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    Quote from Trey0904

    im not asking for downloads im making V2 and i get comments saying it sucks so i am fixing it but i don't know whats wrong with it and im asking and no one is awnsering me so im getting mad ok

    Here's a few things I noticed in a brief playthrough:
    • The first three challenges are way too easy -- the tools and mine are visible from the spawn point.
    • If you break the bed in the process of getting down from the tree, then die, you respawn randomly in the jungle below. You can use /spawnpoint to set the player's spawn on the giant piece of stone.
    • The player starts with one grass block, and no other dirt. Making any kind of farm, let alone all the types listed in the challenges, is pretty much impossible.
    • There's way too much starting equipment and treasure. With the chest full of animal eggs, survival isn't a challenge, it's pretty much a sure thing.
    • The stone cube is kind of boring to look at, and it's not big enough to spawn much by way of monsters, nor small enough that falling off is likely.
    • The villagers don't appear to have trades that would be useful to the map. The one in the mine is buying books, but there isn't any sugar cane, so the player will never get books. (Also means no enchanting table!)

    I'd suggest making it a bit more interesting to look at, and either bigger or smaller to provide more of a challenge from mobs or falling. Take the starting resources and hide them in chests throughout the map so it's not so easy to start out. Add more dirt (and a second thing of water) if you want players to farm. I'd also suggest making the water/lava fountain in the middle out of something the player can break, so they can build a home there if they want to -- it's a central location, which most people will pick for a base.

    I'm guessing this is one of your first maps, so don't worry about it if it's not the most popular thing on the forums. Listen to the advice people are trying to give you -- like the fellow on the first page telling you how to upload screenshots that will work -- and focus on improving your map or building new ones. Play a lot of other maps to get an idea of what other people have done so you can come up with something new. Don't be afraid to put a lot of time into your maps to make sure they're really solid before you release them. It's okay to take months, even, to finish something that a lot of people will enjoy!
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    You can set the spawn point by using /spawnpoint or with an external editor like MCEdit.

    To get a player to be the one saying dialogue, just set up your command blocks like this:
    say @r says: Exciting plot development, Batman!

    The @r will pick a random online player (the only player, if the map isn't online) and substitute their name. You can also rename command blocks on an anvil if you want one of your characters to seem to be speaking.
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    Just realized one set of command blocks for the achievements was erased when I shifted the wall a bit, so if you've downloaded version 1.2 before now, please redownload to get the Note, Journal ?, E.N.D.P.P and Deep Diver I-III achievements!
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    Quote from irox777

    Alright, so a few thousand zombie kills later i finished. I got most of the achievements and ended up with 54? different types of zombies. I am not sure if that is all of them but that was my count.

    I found another negative (at least in my opinion) I feel that the beacon should be less than 75 levels. If it is supposed to be really hard to get then its fine. The secret area made it achievable to me, just needed to make an EXP blaster.

    For my final words. I would suggest this to anyone that doesn't mind the repetition of only zombies or if you have an extreme hatred toward them. This map is worth at the very least a try just because of the unique game play. Its not the same old CTM or parkour maps that seem to be ever growing. I give this map a 9/10 but then again.... i have the attention span of a goldfish so the only zombie thing didn't bother me.

    This is one of the reasons I was thinking about releasing my notes -- I'm guessing you counted things like "Redstone zombie" as one type, when they actually drop different things in each biome. It's pretty hard to miss any of the zombies if you explore all the areas, though. Even if you don't walk right by where they spawn, they'll usually find you eventually. XD There are 14 zombies in each the 4 main biomes (some which are visibly similar to others in neighboring biomes), plus 13 in the nether, plus something like 7-8 in the End (4-5 are different varieties of Enderman).

    I am a little conflicted on the beacon price. It's the highest power beacon possible, and it starts out activated with speed and regen, and can be changed by the player, so it's definitely a huge benefit. On the other hand, 75 takes quite a while. It's something like 2,100 zombies (or, if you're crazy like me, something like 55 stacks of items into the item converter). I think it would be easier to get in multiplayer; just have one player save up for it while the others buy weapons/armor/other things.

