth it. Hopper is the ground breaking change to the Minecraft. You can pick stuffs automatically!

    Get it, ground breaking?
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    posted a message on Does anyone agree with SSP merging with SMP???
    Quote from Minernitor

    I honestly NEVER agree to things like this because now we have SMP bugs and and now mods are very limited they could atleast give you the option to that optionally instead and now we can also have griefers in our SSP server world, what's your oppinion?

    Read what you wrote. There are a few things misunderstood by what Mojang is implementing.

    In regards to mods, this is something that is FOR mods. Think about it. Right now, there are basically two minecrafts, one for SSP and one for SMP. Mods don't generally work for minecraft SSP and SMP right now. Some do, a lot don't. They are working to consolidate the code so we have one minecraft. This means mod authors will have a lot less to work on. However, something many people on the forums forget is there will STILL BE SSP and SMP, but it will be more from a point of view than from being two separate code bases.

    As for all the SMP bugs. Obviously for this idea to be a successful one, they will have to work really hard to fix SMP and make it behave the way SMP does. If they do not, then yes, I am in agreement, this is a bad idea. However since they release updates on their own schedule I am confident they will work their asses off before releasing 1.3.

    To your other point about griefers. This is not possible. The feature will allow you to invite friends to your world to play with you. You are safe unless your friends are jerks, but if you invite a griefer to your game then in this case it's your own fault. Additionally, you don't have to invite your friend.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w18a Is Here For Testing!
    Quote from CanisSolaris

    To everyone who's complaining that the new architecture of "SSP is really just local SMP and it brings all the SMP bugs to my precious!":

    Here's a tip from a 20-year veteran of software development.

    Moving to this architecture will DECREASE bugs and INCREASE stability on both SSP and SMP.

    Read that again.

    You see, maintaining two separate and diverging code bases with a bunch of overlapping functionality gives, at minimum, twice the chance for bugs to be introduced, and requires fixing common bugs in two places instead of one.

    Don't like the mobs glitching into walls in SMP, so you play SSP? Great - that bug will get squashed sooner in a unified codebase.

    That's the way it works, and it's the best architectural change they could make at this point, in my professional opinion AND as a user of their product. Feel free to continue to rage against the machine if you like.

    Exactly. A unified code base means the overall quality of minecraft will only get better. This makes me excited more than any other addition thus far. Also, this would not "increase lag" as many posters have suggested.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w18a Is Here For Testing!
    Quote from kazar14

    Still no mod API? Well, I suppose it might take AGES to do...

    This is pure speculation but, the way I see it all the changes to the client/server stuff they are working on probably needs to be done before the MOD API could be finished. Who knows what work they have done but I wouldn't be surprised if they realized the client/server relationship is a problem going forward for general MC dev, as well as the mod API.

    Again, pure speculation but still.
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    posted a message on 12w17a Achievement Change
    Quote from jacer21

    It's Canada, not Canadia <_<

    Canuckia is also acceptable.
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    posted a message on Change Your Minecraft Name? Possibly In The Future
    Quote from Hlywood

    Everyone, it's a bad idea to post what username you're going to change too. people will register that name so you cant use it.

    Only if they force it to be unique, and there is no need to make a display name unique.
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    posted a message on Change Your Minecraft Name? Possibly In The Future
    Quote from Reec3ty

    I'm sorry, but I despise this idea of changing names. Sure, I regret my name, and more so down the track because I chose it from what bullies used to call me, but honestly let's look at the pros and cons of this.


    1. You can have a cool new username.


    1. Server Owners can't ban you if you change your name.
    2. It is morally confusing for people to distinguish you.
    3. It's going to cause many problems down the track, whether system overloads at Mojang, or debates of innapropriateness.

    This is why I don't condone this new idea Jeb brought to mind, it's just plain horrible and will lead to a new level of griefing.

