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    posted a message on To all complainers about horses.
    Quote from Frog81

    I like bats. They're useful with adventure maps and add to the atmosphere.

    I think bats have just become one of those cool things to hate now. It's like a meme to hate them now.
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    posted a message on TooManyItems, the inventory editor and more (1.8 Forge is here!)
    Quote from Baked_Applez

    Umm... NEI has way more features, better interface, and overall is a better mod (please don't hurt me Marglyph)
    Feel free to say that in NEI's thread, but posting that here just seems wrong, like you're hoping to start a flame war.
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    posted a message on What makes you wanna throw your computer out of the window?
    When I find mods that conflict.
    Mods.. conflicting in this day and age.
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    posted a message on Why isn't Minecraft fanfiction a thing?
    I tried, but I found creepers were hard to transcribe into fiction.
    For the most part, creepers just seem like some meme now and when they're put into a fiction, it comes off as slightly.. gaggy. Like they only put it into the fiction because creeper.
    Point being here, it's better leaving the creeper out of the fiction. But the ones I read, they just had to.. because apparently it's not Minecraft without creeper.

    There was one that likened the creeper to an ultra-rare end-game boss-like creature, though.

    But mostly...
    Minecraft is mostly a world where each character is in its own little pocket. And development of a character in a fiction is hard when you're limited to that. And when you try to write past that, it feels more like a gag. More fake.
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    posted a message on What would mojang have to add to MC to make you quit?
    Expansion packs.

    You're not EA.A lot of the answers I'm seeing are things Mojang would never even think about doing.
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    posted a message on Looking for a Partner
    A partner? This is all too sudden. I'm going to need a need a moment to decide.
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    posted a message on You know you play too much Minecraft when...
    Quote from GateFox
    ...When you try to use the Shift key in other games to avoid falling from high places. (Guilty big-time!)

    Guilty. Even more fun in games that start you sprinting when you press shift, regardless of whether you pressed a movement key or not.

    "I don't want to fall of the edge". -Ends up running off the edge as majestic as a Dodo becoming extinct-
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    posted a message on What is Minecraft to you?
    It's a time killer. But a time killer I enjoy. And a playground.
    Any game that lets you create is beautiful in my eyes.

    But it's also stale without mods. And the mod scene is cancerous.

    Quote from Music_Wulf

    What are you, hard at hearing? I said, what is Minecraft to you?
    What a friendly way to start a topic. You, sir, are the peak of kindness and politeness. Here, have a cookie. And by cookie, I mean a rock.
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    posted a message on What kind of players do you hate the most?
    I don't hate bronies. I just hate bronies that are openly brony. By open, I do mean OPEN!
    Sort of like LBGT. I don't mind them, but I don't like people showing off and/or having public displays of affection.. even if they're straight.
    I enjoy anime, but know it annoys others, so I respect neighbors' wishes and don't build anime person statues.
    Quote from Ignazo

    I hate griefers, kids who cheats, and kids moderators on servers don't know how to do all the work.
    Know what you mean about kid moderators.

    I'm a moderator at an MTV-owned gaming forum... maybe it's the touch of eliticism of being held to a higher standard.. but.. I'm held to a higher standard and can't just ban those I don't like.

    If you're going to be in that position of power, you better have some dang discipline.
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    posted a message on What do you think is the most useless thing in Minecraft?
    Copyrights for mods.
    I'd say make so if anyone makes a Minecraft mod, they have to make their mod FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software). Meaning anyone can fork it and make their own.

    That way, the real good modders/teams float to the top and that people get into it for the benefit of the end user, instead of incorporating killswitches into their mods that only harm the end-user.

    Also, GRASS is useless. Only there for decoration and I usually wind up getting RedPower for that sickle to clearcut it all around my house and even around some of NPC villages.
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