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    Quote from Blaziken584

    This is very creative and original, I love the idea! Very good job!! <3

    Haha, Thanks!
    Quote from crowemat000

    Very original! I like the progress you are making, but I agree with corner, you should remove the green bar from items that have durability.

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    Quote from AlfaNerd

    I am not aware if you have any modding skills but if you take this idea further to a mod, than we have a trading card game in Minecraft. Really good, but they do indeed look like painted wooden tablets. Still pretty fun though.

    Yes i have modding skills
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    Post your:

    Sign up today!

    Upcoming updates:
    -Get Paid to post!
    - Win Free Server Hosting!
    - Easier to get Ranked up in ColorCraft`s Minecraft Server
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    Quote from Epicmidget

    Looks really good are you think of adding more to this?

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    Trading Cards

    :iapprove:Download 1.00

    Spread the Word

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    Quote from Dan93

    Should have [1.8.1] at the start of the title

    It says It in the Title.... Its fine for Now, If a Mod say i need to change, i will
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    Quote from ikkyblob

    Looks decent, though I would appreciate crafting recepies so we can know how to get these swords

    Crafting Recipes Download is below
    Quote from Disturbed0ne

    Why did you have to call it "Mo' swords"?!? T_T

    Are you seriously so greedy that you have to put an adcraft link to the "crafting recipe pics..? &lt;_&lt;

    Loool! No, But im to lazy to use a Mediafire download
    Quote from Fxnype

    Hmmm i get the feeling your german... Nice mod, but with 1.0 releasing soon ima hold off.

    Im canadian
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    Minecraftforums.net Mods: I Fixed and made this fit the requirements

    The Mod MoSwords add a lot of new Swords.
    At all it add 29 Swords & Items.
    Download 1.8.1
    Past Downloads
    Crafting Recipes



    Icompatible with:
    CJBS Modpack


    The Swords:
    Apple Sword
    Porkchop Sword
    Licorice Sword
    Bread Sword
    Fish Sword
    Sugar Stick
    Ice Sword
    Fire Sword
    Air Sword
    Paper Sword
    Damast Gladius
    Obsidian Sword
    Demon Sword
    Ninja Sword
    Pirate Saebel

    The Items:

    Obsidian Ingot
    Fish Oel
    Spezial Stick
    Damastzenerstahl Glowing
    Special Glass

    The Auren:
    Fire Aura
    Air Aura
    Ice Aura

    TO-DO List:


    Textures: sub_spartacus
    Coder: RaINBoW_MCTSS,Nyx, TDRL
    Tester: LittleDog, gamersim
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    .................... Im tired.............................
    Btw Notch says Hi :iapprove:
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    Quote from XH192

    I am using this...but I have not seen much difference...

    Install properly?
    Quote from Blockstar1117

    2 questions

    1. It removes lag?

    2. How do you download it whats the requirements?

    Inproves FPS and Click Download: Requires MineCraft 1.8.1
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    :iapprove:Download 1.8.1
    Past Downloads

    Buffer the spawned items

    Every time an item gets spawned, it is buffered per chunk. For example, you spawn 30 items using Q and the maximum allowed items per chunk is 20, then the 10 remaining items are not spawned. They are spawned as soon the item count in this chunk is < 20 again. On top of that, it will spawn the item as a stack, not individual items. This means it will spawn a single stack of 10 items.

    It automatically spawns the buffered items if this is possible for a chunk. This also fixes the lag fest occurring in 1.8. (exp. orbs) without actually removing the orbs. Buffered items are spawned and re-collected during load and unload of the plugin, so it will fix massive spawns during loads too.

    Form item stacks - fully automatically

    Whenever two or more (configurable) items or experience orbs get near each other, they form a single stack of that item type. If someone drops 64 dirt blocks on the ground using Q, it will show a single item of 64 dirt instead. This can truly reduce client lag, you can compare it to the lag occurring whenever someone decides to replace blocks to torches.

