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    I'm bored and started my own SMP, I am looking for people to join because why not, as the prefix states it is purely bedrock, I prefer You play on Xbox/Playstation but any other bedrock Console is fine.

    The server is still in EXTREME development, Heck its not even a realm yet, but that will happen eventually.

    The server is called the Crosslander's SMP,it is a Lore-Focused SMP Server,it's spawn is the Village of Althorn where I reside.You can choose to play with 4 "Cannon/In Rp" Lives or be completley Hardcore throughout the entire Server, RP or Not (I am :D)

    The server is slightly dated, started in Feb 1st, So i have managed to get Some Armour and A level 30 enchantment table, lets not forget a bunch of rescource gathering.

    There is no Application, Just join this discord and we can discuss the lore and Sometimes even play, Lore wont be done yet.
    Note:If you are a streamer of any kind (Twitch/YT), Feel free to Stream on the server.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/wn7xRmptaM

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