Interests Dabbled in mod coding but mostly I prefer to do textures and Techne models. I work best if given reference pictures but can find my own if given a decent enough idea of what is wanted. I can do 32x HD textures and native 16x, but could probably even do 64x is necessary. I'm willing to do textures for modders. Keep in mind I'm a mom, so my turn-around is not as fast as it could be but I tend to get things done within 2-3 days (usually faster if the kid cooperates). Themes I really like to work with include Zelda-type stuff, elemental and magickal things, and MLP:FiM. Yes, I'm a pegasister. My texture style is similar to how Rhodox does the Painterly Pack (mainly because it's what I use and I try to make my textures match).

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Minecraft RainBat