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Yeah, this is my Profile. Enjoy your Stay.
And, if you're one of my followers, you're a Raffy. Just a lil' name for you all. :P

NOTE: I have an extremely in-depth story regarding Madison, and since it's so highly detailed, I would very much appreciate people not trying to tamper with it. IE, asking to be a part in her story (like having their character be her bodyguard). It's one thing when a forum game initiates that change, it's another when a forum user does. If you wish to take part in Madison's life, specifically her past or being family, please PM me first. I'd rather discuss it, it's not always fun to wake up one day and find out that apparently the character that you have an entire life story for suddenly has 3 siblings that were never a part in the story you've created for that character.

I'm a Moderator around here, as you can plainly see. I do my job well and haven't be fired, or gotten in trouble. Too much. I mostly post in the Off-Topic section, however, I troop around in the Discussion, Survival Mode, and Suggestions from time to time. I won't talk about my personality too much, as it's up to you to learn for yourself what I'm like. But I will say...I've been called the Mother of the Forum games once or twice.

Moderator Notes- Please report rule breaking. We Mods don't see all rules broken. If someone breaks the rules, REPORT THEM. It helps us keep peace around here. To add, don't PM me if you want a post gone. It agitates me when people send me a message that could've been solved sooner if they had reported it.

Also, here's my Dragon Cave Scroll.
Location COCOA LAND! :D

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