About Me

In my (hopefully) smooth British accent, I make Minecraft Let's Play vids, but with jump cuts and time lapses and no pointless waffling!

I use jump cuts in my editing process to show progress without dragging viewers through the tidious gameplay such as resource collecting.

I make pretty cool redstone builds, such as flying machines, an auto item sorter storage system, a tree farm that can handle 4 types of wood type, an auto sheep farm, an iron farm, a slime farm and more.

In one episode, I team up with another realm member to take on the Ender Dragon, but this episode is presented in a quick paced, dramatic fashion, with a hint of cinematography.

Check out the intro episode, it's about 3 mins and will give you a good feel for the style of the series


Redstone, automated farms, and awesome builds!

Location London

Profile Information

Xbox PT2891 PSN RainyGrinch_