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    posted a message on Making free "Pixel art Characters" of your skin! [CLOSED]
    Its Cute! Almost TONS of people request for these! I would like to create 2 in 1 Picture (Like the YouTubers Sample) for me and my BestFriend :D


    Her Skin:

    +1 Rep for this and another +1 from my BestFriend :)EDIT: Hats too. Can you make my character put his hand on the back of my BestFriend's Character? Thanks :D
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    posted a message on McPe PocketMine Questions [ADMINS, READ THIS BEFORE MOVING THIS OR DELETING THE TOPIC, PLEASE?]
    Sorry server admins... I just wanted to ask these..

    1. How do I actually create a PUBLIC PocketMine Server?

    2. How do I connect to these things?

    3. How can I open them if I dont have a computer?

    4. How do I create a PocketMine user?

    5. Do I need some apps to have PocketMine? (Android)

    6. When I use BlockLauncher, PocketMine wont work. Why is this happening?

    7. Can i create a private/whitelisted PocketMine server?

    Those are my questions. But my cousin have a lot of questions...

    8. Im using an iOS (Specifically iPad mini and iPad) device. Can i connect to PocketMine?

    9. Do i need to JailBreak?

    10. I got a MacBook. Can an Android device connect to it?

    11. We don't have WiFi but I have an iPhone 4S that can create a Portable WiFi Hotspot. Can we connect in this situation?

    12. Can we operate this 24/7?

    13. Do we need the SAME DEVICES to connect to each other?

    Thanks for your answers or replies. I will be coming back here recently to read replies :)Sorry for some wrong english or wrong spelling because i'm using a Tablet. Hope you can still understand :)
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    posted a message on Avatar maker
    EDIT: I was lost. Sorry.
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    posted a message on [Surv] Waka Islands v1.1.5 - [450,000+ DOWNLOADS!] [1.8+] SEQUEL OUT NOW!
    I WUV (or LUV.) THIZ MAP! Even though I don't play Minecraft. I use maps for custom MC pictures.May I ask for some permissions to use this map?

    By the way, A Lot of :DBlock: x1000 and a Cheezburger!

    :Bacon: :Bacon: :Bacon: :Bacon: :Bacon:
    :Leaves: :SSSS: :Leaves: :Leaves::Leaves:
    :grass: :grass: :grass: :grass: :grass:
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    posted a message on The Survival Games PE(Out Dated)
    Sorry if I say this but...

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    posted a message on Capture The Flag 1.0 [WITH SCREENS & DOWNLOAD]
    Quote from GambitGamer

    *da bump*

    *Creeperonmahboody* GIVE US MOAR MAHPS! *BUMPZ*Creeper Flashing*
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    posted a message on xXiNightXx's Maps Collection <11/18/12>
    Quote from Myhe01

    Is there any way to rename your maps (I want to rename Eiffel Tower, to Eiffel Tower)?


