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    So far, I've successfully used a Tiny chest to move a 3x3 block of filled, locked JABBA barrels and some half-full Openblocks tanks filled with XP... worked like a charm. But my favorite move had been the entire 3x3 Railcraft Coke Oven while it was halfway through processing coal. Everything moved without missing a beat, and the oven continued processing the coal into coal coke and creosote oil as if it never moved. Looking forward to trying Buildcraft pipes and IC2 Machines when I get some more resources, as I have the latest development builds of each(Same with Openblocks).
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    posted a message on Biomes O' Plenty - Over 50 new biomes, with new trees, plants, mobs, and more!
    I don't know whether it's this mod or Forestry or Forge itself, but crafting recipes involving wood are bugged. Oak wood planks can make chests, birch can't. In a previous world, I had the same issue with mahogany and jungle wood, but only for certain recipes. Is there some kind of config or mod I can use to fix when recipes stop working?

    EDIT: I removed Optifine and it seems to have fixed the birch wood planks issue. Very very strange.
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]
    Anyone have a weird glitch with all Thaumcraft ores turning invisible after installing Nether Ores? I have no idea what might cause a texture to just go invisible like this, and it's specific to the ores generated by Thaumcraft. I can list all the mods I use, but most of them haven't changed recently except Nether Ores and some updates to existing mods.

    Optifine is also a recent addition, and this is the first world I've created since adding Optifine to the mix, but none of the Thaumcraft textures acted like this in my last world save.

    EDIT: It's not just Thaumcraft. JABBA barrels and carpenter's blocks seem to be invisible as well now. Maybe something to do with the latest version of Forge?

    EDIT: Nope, removing Optifine fixed it.
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    Okay, big question that I don't remember seeing in the wiki at all, and possibly worth considering for a future JAS feature if it's not already built in--setting the despawning behavior of creatures and monsters spawned by JAS. I noticed with Lycanites' Mobs that their despawning behavior is tied directly to Lycanites' config files, but other mobs(Mo Creatures, cough cough) either don't despawn at all or require their own custom Spawner to despawn properly.

    Is there a solution already in JAS and I just haven't figured out the settings properly?
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    posted a message on Pam's Mods - May 14th, 2018 - 1.12.2u Released
    Quote from Dulciphi»

    Welcome back Pam. Hope you're feeling better.

    I'm trying to add support for Harvestcraft foods to AncientWarfare2 configs -so that my NPCs can enjoy all your yum dishes- and I'm wondering, what the best way to do this? Is there an easy way to get a list of all food?

    I was working on the same with Lycanites Mobs and the vegetables. There's a core mod(bspkrcore or something like it) that generates a file called UniqueNames.txt. The names ending in Item are what you're looking for.
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    posted a message on Micro-Tools, Macro-Tools, and More! v3.1
    Quote from Chucky_Von1»

    You just copy pastad what that other guy said....?

    I just figured he was trying to agree and the forum editor screwed up the post. :) Either that or imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
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    posted a message on Just Another Spawner (JAS) v0.14
    Are Watercreatures supposed to spawn on shores and inside underwater dungeons? It seems odd since the default specifically requires water to spawn.
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    Quote from Chucky_Von1»
    Please post any ideas you have for things to add to the config file!

    Anything that uses as ID number should have an option to change it in case of conflicts(a lot of mods seem to use names rather than ID numbers, which Minecraft seems to be phasing out). Increasing or decreasing the weight of your ores is another good option for people who use a lot of mods and find that they're too common/rare relative to need. Disabling plant generation for individual plants, ore regeneration in existing chunks...(I've seen a warning placed with this setting, probably worth researching the risks)
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    I recently saw a mod showcase for this on The Diamond Minecart, but I'm not sure how recent the version was. Do the chests pick up entities, or is that a limitation/future feature still?

    Also, has anyone tried using the chests on IC2 or Buildcraft setups? I'd be willing to be the guinea pig and report my findings if no one else has given them a try.

    Wild idea for a future update: a Geochest that can be easily exported from one world save to another(similar to Buildcraft blueprints but without their block limitations).
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    Quote from Chucky_Von1»
    Thank you for your post! The macro tools are a little steep but if they were too easy to craft it might make the mod completely unbalanced. I could go for that boat idea! Thinking about crafting it in two halves then crafting them together! About the boots, I added them as a drop to zombies and now they drop just about every time, I have no clue why. Thanks for checking it out!

    For cross-mod compatibility, also take a look at Harvestcraft. I haven't seen them yet in my world, but Harvestcraft also adds a cotton plant, although yours appears to have more options for the crop. The config for Harvestcraft lets you disable any plant(useful for when mods duplicate one or there's a name conflict), so I don't anticipate any issues.

    I agree about making them easier to craft possibly unbalancing the mod. As an alternative, you might consider increasing the durability(slightly) for the higher tier tools. By my count, you actually lose a few diamonds' worth by constructing the diamond macro pickaxe vs. making a bunch of diamond pickaxes. Having a single tool vs many has worthwhile advantages, so it's ultimately your decision how you balance those advantages overall. I'm sure no one would complain about their diamond macro tools lasting a little longer, though. :)
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    posted a message on Micro-Tools, Macro-Tools, and More! v3.1
    I actually just downloaded this mod this morning to try it out(I guess I missed the update by a few hours, heh).

