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    posted a message on Need Help! How do you get spawners to spawn potion effected mobs?
    MCEdit filter Add Potion Effect, and then just create a spawner from the mob you added the potion effect to using the Create Spawners filter.
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    posted a message on [SURV] ZomBeatBox 1.2 - Unique Zombie-Punching Action! [1200+ downloads!]

    ZomBeatBox is a custom survival map where 99% of your resources are obtained by punching zombies to death! The rest are found in hidden chests around the worlds -- yes, the Nether and the End are customized too.

    Map Features:
    • Four custom biomes, plus custom Nether and End
    • 70+ custom zombies
    • All four main biomes can be traversed without placing or breaking anything
    • Hidden chests with fabulous prizes
    • Built in XP shop, trades for rotten flesh, and item to XP converter
    • 30+ in-game achievements to get
    • Unobtrusive story elements
    • Multiplayer compatible
    • Hours of zombie-punching action!
    Requires Minecraft 1.5.1

    Old Versions:


    The Box and ring of land outside

    A herd of angry redstone ore

    Options Room with logo

    Jungle Biome, with glass removed for screenshot

    I welcome any and all videos of my map! Send me links and I will post the first video you make with a link to your channel below.

    Let's Play by minecrafter315/MineGamesHG (v1.0)

    Let's Play by i212MC (v1.0)

    Let's Play by LoganHamiltonGaminTV (v1.0)

    Listed below are the introductory materials plus tips, hints, and a list of achievements (available in the map in book form):

    Welcome Letter:

    Dear Steve,

    We received your resume recently, and appreciate your interest in the Brolly Corporation. After reviewing your application, we have some good news and some bad news for you.

    The good news is that we're going to offer you a job.

    The bad news is that there seems to have been a minor leak of our ZomPoster Virus into the wild.

    You'll be going into our test facility to see if you can find a way to survive, fight them, and build the basis for a functioning society from mangled zombie corpses the resources available to you.

    Please be aware that we do not want you to attempt to completely stop ZomPosters™ from spawning, but instead to use them as resources in a simulated attempt at rebuilding society from a major outbreak.

    It will be quite some time before the virus becomes widespread enough to be a problem, but we would appreciate it if you could complete your stated objectives as quickly as possible.

    The future of humanity rests with you, Steve. God speed.


    Adele Paulsen
    Head of Human Resources
    Brolly Corporation


    Inside the terrarium, please do not remove, alter, or destroy any materials if at all possible. You may place lights and ladders, but add as little as possible besides those items. Outside, you may build freely.

    We also recommend that you do not destroy the TeleporTemple™ boxes or wiring, as it would be detrimental to your work.

    Should you find any ZomPoster™ virus colonies (they form into square metallic-looking lattices with a tiny version of their ZomPoster™ type inside), do not destroy them. They are critical to our your research!

    Our safety consultants suggest building inward toward the box for maximum structural integrity and to lessen the psychological damage caused by living in a featureless void.

    Do not under any circumstances sleep inside the terrarium, as doing so may cause death or colonization.

    Regulations (Simple English):

    Don't break the glass. Don't take, break, or change things inside the box. You may place lights and ladders, but don't add too many other blocks. Outside the box, you can build anywhere.

    Don't break the teleporters, redstone, or command blocks.

    If you find any spawners, do not break them.

    Build in from the ring of land toward the box, not out into the void.

    Don't sleep in the box!


    A Balanced Diet: Please create sustainable sources of at least one vegetable, fruit, starch, and meat product (fish counts).

    Sweet Tooth: Fill a small container with desserts.

    Homemaker: Please build a prototype home containing a bed, water basin, storage, a work bench, and a furnace.

    Interior Decorator: Add at least one potted plant, framed object, and painting (you will not be judged on your artistic skills).

    Arboretum: Cultivate each of the four available types of trees.

    Botanical Gardens: Add a decorative garden with at least three types of non-tree plants and a fountain.

    Transportation Infrastructure: Please design and build a rail system linking the four TeleporTemples.

    Bells & Whistles: Protect your rails from weather and add chimes at the stations.

    Birdwatcher: Find and defeat at least one specimen of all 14 ZomPoster™ types in each of the four biomes.

