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    posted a message on 1.8 Semi-Vanilla Survival Server! Come join! Ip: gnd-mc.com

    IP: gnd-mc.com

    Want to play on a survival server? Want to play on 1.8 and have fun? Want to enjoy the nice survival experience with your pals?

    Come join GND-Tech!

    We have a fun economy system, /tpa to teleport to your friends if needed, and /sethome. We also have ranks. No, you don't buy them. Play long enough on the server, be nice and help others out, and you MIGHT JUST BE Promoted! Besides that, it's mostly vanilla. Come join!

    IP: gnd-mc.com

    Here are some screenshots!

    Our Library

    Our Emerald Exchange system in spawn.

    And our fountain in spawn :D

    Hope you join, and enjoy the server!

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    posted a message on Vanilla Survival Realms Server + One Custom Warp Point to Spawn!
    Hello! I would to join the realm! I specialize in building,command blocks, and Vanilla Mini Game building, if that's even a thing!

    iGN: rainbowzworm

    I would like to maybe be a Mod/Admin and help players get what they need, and build Mini games for the players as well!

    Hope I am accepted!
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