    In regards to your #1 con, you need not worry. The idea is there will be some unique way to identify the minecraft account. This would be invisible to the user, but how accounts would be uniquely identified, and thus used by server admins to ban/whitelist. What they would do is give users some kind of Display name to enter in, which does not need to be unique and would allow players to change names at will.

    Con #2 I don't need to touch, I'll refer to services such as "Steam", people on my list alias all the time, and while they do many people use it legitimately. I see no reason to stifle legitimate use over a small bunch that will grief. Griefers are always going to grief, they will find other ways.

    Con #3 is moot. This wouldn't cause system overloads. You are changing one tiny textbased field in a database. Not unless the entirety of the minecraft community decided to all change their name at once would this cause a hiccup. As for "innapropriateness", I'll refer to the language packs in minecraft. That project has been a great success despite some of the very inappropriate things that have happened. Again, griefers are going to grief, don't stifle something legitimate because of it.
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    posted a message on Swamp Water Spreading in Minecraft 1.2.2?
    My world had the same thing happen, except this was before the 1.2 patch. I think it's a bug where the "seed" changes and the biomes are displaced on the old terrain.
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    posted a message on Vanilla cheat?
    Quote from Mikk-

    That post is so retarded I can't even... I'm at a loss for words here. That makes no ****ing sense what so ever, if they weren't meant to be played, why the hell would they release the Snapshots? Are you dumb?

    Also, it's a debug feature, like F4 for Portals in the Halloween Update, or Pressing F3 shows numbers above Mob's heads.

    They aren't meant to be played, they are meant to be tested. That is very different.
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    posted a message on I just upgraded to Win7 and now minecraft wont work!
    Quote from x_dragonfire_x

    If I go into the device manager it says everything is up-to-date

    The device manager isn't reliable in that sense. You surely do have the most up to date microsoft hosted video drivers, but do you have the drivers built specifically for your card? Have you gone to the amd graphics web site (AMD owns ATI now) and downloaded the appropriate catalyst drivers from there?

    If you have not, then you do have old drivers.
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    posted a message on People Hating on Lydia?
    Quote from Logicx


    What's the deal with people hating Lydia Winters (Minecraft Chick) ? I think she is an awesome person, and an awesome contribution to Mojang.. So what is up with people hating her? And for those who didn't know she is "The Director of fun" for Mojang.

    It's because she keeps standing in doorways and complaining about carrying your burdens.... oh wrong Lydia :wink.gif:

    Meh, I doubt she'll get phased by it. She had a lot of work to do at minecon and it was essentially her job to make sure things move along and it sounds like she accomplished that.
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    posted a message on When is 1.0 being released today?
    Quote from DJDude97

    2:30 but if your in eastern like me, 5:30

    Interesting, so it releases basically the moment when I step into my home after work... that's quite convenient.
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    posted a message on Minecraft... What Happened To You?
    You forgot the option "Minecraft hasn't really changed at all, just has more stuff" which fundamentally means, while minecraft has more features, it's still minecraft as it always has been.

    The 3 voting options do not encompass that.
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    posted a message on Boat instantly killed me??
    Quote from scrubking

    1. I didn't say he was charging for bug fixes. Learn to read.
    2. The bug has been in the game forever, but I just put it up. Now let's see if it even gets noticed.

    1. Um, that is exactly what you said. Learn to proofread?
    Read that block, I don't see any other way of interpreting that. If that is not what you meant, fine but that's how it is coming out.

    Quote from scrubking

    This bug has been in the game since I bought it in Alpha, and guess what, it's still there and Notch has no intention of fixing it even though the game is being released in a couple of days. Even better is that this is just one example of all the problems in the game that are being ignored so Notch can charge more money.

    2. Could be a day, could be 40 years. Unreported bugs don't get fixed. How can they fix something they haven't found? Especially since watery areas are probably the least touched areas of the game, I doubt either of them have touched a boat in a while. Convinced Jeb or Notch to sail through a river and I'm sure there will be tweaking and fixes for boats.
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