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    Haven't seen anyone agreeing with the geniuses at Mojang that ruining the horse model and animations was a good thing. I'm with the masses thinking that it's just objectively a bad change. This update is going to severely neuter my enjoyment of building animal ranches in vanilla. As I said in another thread, it doesn't match the quality or complexity of recently added models, like bunnies. The change is one of pure sabotage, going along with some falsely professed ideal that Minecraft is supposed to look blocky and bad. It likely stemmed from some old, very minor drama over part of a mod being added, and looking better than what was in the game at the time. I think the Dr. Zhark horse model should be an example of what all mob models should look like, cows look stupid, and so do futile attempts to make derp horses pass inspection.

    As Ravage656 said, how about improving the other models instead of downgrading the game? Making the game worse doesn't sit right to me, I don't care for the justification that Minecraft is supposed to look terrible. Of course not changing the horse model means the 3D artist who did it is being called a failure - which they pretty much are, if you look at those attempts - but being stubborn isn't a good thing here; the game is supposed to be produced for customers, not as an ego trip.

    The texture changes seems like a move to get rid of or pave over anything Notch did, just for the sake of doing that. Here we contradict "Minecraft must look blocky and bad as Notch designed it." Nothing to do with improvement, everything to do with bad office politics and a lasting grudge his previous employees have against him. Unfortunately it's not even a good default replacement, but just an edit of the vanilla textures that looks like many of the worse amateur attempts. The new textures look muddy and bad, and the artist is one who holds himself as immune to criticism. With the change in art direction, this is going to be rather annoying for anyone who preferred the old textures.

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    They look like garbage, but that's not even the problem, textures can be swapped out. Minecraft's textures and models always looked like trash.

    Mojang is pretending this is some epic revival - or even worse, pretending it's a refining of the """true""" style - and not just a new (terrible) set of textures. They're blurrier versions of vanilla textures with some original and terrible looking ones, like the diamond block.

    This update we have Mojang actually ruining the good model for horses because "it's not awful enough, Minecraft is supposed to be blocky and ugly" and removing animations as well.

    It's worse than the cow model, it's worse than the rabbits, ANY OF THE NEW MODELS; it barely even fits in the game. It has to look bad because Minecraft is supposed to look bad guys. Meanwhile the new textures are supposed to be more realistic or something, so we have contradiction. Overall it's just the game going downhill as each update becomes a gimmick to make internet news headlines.

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    Ingame screenshots:


    Item preview

    Nether Preview

    Personal project of mine, just for fun after someone passed the idea to me. This is in my opinion as small as you can go while making every block distinguishable.

    No this will not improve your computer's performance.

    In the process of being updated to the latest Minecraft versions as they come. 95% complete when it comes to blocks, far from WIP, Mojang just keeps breaking it. I update regularly when I have to get it par with vanilla.

    Poll and comments: Can effect what I will put work into first.


    - More CTM

    - Alternate textures

    - Chests

    - Boat

    - Minecart

    I have worked on item and mob textures but they aren't ready yet, and I play with making 3x, 5x, and 7x item textures. 3x which is the most complete will be later released alongside this. 3x item textures take time to do, they are original spritework, I just sample colours.

    Stable: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s50ghzoq4bbs403/3x Texture Pack.7z

    Latest: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xh5mmvr23s5iwf3/3x Texture Pack Dev.7z

    Dev screenshot

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    posted a message on i cant stand singleplayer in 1.9

    It's tedious, combat is not what I play Minecraft for, but to build, swatting mobs was a mindless side thing, now it's more involved and that for me that turns it into a chore.

    I just hope someone makes a mod to revert the change, because I never expect anything of value from Mojang.

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    1.8 WORLDGEN

    Gone are the infinite oceans of old, say hello to temperature based biome generation and infinite forests. All those neat new biomes and you'll barely ever see a good chunk of them unless you use a seed specifically for that purpose.

    The deserts are both 5K blocks from spawn.

    Kind of realistic? Barely.

    Definitely incredibly boring though.
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    posted a message on HUGE 1.8 Anvil find-Tools are Able to be Repaired WAY Less Than You Think!
    Quote from Morbid_DK»
    not being able to constantly use maxed out armor, weapons and tools is a good thing.

    Agreed, I hate it when other players work to play the game they want to play it, how dare they do something like that in a sandbox game. They should be forced to play on the same level as casual players.
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    Quote from MegaBruno98»

    What does the Optifine team do that Mojang can´t do?

    - Implement connected texture mapping so glass doesn't look like an eyesore.

    - Enable a wide range of graphical settings instead of just particles on or particles off.

    My computer doesn't suffer for not using Optifine but my eyes sure do.
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    Quote from Planetguy

    Mojang makes the game so Mojang makes the rules surrounding its use, including its extension through mods. By modding Minecraft you agree to be bound by its EULA, which explicitly lets them claim mods and redistribute them. Don't like the terms? Don't agree to them, by not using Minecraft.

    I far prefer the idea of the Samson Option. Heavily obfuscate the code, never leave in comments, add code that makes the mod unable to load under certain conditions, code that makes it quit working unless fully updated, and never release source, generally make it prohibitive for people such as Mojang to steal your work, and theft probably won't end up being an issue.
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    posted a message on All automation is bad and you should feel bad for spending absolutely any time not mining in Minecraft, even for a few seconds
    As it stands I'm not seeing any reason to update at all. I wish they would just leave the 'game' alone, and quit breaking the toy that Minecraft is with 'improvements'.
    This nerf in particular, and Jeb, show amateur game design skills. Half of the new additions seems to be inspired, or more accurately stolen from mods, or just futile nerfs to try to increase the length or complexity of the 'game', where mods already do literally everything better.
    If mob drops from environmental damage kills were taken out of the game, personally I don't think I'd consider vanilla survival playable at all.
    One thing to consider that I'm sure many haven't, is that the villager breeding change will actually destroy any hope of getting an iron golem farm running in a reasonable amount of time. Want an "iron trench"? Be prepared to dedicate multiple hours of trading just to breed enough villagers for it.
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    posted a message on New Minecraft Lego Sets Incoming!
    That's the worst LEGO set I've ever seen, barely resembles minecraft, and they didn't even use minifigs? Would not buy/10.
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