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    posted a message on [1.6.2] [Forge] More than just gravel mod version 1.1.0
    My God... So much gravel.

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    posted a message on [1.6.4 Forge SSP, SMP, LAN] TuxWeapons 1.1d - Readded mod support!
    I think that you should get some intermod support for Extended Workbench. I think that would be pretty interesting.

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    posted a message on [1.7.2][Forge] Better Spawn Eggs! Now spawn Chicken Jockeys!
    This is actually pretty useful.
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    posted a message on Mod Pack to be named later 1.4.7 New Version present! Version -2.0 (Stitching together -3.0 for 1.5.2)
    Quote from FatherToast

    Speaking of dimensions...

    Well, we'll see, anyway.


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    posted a message on Mod Pack to be named later 1.4.7 New Version present! Version -2.0 (Stitching together -3.0 for 1.5.2)
    Quote from CreepersPearl

    i got a idea for the poll the aether dimesion from the aether 2


    I'm pretty sure only super cool people, such as The Atlantic Craft or The Yogscast or something can use a mod like that. And even if I can, the amount of bugs in it, and the amount of time it would take to update, would be just too much.

    If they tell me that I can or something, or convince me otherwise, than

    But otherwise, don't get your hopes up.
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    posted a message on The Quiver MultiTool Mod
    Quote from SergeTheUrge

    Ok, it looks as if the quiver is actually supposed to be some kind of an ultimate multitool that can break all block types instantly and allow you to catch the item. The only use for this would be obsidian mining because obsidian is the longest block to break.

    Having a very high requirement like three nether stars is way too overpowered for just 20 uses. Now if it looked like a pocket knife, and used only 1 nether star, and had like 500 uses. Id do a mod review on it :D

    I agree, this mod could use some polishing. But, hey! It's a start, Am I right?
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    posted a message on [Forge][1.6.1/1.5.2] Floral Expansion v2
    Quote from SergeTheUrge

    pics or gtfo

    First of all, that was very rude. Second of all, she has an imgur that clearly list the pictures. Third, if she didn't why not do something nice for the modder, who is probably busy with an actual life, and give the modder some pics?

    Quote from NiokuAkasciki

    This is an amazing mod do you mind if i use it in my mod pack :) ?

    It does say that there is no Copyright, so I'm assuming it is free game for Mod Packagers, but running a HUGE risk of using a mod that even says that it has a ton of bugs. And for future requests, you should really try brushing up on them.

    And one last note to the modder, I think you should place this in the WIP section. I think that is better area for it, in it's current state.
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    posted a message on Anti Plant Virus Mod
    Why this is not popular yet, I have no idea.
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    posted a message on Instant Medieval Structures! [1.5.2] [MODLOADER] 35+ Insta Structures!
    Quote from asilyad

    No pics? No control of direction? Aaaaawwww. I'll check back later.

    Quote from iAdam____

    No pictures, no download.

    Quote from Algester

    well for now its still not yet perfect so... I think its better that it still doesnt have pictures la

    Instead of spamming him to get pictures up, why don't you actually help the modder out for once and get some pictures for him? It's not that difficult.

    All you have to do is press F2 in game, then go into the minecraft forum post, Copy the image url, and than paste it into the box that pops up when you hit the "Image" button. It's simple and again, you'd actually be helping the modder, as opposed to spamming him.

    Don't get me wrong, it still would be good if he got some pics up, but I'm pretty sure he got it the first time and is busy making the mod... well... better...
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    posted a message on [Released] More Building Blocks Mod 2
    Hmm. Simple, yet actually usable. I can respect that! I would bump you now, but I reached my quota for the day... Stupid forums...
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    posted a message on Throwable Bricks Mod - New Overhaul! And... Brick Cannons? Sweet!
    Here's an idea

    Yes. Brick With A Note Attached.

    It is crafted with an Ink Sac, a Feather, a String (to attach the note), and the obvious Paper and REGULAR Brick (Nether Bricks would ignite the Note, and TNT Bricks...Well, you know).

    You write on the Note and it has a GUI similar to a regular writeable with a couple adjustments for realism. You sign the Note and everything and you can throw the Brick. The Brick can break through Glass and etc, etc. But the most interesting part about it is that when it lands, it becomes a small Block. The player right clicks the Block and the Note pops off, so the Player can read it.

    I think that it would be funny feature that could actually be useful for communication. And again...

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Xbox 360 Mod! [Items & Blocks]
    Will we be able to actually play the Xbox? If so, than...