    I'd highly recommend it for anyone like me who frequently runs out of pickaxes while branch mining and would rather spend less inventory slots on backups. The mini tools are something I haven't used, but I like the idea of something you can craft on the go without making crafting tables all over creation(if the mod added a small four-square raft to replace the boats I have to craft every time I reach a shore while exploring, that alone would be worth adding it to every mod pack out there, IMO).

    The cost of the macro tools seems a bit steep(although if I enchant a macro diamond Pickaxe, it might well be worth the cost), but I've been using a macro stone Pickaxe to save space while mining and it's worked out nicely in place of my 3-4 backup pickaxes.

    I look forward to seeing what else gets added in the future. One request though--stop giving armor drops to Zombies or make them rare. Twilight Forest has zombie spawners all over the place and it's a huge hassle to unload the dozens of boots(especially since I'm wearing magnetic armor from Falling Meteors).
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    posted a message on Just Another Spawner (JAS) v0.14
    They hunt and kill other mobs? The Concapedes must have been really out of control in my jungle, then. It does, however, explain how so many concapedes were getting split and multiplying.
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    posted a message on Just Another Spawner (JAS) v0.14
    Say, you use Mo Creatures in your config, don't you? Is it my imagination or do BigCats multiply like crazy? I'm starting to wonder about the despawning of certain mobs and whether it throws biomes out of balance when mobs don't despawn naturally(it made a huge difference with Lycanites' mobs dominating). Also, and this is vaguely off topic for spawning behavior, it seems like the BigCats don't behave properly. I thought certain ones would attack if I get too close, like boars do.
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    posted a message on Biomes O' Plenty - Over 50 new biomes, with new trees, plants, mobs, and more!
    Quote from BoavaNet»
    is possible to have it gen only one biome or is there a minimum of how many biomes that you have to have.

    i have the biomegen.cfg
    # Configuration file

    "end biomes to generate" {
    B:"Spectral Garden"=false

    "nether biomes to generate" {
    B:"Corrupted Sands"=false
    B:"Phantasmagoric Inferno"=false
    B:"Polar Chasm"=false
    B:"Visceral Heap"=false

    "overworld (river) biomes to generate" {
    B:"Dry River"=true
    B:"Lush River"=false

    "overworld (sub) biomes to generate" {
    B:"Alps Forest"=false
    B:"Canyon Ravine"=false
    B:"Coral Reef"=false
    B:"Kelp Forest"=false
    B:"Meadow Forest"=false
    B:"Spruce Woods"=false

    "overworld biomes to generate" {
    B:"Bamboo Forest"=false
    B:"Boreal Forest"=false
    B:"Cherry Blossom Grove"=false
    B:"Coniferous Forest"=false
    B:"Dead Forest"=false
    B:"Dead Swamp"=false
    B:"Deciduous Forest"=false
    B:"Flower Field"=false
    B:"Frost Forest"=false
    B:"Fungi Forest"=false
    B:"Jade Cliffs"=false
    B:"Lavender Fields"=false
    B:"Lush Desert"=false
    B:"Lush Swamp"=false
    B:"Maple Woods"=false
    B:"Mystic Grove"=false
    B:"Ominous Woods"=false
    B:"Origin Valley"=false
    B:"Redwood Forest"=false
    B:"Sacred Springs"=false
    B:"Seasonal Forest"=false
    B:"Snowy Coniferous Forest"=false
    B:"Temperate Rainforest"=false
    B:"Tropical Rainforest"=false

    "special biomes to generate" {
    B:"Deep Ocean"=false
    B:"Frozen Ocean"=false
    B:"Mega Taiga"=false
    B:"Mesa Plateau"=false
    B:"Mesa Plateau F"=false
    B:"Mushroom Island"=false

    "vanilla biomes to override" {
    B:"Birch Forest"=false
    B:"Birch Forest Hills"=false
    B:"Cold Taiga"=false
    B:"Cold Taiga Hills"=false
    B:"Extreme Hills"=false
    B:"Extreme Hills Edge"=false
    B:"Ice Plains"=false
    B:"Mesa Plateau"=false
    B:"Mesa Plateau F"=false
    B:"Roofed Forest"=false
    B:"Savanna Plateau"=false

    every time I start a new world there's other biomes

    If you look carefully at that config, the last set of options are to Override those Vanilla biomes. You can't disable them, only the changes made by Biomes O Plenty to how they're generated.
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    posted a message on Just Another Spawner (JAS) v0.14
    Quote from FatBobTheSlob»
    Is there a command to purge old entries from mods no longer used? I want to trim all the bloated cfg entries.

    I dont think there is. Entries don't always regenerate if you delete them, I've noticed, even if the mod is still there. Your best bet, short of renaming the default directory and letting JAS create a new one, is to change the settings in SaveGSON temporarily. Sometimes changing SortByBiome and UniversalList will remove missing entries/add new ones for new mobs without losing your old settings.
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