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    Ranged summons are still unable to hit tamable or summonable monsters in, with a few exceptions.

    Abtu, Khalk, Conba, and Epion are unable to be hit, but they aren't summons or pets (yet?)

    Beholder can be hit, but I suspect that is because the summon is currently bugged.
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    Quote from Monocrame»
    Just was looking at the config - the dimensions, they are all set to "false" which means a whitelist... however the name is "whitelist = false" that is misleading. And the values are -1,1. That doesn't make sense. It should be 0 (the overworld). Is that right? I'm trying to get them out of the Twlight Forest.

    whitelist = false is a blacklist. So with the values there, and it set to being in blacklist mode, those mobs are disabled from spawning in -1 (Nether) and 1 (End) dimensions. If you want them out of the Twilight Forest, simply adding a 7 to the end of that list should do it.

    Edit: Just looked at the config files myself, and I see where you're coming from. Lycanite, you may need to edit the description in your config files, it seems like it is backwards for a true/false whitelist option:
    Sets which dimensions mobs WILL NOT spawn in or if exclusive is set to false it will be waht they WILL spawn in.

    Quote from SirTulip»
    Does anyone know what light levels various mobs from this mod spawn in? Specifically the nether mobs, so I know for building danger free homes :p.
    Even more specifically, Lycanite's Mobs (compatible with Minecraft 1.6.2), but any version provides good starting ground! :)

    All hostile mobs need a light level of 7 or less to spawn. However, nether mobs spawn regardless of the lighting. Some type of mod with spawn-proof blocks (I heard dartcraft has some, but have not tried that mod, and its not to everyone's liking) or a glass/slab floor would prevent most things from spawning in the Nether. Of course vanilla glass in the Nether isn't the most secure option :P If you're using the 1.6.2 version, I don't believe that one has the newer sky spawning type, so I wouldn't think you'd get any floating mobs spawning that way either.

    There's also some mob-cancelling items you can place down from mods such as the Extra Utilities Magnum Torch. Be aware that Lycanite's custom spawners go crazy with all other mob spawns suppressed. Tried that in one Nether and had cinders spawning faster than I could kill them from just a couple nearby fires, and Lobbers spawning in the hidden single block lava sources.
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    Quote from Kazekai»
    Anyway, I'm taking a crack at editing the configs based on the info provided and just wanted to ask if I'm doing this right. This is how my arctic mob config looks right now:

    "group settings" {
     S:"Arctic Mobs Spawn Biomes"=COLD, SNOWY, -END
     S:"Arctic Mobs Spawn Dimensions"=-1,1,-7
    The twilight forest's dimension ID is 7 and I removed coniferous from the biome groups in the hope that arctic mobs will still spawn in cold pine biomes, but that they must also have snow in them. Based on my understanding of your explanation, adding a minus sign in front of that group tag would have prevented them from spawning in coniferous biomes even if they were snowy. Is my understanding correct?

    Take a look at the Forge Biomedictionary code page. Near the top is a listing of all the possible tags defined by default (Can mods add to this? I'm not sure) And at the very bottom of that page is all the tags the default biomes use. It would be nice to have some listing for modded biomes, maybe a mod that reads them in-game and outputs a text file. But as for now I couldn't find any listing of what Biomes O Plenty would use.

    For the tags you have listed there arctic mobs should spawn in any biomes that have either COLD and/or SNOWY, but that don't include END. So you should get Arctic mob spawns in the following vanilla biomes: taiga(Hills), frozenOcean, frozenRiver, icePlains, iceMountains, coldBeach, coldTaiga(Hills) and megaTaiga(Hills).

    Yes, adding a - to the CONIFEROUS tag would have prevented them from spawning in any biomes with that tag, regardless if they were marked as COLD or SNOWY also.

    Based on what Lycanite has said earlier, it doesn't seem there's an option to look for multiple tags together (only biomes with BOTH cold and snowy tags). It seems that if you just want them spawning in biomes that have snow cover, your best option would be to get rid of all the tags except SNOWY.
    What I don't understand is the -1,1 part. the demon file only has -1 which I thought was the nether, but the nether biome ID is 8 according to the wiki and I cannot find its dimension ID anywhere.

    The Nether IS dimension id -1. Not sure where you got the 8 from, unless it was the fact that walking one block in the Nether is equivalent to going 8 blocks in the overworld. Edit: (Wow that really does mess up quotes and such) Also, since every mob file uses a blacklist by default except the demon mobs, you don't need the - in front of the 7 for Twilight Forest's dimension. With the - in front you are saying to blacklist dimension negative seven.
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    Quote from Raduloket»
    I absolutely love these mobs, but traveling to the Nether without cheating is a huge pain. Is there some way to adjust the Belph rate of fire so they can't roast you instantly? I can't even see past their flame spurts to target them with a bow most of the time. I know some people like a challenge, but it's also really hard to balance some of these things against the other mods that make the Nether more... interesting.

    Yeah, the Nether is really hard without some form of fire protection at least. You can adjust the stats of any of the monsters through the configs. For Belphs specifically look in the demonmobs-stats config file. I believe if you set the Belph Haste option to 20, that would make them shoot once every two seconds instead of once per second.
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