    Thanks for leaving a rating and comments, and playing! I'm really flattered by all the comments about how unique my map is. :D
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    Quote from irox777

    I have only "completed" the first 2 areas but i will give my input so far. I really like the concept of the hunting enemies for supplies. The best part for me is the repetition of everything being a zombie. How often can you really use smite on a "spider"? Before the completion of this map i will probably have some over-detailed chart for myself to know where everything is.The comedy in some of the parts are nice as well.

    The only negative thing i have found so far is the lack of an official place to set up (I may have just missed it.) I would like a place to throw all my stuff and make better as i find more pieces.

    But all in all i find this to be a really enjoyable map. Keep up the good work.
    Ps. Mob ontop of Jungle tree.... Best... Mob... Ever!

    Hahaha, yes! I'm so glad you found that secret mob. It's my favorite. XD

    I never actually considered an "official" living space, though I'm not sure why. I'd always intended people to just build inward from the ring and make their own home, but most people just throw down some chests and call it good. The ring's perfectly safe, so I guess it's not a huge problem no matter what people do. (On one of my own playthroughs, I built a huge jungle tree house on the spawn platform. Then I fell off and died a lot. >.>)

    It's great that you're charting where zombies spawn (it's actually one of the goals!) -- I tried to leave visual clues for all the non-secret ones, and people generally seem to figure that out over time. I'm kind of tempted to post my huge lists of what each zombie in each area drops and drop rates, but I'm not sure if anyone wants spoilers like that. Given enough time, people can probably figure out which zombie drops what, and I think most people get that the harder area zombies drop more, at least.

    Anyway, thanks for playing, and I'm glad you're enjoying it!
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    Quote from KillerxPopxTart

    So I'm trying to set up a survival server, and I want the world dimensions to be like 50000 x 50000 either blocked by a bedrock wall at the end, or something. but I can't create a wall using world edit because i crash because it is wayy to big, is there any way to generate a world with specific dimensions or a survival seed that does for me? i wand it to either have a wall at the end or just the void

    Do you need the visible boundary or just something players can't cross? I'm pretty sure you can set map size limits with quite a few different plugins -- I'm pretty sure World Guard can, for one, but I'm not really up to date on server plugin options.
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    Updated to 1.2

    Added 34 achievements, all of which can be checked through the new achievements room. Telepad is in the Options Room, by the specimen cages. There are hints and answers for all the achievements as well, in case you get stuck!

    I got the idea for the achievements from Ale_AKA_Sine, after playing his excellent map, The First Time I Die -- go check it out! I've used the idea with his kind permission. :)

    At this point, I think the map is more or less complete to my satisfaction. This will probably change as ideas strike me or feedback comes in, but for now the map shouldn't change too much in the near future.

    I've hit 700+ downloads in three and a half weeks, and I'm completely blown away by everyone's comments and support. Thanks to everyone who has played the map thus far!
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    If you don't mind using MCEdit, this filter makes custom trades very, VERY easy: http://sethbling.com/downloads/mcedit-filters/createshops/

    It also lets you setup infinite trades and invincible villagers if you want them.
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    Something I designed for a map I'm working on; thought I should share it so other people could use the same idea.

    Step one:

    /scoreboard objectives add week dummy Week

    /scoreboard objectives add showweek dummy Week

    /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar showweek

    Step Two:

    Build this:

    And now you have a working setup to count and display a week, which can easily be adjusted for shorter/longer spans of time.

    Possible uses:
    (All using a testfor command block somewhere)
    • Wire to redstone lamps around a spawner to make rare, specific day spawns
    • Have shops that are only open on certain days of the week
    • Hook up noteblocks for Sunday church chimes
    • Use as part of a countdown for time-limited maps
    • Make some kind of Groundhog Day/Majora's Mask scenario
    • If you count weeks, you could even set up Minecraft months and years!
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    posted a message on [==========Honest Map Reviews=========] (Coming Back! 2013)(NOW OPEN!)
    Map Name: ZomBeatBox
    Map Creator(s): Raecchi
    Map Forum Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1741462-surv-zombeatbox-11-crazy-zombie-punching-action/
    Map Genre: Survival
    Do you want a written review?: Yes
    Does the map require texture packs or mods?: No, in fact please don't use a texture pack!
    If yes, are these included in the download?: n/a
    Additional Notes: All my current LPs are reviews are for the 1.0 rather than the 1.1 version of the map, which is why I'm applying. Also, fair warning, this is very combat heavy!
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    Quote from blakefire

    thanks!! The text where you get spammed is something I'm try to work on. Right now it's just a command block searching for people in that area to speak to which has its obvious flaws. The spawners I though was fixed. The armor and weapons ill work on and ill make it easier for people to realize where they need to go and what to so first.