    Buffer TNT ignites

    This plugin takes over tnt ignition caused by explosions. When exploding stacks of tnt, it does not rush all tnts into a single tick, but detonate them nicely in sync. This results in pretty awesome fireworks.

    Keep chunks loaded

    Since 1.1 you can set a delay for chunks to stay loaded. You can use this to keep commonly-visited chunks in memory and prevent them from unloading and loading frequently.

    Save chunks asynchronously

    If chunk unload delays are used, chunks are saved asynchronously. This frees the main thread of the chunk saving operation, which can in turn reduce tick lag. Before you ask: interacting from another thread?! No, because the chunk is first de-referenced from the server and then saved to file. It also performs a global auto-save async, this can fix tick lag.

    Fix chunk lighting information

    Whenever a new chunk is generated, it's lighting information is generated and all nearby players receive the updated chunk data. Best is to use NoLaggChunks, as it reduces network usage with this feature. If the auto-method fails, you can use /nolagg fix to do it manually.

    Set entity spawn limits

    You can set a spawn limit on virtually every entity in the game. From mobs to items to TNT. Only thing being excluded is Players, since I can't simply kick someone 'like that'.
    Try to find a player-world-limiting plugin for that instead.

    New chunk sending mechanics

    Instead of loading chunks all around the player, the player direction is used to load the visible chunks first. This means that players can expect chunks in front of them to load quickly, while chunks on the sides take a bit longer to appear. When the player looks there the direction changes, thus those chunks get loaded. Only if all chunks ahead of the player are loaded, chunks around the player are sent. You can also set sending rates, intervals and view distances, which can help reducing network usage a LOT. All these features are in the NoLaggChunks add-on, which requires Spout to run. The add-on can be used independent of NoLagg.

    Change Log:

    15-11-2011 - Updated to v1.48.

    Fixed sign/chest wipe bug caused by 1.47s new chunk entity clearing code
    Reduced CPU usage when stacking items/orbs and handling spawned entities some more (list storage)
    Fix to prevent ghost entities hanging around (once again)
    NoLaggChunks has it's own thread and own packet compression - a lot smoother now
    Sends out a single block to trigger the client to display a chunk (prevents transparent chunks)
    14-11-2011 - Updated to v1.47.

    Added chunk lighting fixing mechanics
    Reduced CPU usage when stacking items/orbs and handling spawned entities
    Fix to prevent ghost entities hanging around (fixed detachment of chunk)
    A lot of smaller fixes to enhance performance
    13-11-2011 - Updated to v1.46.

    Will continue sending the right chunks during reloads. (a.k.a. fix for Spout)
    Now correctly sends tile entity information on startup as well
    Removed the comparator part in the chunk sending code (compat. for Java 7)
    Queues vehicle and mob spawn packets: no more floating mobs
    General update to make people aware of the new version (hehe)
    Now fixes the auto-save world intervals during every async auto-save. (compat. for PTweaks)
    Changed the console message when monitoring (was opposite, thanks ewized)
    12-11-2011 - Updated to v1.45.

    Some fixes for the chunk unload and async saving features
    Added performance monitor and logger
    Fixed the overflow of chunks getting queued for saving (was causing steady memory leak and high CPU usage)
    8-11-2011 - Updated to v1.44.

    Added async chunk saving feature, which greatly reduces tick lag. (which was caused by the unload delay before)
    Mobs are now correctly removed. The oldest mobs are not removed for new spawns. (that looked kinda odd)
    7-11-2011 - Updated to v1.43.

    Added support for Showcase again
    Unload delay now works properly
    6-11-2011 - Updated to v1.42.

    Improved stacking algorithm (less entity loops)
    Chunk unload delay no longer uses player move to 'touch' chunks
    TNT handler fixed again, but doesn't spawn tnt block drops in 1.9 prerelease
    ItemHandler no longer causes NPEs on shutdown
    Item dupe issue has been resolved
    Added item stacking threshold as requested (it was now feasible)
    4-11-2011 - Updated to v1.41.