    My God...
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    posted a message on [1.6.4 Forge SSP, SMP, LAN] TuxWeapons 1.1d - Readded mod support!
    Quote from Fuzionlaama

    I looked at this mod, and I've seen that it does get a lot of ideas from Balkon's Weapon Mod, and a little from Mine and Blade: Battlegear, but I wanna give you these ideas to make this mod cooler/better than both of those two mods:

    Add these weapons
    -Wood Club
    -Musket ( and/or bayonet. A bayonet is a knife at the end of the gun.)
    -Blunderbuss ( An old pistol that sprays bullets. Like a shotgun.)
    -Katana ( Swift but weak sword.)
    -Javelin ( Different from spear because you can't throw spears but you can throw this.)
    -Fire Rod ( One-use weapon, a stick with a torch at the end, it burns enemies.)
    -Halberd ( A spear with an axe on it.)
    -Quarterstaff ( A big stick. Long-range but weak.)
    -Tomahawk ( Throwable axe.)
    -Slingshot w/ Rocks ( Put cobblestone in crafting grid/table and you get 9 rocks, put 9 rocks in a crafting table and you get a cobblestone block. Also around the world, you'll find small rocks on the ground that you can pick up that you can throw or use as ammo for slingshot.)

    Also add this stuff to make it a full WAR mod.

    -Different shields
    -A shield system for the durability, and how long you can use the shield at a time. Also, make it so if you hit a mob with the shield, it has KNOCKBACK! plz
    -Dual wielding
    -More hand-to-hand combat (punching and kicking.)
    -Some kind of stamina/exhaustion system (for the additional combat.)
    -A way to craft gunpowder- like with sulfur, charcoal, and saltpeter
    -Make bricks throwable. ( Just fo teh lulz. :3)
    -Can you make there be a way to craft chainmail armor with chain, or something like that?
    -Also, please add a training dummy like in Balkon's Weapon Mod. I know it's copying but I liked the idea.

    These are just suggestions, but if you used these stuff, your mod would probably be really popular. You don't have to use these stuff but I would like it. Also, since it has everything from Balkon's Weapon Mod, Battlegear, and MORE!- it would be nice.
    Sorry that I have so many and such long suggestions, but I really like these weapon mods.

    >It has everything from Balkon's Weapon Mod, Battlegear, and More!

    No that is not a good idea. First off, do you know how many people would be whining about the similarities? Secondly, that would pretty much be openly stealing several mods, and putting it into one. Third the systems that you are talking about, such as Shields and Exhaustion bars and etc. Nerdboy, a more experienced modder (no offence Tuxcraft) is having difficulty coding it himself.

    No List:

    A Catapult is kinda meh, considering that it would basically be a more complicated cannon
    Wood Club = Wooden Mace retexture
    Quarterstaff = Wooden Spear without the throwing
    Javelin = Spear that you can't hit with (what do you mean "You can't throw spears?")
    Katana = Weaker sword retexture (Balkon added the speed differences. Tuxcraft didn't)
    Trident = Tri-Spear (Is it really worth it?)
    Slingshot/Rocks = Meh. A bit overdone and a bit OP. (They use the most common resources and you only end up using that, pretty much)
    Cannon = An immobile version of a Fire Charge Cannon? Meh.
    Fire Rod = Balkon's
    Musket/Blunderbuss = Balkon's
    Halberd = Balkon's and the recipe is already taken by a Harpoon
    Flail = Balkon's
    Blowgun = Balkon's
    Craftable Chain Armor = Everyone and their Mother and their Brother have done that. If he adds it, it will just be an unnecessary incompatibility.
    Throwable Bricks = Requires overwriting the vanilla Brick causing an unnecessary incompatibility.
    Craftable Gunpowder = A lot of people have done that in that similar way, so again unnecessary incompatibility (is slaying Creepers really that bad?)

    Possible List:

    Tomahawk = A better, yet more expensive throwing knife. Maybe cool.
    Lance = A spear you can't throw that has higher knockback and could knock people off mounts. Interesting.
    Boomerang = A Throwable weapon that comes back to you at the expense of durability. If he could improve that, that'd be cool
    Training Dummy = If you could find a way to improve that, like power it with Redstone and it will fight back or something, than more power too ya.
    Hand-to-Hand Combat = Hmm. That actually sounds cool. If he could get that done, I would actually like to see that.

    You said that he gets a lot of his ideas from Balkon? Why would you want him to get more? Think of original ideas for weapons. By the looks of it, he's not too stuck in the medieval times, like Balkon, so that opens up more weapondry suggestsons. (Just not too futuristic)
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    posted a message on Renkin42's Stuff Worth Throwing Mod
    Quote from walkeith25


    I have no idea...

    Mmmm seems nice. Will try it out later, but lookin' good my friend!

    In fact...
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    posted a message on [1.6.4 Forge SSP, SMP, LAN] TuxWeapons 1.1d - Readded mod support!
    Wow. This is pretty nice.

    I noticed you used a couple images and took some inspiration from some other mods.

    The hammer is a bit too similar, with the ability it has. Maybe change that for a "Has chance of Knocking a Mob or Player unconscious (Paralysis)

    I do have a suggestion, A sheath, which you can craft and place your sword (may or may not have other sheaths for different weapons. We already know bows have one) You can place it on your Chest slot or Leg Slot, and with the press of a key it switches you to that, while at the same time freeing an inventory slot. Original, because I haven't seen it from others, besides bows.

    Will edit with more ideas later*
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