    Btw the first hint on the island was upstairs in a chest and the setup button literally set up the game, changed game rules and such. :P

    Sounds good! I feel silly for missing the first hint now. :)

    If you're looking for a more reliable way to do dialogue, I'd suggest taking apart Herobrine's mansion. I think it uses either spiders underground or spawners to get a mob to hit a pressure plate under the player when they walk over a certain area -- a detection system, basically. You can just have the pressure plate also trigger some TNT to destroy the mob, plate and command block/wiring so the dialogue never repeats!
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    Okay, here are some rough impressions from my play through:

    I found the starting room really plain, and slightly confusing. There was no indication of which buttons I should be going for first. I'd suggest organizing (and decorating) the room a bit -- maybe put everything on one wall in order, or at least put the rules and setup right by the start button. What does the setup button do, anyway? I hope I was supposed to press it!

    I assume you're going to hide the redstone you use for the dialogue at some point, since it's really visible below the house at the moment. I got out from jumping on a flower pot, over a fence, and down a waterfall -- not sure if that's what you intended! I didn't find any hint in the first area.

    There is a pretty major problem with the system you have for dialogue at the moment:

    You really, really need to make sure the player isn't spammed with messages! I only held still for a few seconds in each location, but you can see how many repeated comments I got.

    The town itself was pretty interesting. I like the buildings you have a lot, though they do all look very much alike. I found it really hard to navigate, and it took me several tries to find the chest mentioned in the note to Amber. I found the Forest of Death from the outside, after I went rogue and hopped down to kill some cows. I also didn't find the pick until much later, and I've only found "Our Tale" 1 and 4 so far. Possibly encourage people to find the books by including food or armor with them?

    It's pretty fun to parkour around the town, by the way. I think basically everything is accessible in terms of building roofs! I'd like to be able to get into the choir loft in the church -- maybe hide some treasure and a roof-top entrance there?

    So Forest of Death, take two: the dialogue telling me there's an opening in the fence (I saw torch smoke and dug up some of the path, sorry!) never actually got spoken. As for the mobs inside the forest of death... well, I started sprinting when I saw 5-6 super-charged creepers spawning, and was nearly killed by the sudden spider fountain after that. I didn't actually kill anything in there, and I don't think I could have broken a spawner or killed any mobs without getting completely slaughtered. The leather chestplate is just not going to cut it in terms of defense!

    I also noticed that you have the Sword of Death enchanted with power, which is for bows. You want sharpness instead.

    I'm not sure where you're meant to go at the end of the Forest, but I assume that's because it's unfinished.

    As a final note, and I can't stress this enough; thank you for getting beta testers. Your final map will be 2000% better for it!
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    posted a message on Need testers
    I'd be happy to give your map a quick run-through. Are you looking for any specific kind of feedback?
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    I'd suggest letting players set the game difficulty before they start playing -- just a simple command block and button setup with /difficulty. Depending on your preferences, you might even let them choose to keep or lose their inventory on death.

    The most important part of balancing, seriously, is getting other people who don't know the map to beta test it. That will give you the best idea of what you need to change!
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    I think the general idea you've got is pretty solid, but I'm not really sure why you settled on Hunger IV. It drains your entire hunger bar in less than a minute. Maybe a milder level? If it's permanent, even Hunger I would be a huge challenge.

    If you want to have trapped chests all over, you might want to vary the status effects too. Maybe you have constant hunger, and then opening a chest gives you blindness for several minutes, or similar. Nausea in particular makes it basically impossible to navigate a world with any accuracy. :)
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