    Added some memory-leak-fighting coding
    No longer loads nearby chunks in onPlayerMove
    29-10-2011 - Updated to v1.40.

    Improved clear command (now allows you to clear any entity)
    Changed default auto-save interval back to 40 ticks
    29-10-2011 - Updated to v1.39.

    Several bug fixes
    29-10-2011 - Updated to v1.35/6.

    Update to use the new File configuration system
    /06: Added support for the Showcase plugin
    22-10-2011 - Updated to v1.33/4.

    Added stack forming radius setting
    Reversed entity removal in the spawn handler: old entities are removed first
    Minor change in the unload delay coding; larger view distance
    /4: Removed the add-on (was buggy)
    /4: Minor change to the chunk unload feature: touch chunks on enable
    15-10-2011 - Updated to v1.32.

    Backwards compatibility update: changes exception to throwable
    Made fire and air part of 'denied' explosion affected blocks.
    13-10-2011 - Updated to v1.31.

    Fixed the 'players near chunk' checker (was only comparing x-coordinate)
    9-10-2011 - Updated to v1.30.

    Increased the player chunk radius in an attempt to fix the unload delay
    8-10-2011 - Updated to v1.28/9.

    Made orb combining part of 'item stack forming' and uses same interval
    Added additional properties to toggle sections of this plugin on or off more easily.
    /9: Updated and re-released the greatly enhanced Chunks add-on
    5-10-2011 - Updated to v1.27.

    rebuilt against CB#1240
    fixed one bug in the spawn limiter (didn't reset)
    removed some failing functions (will be ported to the chunk add-on)
    3-10-2011 - Updated to v1.26.

    yet another 'missing chunk' prevention update
    tweaked the explosion handling a bit to use explosions per tick instead of per second
    explosion performed 1 tick after the event. Other plugins can still monitor explosions now, and see the blocks before the explosion. (Logblock compatibility)
    spawnhandler slightly improved: wasn't properly handling creaturespawn.
    2-10-2011 - Updated to v1.24/5.

    Tweaked the chunk sending a bit more
    /5: Made chunk sending part Async with synchronized fields
    /5: Made sure packets are not null before sending
    /5: Combined send rate and interval in one property
    30-9-2011 - Updated to v1.22/3.

    Split the plugin into a main and an add-on to remain Spout-free-compatible
    /3: Improved chunk alghorithm, added 'prechunk' packet (may fix some issues)
    /3: Changed default interval to 5 ticks
    /3: Exchanged some code: You can load chunks by clicking there without the add-on needed
    29-9-2011 - Updated to v1.21.

    Implemented Spout packet handler to improve packet sending
    When player changes chunks the chunk below him is 'sent'
    Only using left click you can target a chunk to be sent. Does not fire when clicking a block.
    28-9-2011 - Updated to v1.2.

    Spawn restrictions for creatures only apply for naturally/spawner spawned creatures
    Added experimental pre-chunk sending system
    27-9-2011 - Updated to v1.18/9.

    Fixed NPE (conc. modif. exc.) occuring when disabling/reloading
    Turned chunk handler around to unload chunks properly.
    Fixed item duplication bug (stack former was battling item limits)
    Added global spawn limits and improved spawn limits
    24-9-2011 - Updated to v1.17.

    Fixed a possible memory leak (unloaded chunks were kept in a HashMap)
    22-9-2011 - Updated to v1.14/5/6.

    Fixed item duplication bug when forming stacks
    Re-built against CB#1185
    Moved some code for explosions around
    1.15: Changed the orb combine task to Sync, Async error was occuring
    1.16: Added 'maximum explosions per second' setting
    19-9-2011 - Updated to v1.12/3.

    WAY better TNT controlled demolition system with two setting nodes
    Exported while referencing CB 1060, should fix some lag in 1.73 hopefully
    1.13: fixed a few bugs (NPE, hopefully) and added more functionality to clear
    18-9-2011 - Updated to v1.11.