    Birdstalker: Write down the general area or coordinates where each type can be found.

    Trial By Fire: Build an obsidian gate and defeat the ZomPosters™ on the other side.

    No Ocean Deep Enough: Find the treasures even the ZomPosters™ haven't gotten to.

    Happily Ever After: Build a gate to The End, defeat the ZomPosters™ there.

    God Mode: Loot The End completely.

    Good Work, Redone: Find all 10 of the researcher's numbered journals, plus any other notes.

    Tips (General Advice):

    The biomes in order of difficulty are Forest, Jungle, Taiga, and Extreme Hills.

    Zombies are easier to kill in less difficult biomes, but they drop fewer resources.

    Explore the surface areas of biomes during the day to get a feel for the land with fewer zombies.

    The first tool you make should be a sword. The second and third ones probably should be too.

    The four main biomes can be navigated without placing any blocks inside, if you're good at parkour!

    Don't be afraid to duck in, take out a few zombies, and duck out again! Hit and run tactics are encouraged.

    There are hidden treasures to be found. Don't hesitate to explore!

    I highly recommend playing with keep inventory on. You will die. A lot.

    Achievements List:
    • Journals 1-10
    • Note
    • Journal ?
    • E.N.D.P.P
    • Deep Diver I-III
    • To Infinity And No Further
    • Shopaholic
    • Newly Converted and Conversion Mania
    • Under The Sea
    • Big Spender
    • Low Self-Esteem
    • Butter Problem
    • Ultimate Zombie Slayer
    • Time Flies, Time Warp, and Time Paradox
    • On Top Of The World
    • Only A Flesh Wound
    • Alive, Still Alive, and Practically Immortal
    • Completely Out Of Bounds

    The map is pretty much complete to my satisfaction! I have no major plans for updates in the near future, but I would love suggestions and feedback as people play the map.

    Current Version: 1.2

    Immense thanks to all of my beta testers!

    How I Made Things In This Map:

    Lots of time, MCEdit, and these filters by Sethbling: AddPotionEffect, ChangeMobs, ColorArmor, CombineSpawners, CreateGearedMobs, CreateRotatedSolid, CreateSpawners, Enchant, ModifyItemStrings, ModifyPotions, PlayerSkulls, SetSpawnerProperties, and Floating Island. Also like 100+ command blocks.

    Feel free to message me if you'd like an explanation of how I did anything in this map! I'll post answers as I receive questions.
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    posted a message on I need some help with my map
    Counting emeralds is going to depend on how the player gets them. Counting zombie kills, provided that they're the only mob, is easy -- it'll be a scoreboard objective of the type "totalKillCount". For help with command blocks, see this thread: http://www.minecraft...shops-and-more/

    You can't use dispensers and spawn eggs to create custom mobs. You'll need to use an external editor like MCEdit. Have you used it before? The filter you need can be downloaded here, and there's a tutorial video for it on the same page: http://sethbling.com...eategearedmobs/
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    posted a message on pUk Minecraft Maps INC. Est. 2013: not so bad after all!
    Pictures of the maps, embedded into the post (or at least linked to, rather than a download) would be nice. Some idea of what kind of map these are would be good too -- parkour? Survival? CTM/Squid farming hybrid?

    I'm not sure what "horrible and cheesy amps" are -- your post could really use some proofreading. A post that's clear and offers plenty of information (pictures, types of map, version of Minecraft, rules, etc.) to the potential map-player is one that will get the most people interested.
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    posted a message on i am a new pro at map making. (not really)
    Zip the map folder, then use Mediafire.
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    posted a message on Exhaustion System - Sleep Or Else! [1.5.1]
    Quote from Kienose

    Tested it! It's good idea! But if this was in SMP. Player A sleep but player B don't sleep. Did player A still receive Exhaustion point?

    Yes. If night isn't skipped, all players get exhausted. Don't play with people who will screw you over. :)
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    posted a message on Exhaustion System - Sleep Or Else! [1.5.1]
    Exhaustion System
    Vanilla! Simple Setup! Fun!
    (Covering removed for photo)

    (World downloads have objectives set up already)

    This is a system intended to be put into the spawn chunks of any Minecraft world, custom or vanilla. What it does is tests if players go to sleep in a reasonable amount of time (roughly 3 real minutes after sunset). In the morning, it gives either positive or negative status effects at random based on players' exhaustion levels.

