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    Read this one below this text because the World won't tell anything about the game!
    NOTE: The Mini-Game is not made to get "Reputation" and "Fame". I made it for people to have fun with other people.
    Hey There! At last! I made my first Mini-game. And in MC:PE!I have been inspired on watching an unknown video I found in my laptop. It was all about life of people that can control Elements like Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. And I got an idea, Making a Team PVP with some twists.The World is just nothing. So Better Read.
    The Teams
    :Red: wool means Fire Team. (Pyros)
    Fire could control:
    - Fire (Flint and Steel) (Fry People!)
    - Explosions (TNT) (Hurt People!)
    - Lava (Burn People!)
    Fire Team will get the following in their kits:
    -Flint and Steel (2 pcs)
    -TnT (2 stacks [ :steve_shocked: ])
    -Lava (Half a Stack [Stationary Lava])
    -Set of Iron Armor (1 set)
    :White: wool means Air Team. (Shooters)
    Air Team could control:
    -Arrow (Pushes players)
    -An Item called "Wooden Sword" that could push and hurt players.
    Air team will get the following in their kits:
    -Bow (2 pcs)
    -Arrows (2 stacks)
    -Wooden Sword (1 pc)
    -Set of Leather Armor (1 set)
    :Blue: wool means Water Team. (Bucket Throwers)
    Water Team could control:
    -Water. (Only water.) (Non-Pro swimmers can't catch you. [Like a baus :steve_csi:)
    Water Team will receive the Following:
    -Water (2 Stacks [Stationary Lava])
    -Set of Diamond Armor (1 set)
    :Lime: wool means Earth Team.
    Earth Team could control the following:
    -Dirt/Soil (Blocks everybody who's following you)
    Earth Team will receive the following in their kits
    -Dirt (3 stacks)
    -1 Diamond Sword
    -Set of Gold Armor (1 set)
    Now you know the teams, let's go to the rules.
    The Rules
    These rules are easy to be learned.
    1. There should be no rules.
    2. But Only this rule: To Follow the gameplay.
    Now, you're getting nearer child! Lol!
    The GamePlay
    Now, in this part, you should read this because you're a noob in this game when you don't read this thing.
    If everyone is in the world, better close turn off the "Local server multiplayer". Players are still inside the game but can't enter when they go to Main Menu or they did NOT enter at all.Pick your team. The game is good for 4 and above players.Follow what the signs say. You're looking at it if you're from spawn and didn't touch your screen.Get your Kits. There's 2 kits each chest. Not Double Chests.If ready, Enter the hole. You'll fall to the water. Don't worry.If everyone is not ready yet, wait on the water where you fell.If everyone is NOW ready, then, LET THE ELEMENTS COLLIDE!!!No prizes or trophies. But remember, the note on top of this, in which i said:
    NOTE: The Mini-Game is not made to get "Reputation" and "Fame". I made it for people to have fun with other people.
    Thanks for reading! I promise, you're now ready and a pro in this game!
    I can't post them all here. But click here to see it in the Public Gallery:
    As of now, I haven't finished the world yet. Links will be distributed tommorow. I think.
    I don't want "Fame". But please Support this Topic!

    [url=http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1994656-the-elemental-wars-an-mcpe-mini-game/] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/DsyhUre.png[/IMG] [/url]
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    Haha! :D I thought the "Permissions" Spoiler were permission nodes for Bukkit Plugins! LoL!
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