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    Hi, my name is Radar and I will be applying for the Admin position. I would like to thank you ahead of time for carefully considering and reading my application.

    IGN: Radar2102

    Skype Username: radradar2102

    Age: 14

    Time-Zone: Eastern

    Past Experience: I briefly moderated on one of my friends server and helped him develop mini-games such as Skywars, Survival Games, and Splegg. I don't know how relevant this may be, but I also did moderate on a Jailbreak server on Garry's Mod named SleekGamers for around 2 1/2 months.

    Do I have any experience with plugins: Yes, I do have experience with numerous plugins that are used in the making of Minecraft minigames. However, I am no expert. I am still a learner, but I catch on fast and will not be a sack of dead weight slowly bringing down the server.

    How much time can you dedicate each day: It varies. I can usually dedicate a minimum of 2 hours a day to the server. Sometimes more. If I were ever to be on vacation I would inform my superior and try and arrange someone to fill in for me.

    Why do you want to be become an Admin: I want to help run a successful server. Ever since I started playing on big servers like Hypixel and Mineplex, I have wanted to help run one myself. I can bring unique ideas to the table of minigame development.

    Why should you pick me: I have talents both in developing and moderating. My experience in handling situations appropriately would help make the server feel like a free, yet fair environment.

    Information about myself: - I was Time Magazine's 2006 person of the year.

    - I generally work better with other people.

    - I will be heading into my freshman year with 7 high school credits under my name which will allow me to take college level courses.

    - I can detect hackers and can test out anti-cheat if ever the need arose. My brother and I both have an anti-cheat tester hack client called Wurst 1.9x that we use.

    Do I have experience with graphics: I don't know what exactly you mean by this? Could you elaborate through Skype a bit more?

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