    At 19x16x9, it's a little bulky, but it adds a useful mechanic for any survival style map and can easily be customized!

    Here are the default settings:

    Exhaustion level required / status effect

    0 / Haste II
    0 / Jump Boost I
    -1 / Healing I
    -1 / Speed I
    -1 / Strength I
    -3 / Haste IV
    -2 / Resistance I
    -2 / Water Breathing
    -2/ Jump Boost II
    -3/ Speed II
    -3 / Healing II
    -4 / Strength II
    -4 / Resistance II
    -5 / Fire Res
    -5 / Regen I
    Exhaustion level required / status effect

    3 / Damage I
    5 / Damage II
    1 / Mining Fatigue II
    3 / Mining Fatigue IV
    4 / Hunger
    1 / Slow I
    3 / Slow II
    1 / Weakness I
    2 / Weakness II
    2 / Nausea (Max 30 secs)
    5 / Wither I (35 seconds)
    4 / Poison (30 seconds)
    2 / Blindness (45 seconds)

    All status effects have a 1 in 4 chance of being given to one random player with the appropriate exhaustion level every morning. If playing with more than 2-3 players, I recommend increasing the odds to 1 in 3.

    If the player stays up past the 3 minute mark (1.5 minutes after the warning message) and then sleeps, they will gain one point of exhaustion. If the player stays up at least an additional 3 minutes, they gain two points of exhaustion.

    If a player goes to bed before the warning and has a positive level of exhaustion, it will be reset to zero. If the player has 0 or lower and goes to bed within 3 minutes, they lose one point of exhaustion.

    Because of how Minecraft works, the system does not function normally if the only player in the world is in the Nether or The End. From my limited testing, it appears to remain suspended until the player returns to the normal world. Please let me know if you get other unusual functioning!

    The first and most helpful thing to know is that every command block is labeled with what it does.

    To change chance of a status effect occurring, you need to change the contents of the droppers underneath the hoppers. Adding more varieties of stackable items will lower the chance, and removing them will increase it (the signal is strong enough only when the cake/non-stackable item is chosen).

    The status effect command blocks are set to target a random player. You could alter this to all players, or players on a certain team/with a certain level, etc.

    The length of time required before a player is penalized for sleeping can be changed by altering how the top command blocks deal with the objective "late", or by adding/removing cobwebs from the item elevator setup.

    I hope you guys enjoy the system. If you have any questions/comments, let me know!
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    posted a message on Colored Scoreboard Objectives
    Quote from PenguinXIII

    Actually, I'm trying to color the actual objective. In this case, Date.

    Turns out that's a heck of a lot easier. Open NBTExplorer, go to your map's name -> data -> scoreboard.dat -> objectives, and just edit the display name of the objective with whatever color formatting code you want.
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    posted a message on Colored Scoreboard Objectives
    Quote from nerdman01

    It is something you have to do in NBT Editing because objectives are temporary unless put in manually

    Quote from kor11isgreat

    or mcedit :Iron:

    You actually don't need either of these things (and I don't know what you mean about objectives being "temporary").

    I'm guessing that you're trying to do something like this:
    (With different words, obviously.)

    The scoreboard system supports colors for teams -- the syntax is /scoreboard teams option <team> color <value>

    The sneaky trick is that you can make up fake players and add them to teams in order to color things. What I've done is made a scoreboard objective that displays as Date (/scoreboard objectives add date dummy Date) and then made three fake players (named Year, Week, and Day) join three different teams, to get them to show up in different colors.

    That's the basic idea -- let me know if any part of it is confusing, and also drop in on the Command Block tutorial thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1762898-tutorial-command-blocks-includes-experience-banks-shops-and-more/
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    posted a message on Cloud Survival
    Are there other islands besides the starting one? There's no way to survive long-term on the first island. No water, no plants, and only one block of dirt to grow oak trees to maybe get apples from...
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