    Added auto-stack former
    Added experience orb stack forming
    Added auto-save interval changer
    Lots of other things
    18-9-2011 - Updated to v1.1.

    Added delayed chunk unload settings
    Added world spawn restrictions
    Added some isCancelled checks in the events
    17-9-2011 - Release 1.0

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    Quote from blockout22

    read how to make the title just a little advice atm u havent told me what minecraft version this works on :dry.gif:

    was writing as you posted
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    :iapprove:Download <===== Use this download Button!
    Version: 1.1
    Are you Lazy?
    and don`t feel like building mega Buildings?
    Then this mod is for you! it randomly spawns, Houses,Boats,Airships,Cities,Towns,wells and soo Much More!


    - Added Boats
    - Added Plans
    - Added Wells

    -Leave them below
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    Quick Download Current Version: Click Here

    Toomanyitems Thread:

    Marglyph's TooManyItems

    Create and delete items in-game, including mod items. Save and load entire inventories. Create unlimited stacks and tools. Test mods, create huge survival worlds, and more. Updated quickly!

    TL;DR: It works in singleplayer and multiplayer (if you're an op). Many people find it better than creative mode (and it works in survival mode too, of course). Unlimited stacks are there (shift-click) but you will need ModLoader for them to refresh constantly. If it crashes post a crash report. If you just post "it doesn't work" you won't get help. Use the correct version. Delete META-INF. Finally, 90% of questions in the thread are answered below in this post.

    All of TooManyItems except for the small portion excerpted from the original Minecraft game is copyright 2011 Marglyph. TooManyItems is free for personal use only. Do not redistribute TooManyItems, including in mod packs.

    Recent updates (downloads are below instructions)

    -- Updated for 1.9pre5.

    -- Updated for 1.9pre4. Potions keep changing so I'm not going to hardcode anything until they're stable. You can still add IDs separated by commas to the potions option in TooManyItems.txt.

    -- Updated for 1.9pre3
    -- Item ids are now displayed when you hover over items in your inventory, as well as the TMI panel, but only if TMI is enabled

    -- Fixed crashing bug when hovering over unnamed items (pre2 changed the way item names are handled)
    -- Potions with damage values don't show up if items with damage values can't be spawned

    9/29 b: 2nd update for today. Please re-download if you got the 1.9pre2 update earlier. New one has "b" at the end of the version.

    -- Inventory now displays centered when there are stats. The stats are therefore behind the save state buttons and will only be visible with TMI off. This will be the case until I figure out what else to do with them.

    -- Potions! 1.9pre2 added potions that can have basically any damage value and various effects. There is now a "potions" setting in TooManyItems.txt that is a comma-separated list of numbers. This determines which potions show up in the TMI item list. If you don't have this setting yet and you open your inventory with TMI for 1.9pre2, the setting will be created with some interesting values I found.


    Turn On/Off: Press the "o" key in the inventory screen. Your preference will be remembered separately for single- and multi-player.

    Add items: Left-click on items in the right sidebar to add full stacks, or right-click to add one at a time.

    Unlimited stacks/tools (single-player only): Shift-left-click on items in the right sidebar to add unlimited stacks OR unlimited-use tools or flint and steel. ModLoader is required for "true" unlimited stacks. Without ModLoader the quantity of >64 stacks will refresh when you open your inventory.

    Trash (single-player only): Drop an item on the Trash to delete it permanently. Hold down shift while clicking the button, now named Delete All, to delete all items on the current inventory screen (including chests). Hold down shift while dropping an item on the Trash to delete all items of that type on the current inventory screen (including chests).

    Save states (single-player only): Several slots are available for you to save your entire inventory and restore it later. (The "x" button next to a saved state will remove it.) This can be used to save your "real" inventory before editing, save a blank inventory to clear out everything you're holding, save a full inventory of materials, share inventories between characters, etc.

