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    Works well! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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    This mod re-enables the Far Lands in 1.11.2 in Minecraft: Java Edition.

    Original Reddit Post to re-enable the Far Lands in 1.8+

    That post is very complicated so I decided to make a pre-made client for you.

    Mod Download:

    You can download it here.

    This is the only official site to download it.

    Any other site is unofficial and could be malware.


    Install Instructions:

    Download the .zip

    Extract the .zip file with an archive opener (7zip, WinRAR, etc.)

    Open your .minecraft folder.

    Open your versions folder within your .minecraft folder

    Copy the extracted folder into your versions folder.

    Close the Minecraft Launcher if you have it open.

    Re-open your Minecraft Launcher

    Go into "Launch Options" and make a new profile.

    Call it "1.11.2 Far Lands"

    Select the version in the dropdown called "1.11.2_FarLands"

    That's it!

    If you can't see the Far Lands you will need to teleport 12,550,800 blocks out.

    Corner Far Lands command: /tp @p 12550800 100 12550800

    Normal Far Lands command: /tp @p 12550800 100 0

    Apart from that, Enjoy!


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