    Yes you may. But only in android. Go and download PocketINVEditor / PocketINVEditor Pro. Pick that world, click the "World Info" and rename the world. You can rename it's folder too.
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    posted a message on The Elemental Wars ~An MC:PE Mini-Game
    TO Admins:
    Sorry if it's in the wrong topic place. I just found this "Mini-game" word here. Just move it please? Thanks.
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    posted a message on The Elemental Wars ~An MC:PE Mini-Game
    Read this one below this text because the World won't tell anything about the game!
    NOTE: The Mini-Game is not made to get "Reputation" and "Fame". I made it for people to have fun with other people.
    Hey There! At last! I made my first Mini-game. And in MC:PE!I have been inspired on watching an unknown video I found in my laptop. It was all about life of people that can control Elements like Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. And I got an idea, Making a Team PVP with some twists.The World is just nothing. So Better Read.
    The Teams
    :Red: wool means Fire Team. (Pyros)
    Fire could control:
    - Fire (Flint and Steel) (Fry People!)
    - Explosions (TNT) (Hurt People!)
    - Lava (Burn People!)
    Fire Team will get the following in their kits:
    -Flint and Steel (2 pcs)
    -TnT (2 stacks [ :steve_shocked: ])
    -Lava (Half a Stack [Stationary Lava])
    -Set of Iron Armor (1 set)
    :White: wool means Air Team. (Shooters)
    Air Team could control:
    -Arrow (Pushes players)
    -An Item called "Wooden Sword" that could push and hurt players.
    Air team will get the following in their kits:
    -Bow (2 pcs)
    -Arrows (2 stacks)
    -Wooden Sword (1 pc)
    -Set of Leather Armor (1 set)
    :Blue: wool means Water Team. (Bucket Throwers)
    Water Team could control:
    -Water. (Only water.) (Non-Pro swimmers can't catch you. [Like a baus :steve_csi:)
    Water Team will receive the Following:
    -Water (2 Stacks [Stationary Lava])
    -Set of Diamond Armor (1 set)
    :Lime: wool means Earth Team.
    Earth Team could control the following:
    -Dirt/Soil (Blocks everybody who's following you)
    Earth Team will receive the following in their kits
    -Dirt (3 stacks)
    -1 Diamond Sword
    -Set of Gold Armor (1 set)
    Now you know the teams, let's go to the rules.
    The Rules
    These rules are easy to be learned.
    1. There should be no rules.
    2. But Only this rule: To Follow the gameplay.
    Now, you're getting nearer child! Lol!
    The GamePlay
    Now, in this part, you should read this because you're a noob in this game when you don't read this thing.
    If everyone is in the world, better close turn off the "Local server multiplayer". Players are still inside the game but can't enter when they go to Main Menu or they did NOT enter at all.Pick your team. The game is good for 4 and above players.Follow what the signs say. You're looking at it if you're from spawn and didn't touch your screen.Get your Kits. There's 2 kits each chest. Not Double Chests.If ready, Enter the hole. You'll fall to the water. Don't worry.If everyone is not ready yet, wait on the water where you fell.If everyone is NOW ready, then, LET THE ELEMENTS COLLIDE!!!No prizes or trophies. But remember, the note on top of this, in which i said:
    NOTE: The Mini-Game is not made to get "Reputation" and "Fame". I made it for people to have fun with other people.
    Thanks for reading! I promise, you're now ready and a pro in this game!
    I can't post them all here. But click here to see it in the Public Gallery:
    As of now, I haven't finished the world yet. Links will be distributed tommorow. I think.
    I don't want "Fame". But please Support this Topic!

    [url=http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1994656-the-elemental-wars-an-mcpe-mini-game/] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/DsyhUre.png[/IMG] [/url]
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    posted a message on Minecraft Pocket Edition Philippines
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    posted a message on [1.5.2][v2.0] (PH) Filipino/Tagalog Language Pack <NEW FEATURES!>
    Hi. I can help you there. I wanna help because I really like it. It seems that the text on the final doesn't have color. I can help in text formatting and coloring. Just pm me.

    1000% filipino blooded 12 yo kid

    Who are some PH heroes you know?
    Jose Rizal
    Emilio Aguinaldo
    and PNoy (not a hero.).
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    posted a message on [ Clan Alp ] MLM Clan [Ranks] [ REALMS ] A Few Spots Left 171/200 [Mods ,Maps ]
    • Age: 11 (if not allowed, Please just let me join. I wanna have fun in the first clan im gonna join!)
    • ​How long you've been in mlm: I might be new (not a noob coz i play mc pc for 4 years) and i wanna try
    • ​Timezone: +8
    • Others: Thanks if you're gonna let me join! :D I do follow rules. and I have never been banned or kicked on pc servers :)
    IGN: ItsRaiden45 (Valid and Verified on Pocket Realms)
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    posted a message on funniest bans ever -almost 200 crackup ban hammers that spoken-
    3 bans:

    1. I found a guy running giving away sponges for free (PreciousStones Plot Protection Block) and keeps on saying "I'm naked!" (his skin was really naked) and got banned. and in chat it says:
    [Iwon'tTelltheUsername] was banned for saying that he is SEXY, NAKED, AND HAS ABS.

    So we really found it funny and someone registered his username and said "i just wanted to be naked." and he got his IP banned.

    2. I got banned for Enderpearling around the spawn. While the Ops made me an Op, then banned me.

    3. Woofless blamed me. :( How sad...
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Quote from Anonymous »

    Hey [Raiden45], is this making Minecraft Broken a bit for you?


    They REALLY BREAK Minecraft. ALOT.

    Dajang should stop this.

    Quote from Anonymous »

    Give way! [Raiden45] to the rescue!

    Quote from Everyone »

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    posted a message on The Logo Shop - request a custom minecraft logo, for FREE
    1. What are you going to use it for?: Signature.
    2. What do yo want the text to say?: ForeverMoar
    3. Default colors, Light, Dark, Gold, or....?: "Forever" is Diamond, "Moar" is gold.
    4. Shadow or no shadow?: Shadow please.
    5. Lens Flair?: Yes but not too shiny. I want the text can still be seen.
    6. Black Outlines?: Yes but not black. I want the color to be matched with the text's color. (Diamond color is to Darkish Diamond Color)
    7. Thanks a LOT in advance!
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