    Multiplayer: Read this! You need to be a server op. Also, every non-vanilla server works a little differently. By default, TMI uses the command format /give <player> <itemID> <quantity>, which is the one used by the "stock" Minecraft server. Third-party and modded servers have different commands. Find TooManyItems.txt in the same folder as your Minecraft options.txt, your screenshots folder, etc., and change the "give-command" line as needed for your server. Available insertions are: {0} player's username, {1} item ID, {2} quantity, {3} damage.

    Colored wool, dye, wood, etc. will be available only if your give command supports item damage. The default server doesn't support it.

    Vanilla server command: /give {0} {1} {2}.

    Bukkit with the Essentials mod command: /item {1}:{3} {2}

    Fast crafting: Right-click on the output square when crafting to craft the maximum possible amount. (Works while the inventory overlay is disabled).

    Fast transfer (single-player only): Hold shift while placing an item into a chest, or into your inventory from a chest, to transfer all items of the same type and combine stacks. (ConvenientInventory does this better, and TMI will use its functions if it is installed. Make sure to ONLY install ConvenientInventory.class).

    • • •

    Download for 1.9pre5

    Download for 1.8.1 / 1.8

    Other downloads: 1.9pre4, 1.9pre3, 1.9pre2,1.9pre1, 1.7.3/1.7.2/1.7_01, 1.6.6 and 1.6.5, 1.6.4, 1.5_01, 1.4/1.4_01, 1.3_01, 1.3, 1.2, 1.8.1 no ad

    • • •


    Installing TMI is pretty simple, as mods go. To clear up any confusion, though, you can't just put it into your mods folder; you have to copy the classes into your minecraft.jar. I have revamped this section as there are now dozens of tutorials out there for installing mods in general and TMI in particular. (If you use a mod manager program, please see its instructions instead!)

    Search "Install TooManyItems" on YouTube now

    Good ModLoader installation video (also applies to other mods -- Windows only)

    Mod installation tutorial for beginners (Windows only)


    Crashes show an error report on a purple and white screen, and you can copy and paste the report into a post. With the latest version of TMI, most errors that would have crashed should instead show a chat message that says a report has been saved to a file in your minecraft folder, and you can copy and paste from that file into a post.

    Black screens are caused primarily by (a) not deleting META-INF from your minecraft.jar, ( mod conflicts, © wrong versions of mods, and (d) improperly installing mods. Please check these things and, if necessary, start fresh from a new minecraft.jar as an old installation problem may still be causing errors. To get error information from a black screen you must run Minecraft from the command line, described in this post.

    "TMI doesn't show up": Press the "o" key in your inventory screen to turn TMI on and off.

    "Items don't show up on Bukkit": Fixed on the latest 1.8.1 and up downloads. Will not be fixed for 1.7 and before.

    Notes: TMI's code does not run until you open your inventory. Problems creating games are something else. TMI does not change any crafting recipes. TMI does not change the way that items function. You are not forced to use fast crafting: just left click like normal instead of right clicking. Yes, TMI does work in multiplayer, but read the instructions. No, it is not a server mod. Finally, the number of pages of items depends on your Minecraft window size, so, you are not missing items because it doesn't have the same pages as in the screenshot.

    Uninstalling: If you manually installed a mod, the only way to uninstall is to either restore your backup copy of minecraft.jar (you did make a backup, right?) or delete minecraft.jar and run the game launcher so it downloads a new minecraft.jar. If you used a mod manager, refer to its instructions.


    TMI is compatible with a wide range of mods. Items added by mods will show up automatically. Items are sorted by their ID value, so you may need to look around for them a bit.

    Zombe's Mod Pack: Install Zombe's first, then install TMI over it, overwriting a class file. Do not enable Zombe's craft mod in the config file.

    ConvenientInventory: Install only ConvenientInventory.class. Or, if you have already installed both of its classes, install TMI on top of it to overwrite the other one.

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    Quote from war_lord

    lol srs dude if you do that i will love you for ever ever ever ever ever oh and make it so you can customize your own arena?

    You can customize your own!
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